20. April 2014


written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl 
translated by Franz 

Introductory Words from JJK

Honored Reader,
This is the, from Jesus Christ directly transmitted, “Our Father”.
The timeless prayer of time is in this original rendition from 
Master Jesus liberated from all influences and adaptations 
of the Roman Catholic Church.

Jesus came to be among human Beings, 
in order to uplift them, to set them upright, to give them 
courage and hope, and not to put on them new shackles
or new guilt. And this publication serves this intention of 
the Savior, because it is time to liberate human Beings from 
the sins, which the Roman Catholic Church has put on them; 
and to fill their hearts with the innocence of a divine Being. 

In Love
Jahn J Kassl 

Our Father, who you are.
In Heaven and on Earth.
Who you are from the Beginning
And who you are all in all.
From Eternity to Eternity.

Hallowed be thy Name,
Your Kingdom come and
Your Will be done;
On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Your Kingdom come and may fill our hearts.
So that we may recognize who we are
And enter under your Roof.

Born in the union of All-that-Is,
Having come from the union of all Life
And joined with the union of all hearts.

Give us our daily bread of Love,
So that we may be well fed.
Quench our thirst,
With Life’s water,
From the Source of All-that-Is.
So that we may never thirst.

Guide us and instruct us,
So that we may see you.
From face to face, and so we may
Recognize who we are.

Our Father who you are in me
And who I am in You.

I recognize myself as who I am;
By looking into your face.
I am blessed by your Grace and
Experience my divinity.

Father and Mother of All-that-Is,
Loving force of all Life.
Eternal sense of Creation;

My heart is filled with your Light, and 
In silence I hear your word:
You and I are one.

Because Your Kingdom and the Glory
Are omnipresent, in Eternity.
From the beginning of time.

I am a pure, free and exalted
Image of you.
Your divine expression on earth.
A human Being who knows
Who he is, what he is and
Whereby he is.

I am that I am!

From Eternity to Eternity.


From the book: „Die Jesus Biografie Part I"  

The ebook „The Jesus Biography“ is in preparation 
and will be presented after the English version of the 
Lichtwelt homepage is online. (approximately in June 2014)