5. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: In a supermarket I stand in line at the cash 
register in order to pay for my purchases. An older woman 
behind me offers to me, in her own way of pushiness, 
her purchasing card in order to get some things at a lower 
price and take advantage of the daily special offers. 
I thank her politely but with a sense of delineation and reply 
that on purpose I do not have a “purchasing card”. Thereby 
she gets irritated and continues to insist that she wanted 
to pass on this “fortune”; also the second woman in line 
behind her interferes and says that I do not wish to save 
money and that it is not smart of me...., as a result I reply 
that it is my business and ask to be left alone.” After that 
the two women continue to blabber and on accord of my 
“stupidity” do not understand the world anymore... 
(End of report)

Beloved Ones,
And give insight and knowledge as follows.

Pitfall of Lack 
Here it becomes quite clear how manipulations function. 
Purchasing cards in order to bind human Beings to a company, 
and keep them in permanent lack. Because if a human Being 
constantly considers where he can get something much 
cheaper, then the “pitfall of lack” snapped shut and an 
escape is difficult and urgently needed.

The instructive information of this encounter emphasizes 
that human Beings must become aware of these obvious 
and subtle manipulations because in this society these 
lurk at every corner and ends.

It is the goal of the Orion-system to keep human 
Beings in a state of permanent lack; and each human 
Being who wants to “save” a little, saves on himself 
and therefore creates a feeling of lack and a feeling of inferiority.

It is suggested that by “saving money” you keep more money 
in your wallet. The effect of this is just the opposite, because 
through such considerations human Beings block abundance 
and they block the free energy flow of their money. That does 
not mean having to purchase more expensively, yet it means 
not to shy away from it even though sometimes you possibly 
have very few financial means for it.

The Cycle of Lack
The cycle of lack will always be broken if a human 
Being trusts that anything that he needs he will receive 
from God, that all will be given; and not create abundance
by beginning to save.  

Thereby you keep back abundance. 
Ban the word “saving” from your vocabulary! 
Replace this word with “preserving” and dedicate 
money not needed immediately for specific purposes. 
Never say I save for this or for that, say: “This money 
is dedicated for such and such.” And always be ready 
to question the “dedication to a particular purpose” and 
change it if necessary. 

It is essential to keep money flowing, 
and those passing it on will be given, 
those saving it will be taken from. 

With every purchase the correct course of action 
therefore is to examine where you should go, 
where is it appropriate today and not use the price 
as the main reason.
If you are taken advantage of then act, 
this economic system requires from you the 
utmost attention because absolutely overprized 
and inappropriate price tags are attached to most 
of the merchandise. Otherwise it is called for to purchase 
where you feel good and proper; and not where you 
supposedly find the lowest offer.

Laws of Abundance
The cosmic laws of abundance predicate that a reflux 
can only happen where the flow of life, which also requires 
a free and relaxed attitude toward money, is being served 
and remains alive.

Meaning: Who likes to spend money or passes it on and 
thereby remains careful, also attracts money. 
The formula is: If you like to pass on one “Thaler” 
you will receive two “Thalers” in return.  
 (Thaler is an old German coin, remark)

Just as the universe constantly expands and out of 
itself incessantly creates new and unlimited possibilities 
of abundance, joy and happiness of a Being double and 
multiply, because these consist of the same primal matter: 
the pulsating Life of ALL-THAT-IS.

A direct “balance” of “giving and receiving” always 
happens only on the lower levels of creation, where the 
“balance of creation” has a tendency to get out of control. 
On the higher dimensions of creation, beginning with the 
fifth dimension of being, each Being is fully aware of the 
unlimited abundance of Creation; each Being is perfected 
and in balance. The misuse of energies, the blocking of life 
energies, is therefore impossible and indeed new laws apply 
there than the ones you are familiar with on earth you 
presently live on. 

Gifts over-all, it is Life in God’s Abundance. 

In summary it is to be mentioned: 

“Savings” means self-limitation and lack. 
Put money aside for specific necessities, 
yet do not say you save, 
because you only save on yourself. 

Buy what you like, what fits you, 
what feels good and appropriate, and not what 
you can acquire inexpensively due to special offers. 
This last behavior lets you pay an inappropriately high 
price for it on the next higher level, your energetic reality 
as a holistic divine Being.

Manifest Abundance
It is advised to all human Beings who possess
little money, to treat the little just like it is a lot. 
Meaning that you consciously behave just as if you had all.
If you purchase in a discount store, because there is 
no other way, say to yourself:

Affirmations are a powerful tool and always help.
Manifest money, manifest abundance, do it even if at 
this time you have to get by with little. Trust! You are given,
if you bypass the pitfalls, which the corporations and this 
system of exploitation of human life energies would like 
to entice you into.

Buy what feels good and proper and where it feels good 
and proper. And if you who live in lack be ready to dissolve 
it and give up every impulse of lack that over and over again 
germinates, because God’s abundance is open for all human 
Beings and waits to be demanded by you. 

Create abundance, remove lack! 

This simple demand brings forth great fruits on the 
tree of your life as soon as any feeling of inferiority is 
removed from your Being and has fully accepted abundance.

Human Beings create lack and human Beings are kept in lack, 
bondage you should now liberate yourself from. Create within 
self the foundation to be able to react appropriately to the 
abundance from Heaven, when it occurs to you, so that you 
may be given.
To experience a purchasing card in order to save a 
little here and there, as an “enrichment” instead of a 
“contempt” of your Being points to another direction and 
shows that you still must cover a certain distance on your 
pathway to abundance. 

The manipulated, and yet himself being unaware 
of this manipulation, human Being is the most agreeable 
tool in the hands of the dark accomplices of this time and
it is the Elites having suppressed and exploited mankind 
until now. 

Finish these unworthy and intolerable conditions 
by proceeding with more clarity in all of your daily situations.

It is time to look through the daily manipulations of the 
Orion-Elites before they can take roots within self and 
take possession of you.

This is a message for this end-time wherein the last
light carriers awaken and presently become aware of 
their sacred function as a fully conscious light warrior.
This is a message of God’s abundance so that human 
Beings, painfully lacking this abundance, can take up on 
their pathway and can enter upon their inheritance far 
from lack.

I am the Truth and Life.
I am the path to God’s Abundance.
I am the Love and the Light.

I am

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