17. April 2014


written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Introductory Words from JJK 

Honored Reader,

The representation of Maria Magdalena as a whore and
a great sinner, who in the Light of Jesus turns away from 
this shameful doing, follows in the fables of lies of the 
Catholic Church. The mere fact that Miriam from Bethany 
simply was Jesus’s wife is swept under the rug so that the 
fabricated picture of the Savior and thereby the dictate of 
the patriarch can be maintained.
In addition it was necessary for the Roman Catholic 
Church to demonize sexuality. As a consequence sexuality 
was suppressed and the natural, free and divine sexual desire 
in human Beings atrophied, because it was robbed of its innocence 
and was loaded with guilt. Naturally the sexual desire had to find 
an outlet and it found it in the over emphasis of it. The sexual 
disturbances of human Beings and the “pornographic” world are 
a clear indication of it.

Thanks to the Roman Catholic Church many human Beings 
were inhibited in their capacity for love that expresses itself 
through sex, and today on the one hand the over sexualized
society is a reality and on the other hand the denial of this 
deep human aspect of love is still quite common.

In addition the picture of a woman in its totality was permanently 
arrested. After Eva in the Old Testament was blamed for the 
expulsion from paradise, in the New Testament the misrepresentation 
of Mary Magdalene strengthens the impression that a woman is the 
basis of all evil; and one cleverly suggests, that sexuality per se 
is a sin.

And it is the Church in Rome that until today still 
obstinately and dismissingly pays homage to this fallacy 
of their falsified bible, because until today women at best 
serve in the church in order to perform auxiliary functions for 
the priests. Yet this “circumcision” of women does not square
with the “Anointed Ones” – how should it – and therefore the 
rampant homosexuality among catholic priests is a, although 
harmless, peculiarity of it.

In any case truly alarming is the fact of the worldwide 
prevailing pedophilia in the “Church of Christ”.
For centuries in heinous regularity revelations come 
to light wherefrom human Beings turn away in horror. 
This “skeleton in the closet” of the country clerics, the 
bishops and cardinals, cannot be justified by anything 
and deserves every attention of an awakened human Being. 

Sexuality that is demonized brings forth demonic 
characteristics and the representations of Mary Magdalene 
abetted this process. 

Yet also in the esoteric scene the Mary Magdalene fallacy prevails. 
The “Mary-Magdalene-Transfiguration” is responsible for it. 
The “liberation of women” is being tailored onto her body, 
as the great goddess in Heaven, as the in all mysteries 
initiated wife of Jesus.

Increasingly deceptions in awareness take place in the 
esoteric scene. Women believe to have been Mary Magdalene 
or at least some soul fragments of Jesus’s wife are established 
in them, this is widely distributed travesty that many human 
Beings have fallen for. Exactly like more and more men believe 
to be a reincarnation of Jesus, John the Baptist or one of the 
disciples, many more women believe to be a reincarnation of 
Mary Magdalene. These developments are a result of the 
“end time”, wherein everything comes out into the open 
and the fact that the “esoteric” have lost their orientation 
in themselves a long time ago, but here require a clear 
interpretation. For the Catholic Church and for the esoteric
scene the simplest and closest explanation is explicitly 
excluded, namely:

To portray Mary Magdalene as a loving wife of Jesus! Nothing 
more would be necessary. But both sides have decided to 
serve up a story that proverbially overstretches any cowhide.

So that human Beings remain dependent and imprisoned in 
their fears, on the one hand it needs the demonization of the 
female and on the other hand the unnatural “perversion” of the 
female picture whereby new fallacies are conjured up and healings 
must not be forthcoming.

In summary it is to be stated:

1.) The „Fable“ of Mary Magdalene (Medici-Pope Leo X.
(1475-1513) knew: „It is known how much the fable of 
the Christ has served us and ours.“) Completes the Church 
Canon, after the alleged fable of the betrayal by Judas and 
the alleged crucifixion of Jesus. Thereby the Church is sure 
of its domination over the sexually deprived sheep. 

Somebody who experiences sexuality as guilt can 
rarely experience God’s Love, because a human Being 
is capable for it only then when his energy system has 
attained a balanced condition and not if he simply blinds 
out the lower portion of his body and the sexual chakra. 

2.) Rarely better, nonetheless the lesser evil, 
is the result of the “Mary-Magdalene-Transfiguration” 
that has been put into the world by the esoteric scene.
The numerous New-Age publications are responsible for 
the rampant Mary-Magdalene-Mania that all women of this 
time believe to be Mary Magdalene.

The common “female”, the “sacred sexuality” is 
being attributed to Mary Magdalene in an exaggerated 
manner since then. And while this is done human Beings 
cover up their actual spiritual status, they deny their own 
suppressed sexual issues and they shy away from working 
on their perception or they sun themselves in false knowledge. 

Who considers himself to be somebody 
else is neither self nor has he arrived in himself. 

Therefore this fallacy can be attributed to two things: 
Either the lack of self-love, or in the other extreme, 
the exaggeration of the Ego that impersonates the Self, 
because the necessary work in perception for self-love has 
been avoided.

This publication serves so that human Beings may return 
to themselves through the example of Mary Magdalene. 
It is the command of the hour to let go of “inferiority” 
and the “spiritual hubris”. Thereby there is no need for 
a Mary Magdalene – neither the esoteric one nor the Catholic!

What is needed is solely the unconditional readiness of a 
human Being to look at what moves his soul and his being into fear:
Freedom, Sexuality and the Light. 

„Learn to love yourself.“ 

In Love
Jahn J Kassl

From the book:
„Die Jesus Biografie Part I" 

Mary Magdalene

„We were meant for each other and in that 
life our love fully blossomed.“ 

Be greeted beloved earth child,

I am Jesus Sananda and again I invite you 
to come on a journey with me. 

In the world of the year 27, the year of my marriage 
with Miriam from Bethany. The sister of Lazarus, 
a righteous man and with great dedication to the 
path of pure awareness.

In front of me I see the picture when I visited her 
the first time. In order to talk to Lazarus about the marriage.
In those days marriages were prearranged, because Jewish 
tradition required this. According to my ancestry, as the Son
from the house of David, as a rightful heir of royal dignity, 
an appropriate bride was destined for me. And this was Miriam.

A Princess from the house of Benjamin and thereby 
the two most important houses of traditional Jewish 
history writing were joined in us.

So it was that I saw Miriam for the first time in the 
house of Lazarus. You would say it was love at first sight. 
Yet it was recognition, a renewed finding of each other and 
the knowledge that everything was born out of Eternity.

The marriage was carefully prepared. And when the day 
came we enjoyed each other in the beauty of our Beings. 
Everything was cared for and the mood was wonderfully 
happy, relaxed and full of joy.
Many times Miriam gave me a kiss and in the beginning 
somewhat shy, her excitement disappeared quickly and our 
closeness was also sealed physically. During that night she 
conceived and our first child grew in her body. Joshua Josef.

The marriage ceremony took place in Kanaan.
A place outside of Jerusalem and known to you from 
reports in the bible, as the place, where the miracle of
the transformation from water into wine  
supposedly took place. Yet here also  
the truth is simpler than it seems.
Indeed much was drunk and therefore the supply of wine 
dwindled. I knew that there were barrels in the cellar, 
which had a deposit of strong wine in them.
As it was the case in many instances, as the wine was 
not fully finished and this thickened grape juice was by 
adding water quite delicious. So I asked to fill these barrels 
with water and the party had again plenty to drink. Many 
were of the opinion that this wine was even better than the 
first one that was served. Maybe it was simply the case that 
the taste buds of the guests were a little strained, therefore 
they could not recognize the difference anymore. In any case 
we had enough of this delicious drink and the festivity found 
its joyous continuation.

Over the years also this story was described differently 
and in many reports you can read about the “miracle from Kanaan”.
For many writers of that time and foremost the time after, 
it was vey important to picture me as absolutely divine. 
Thereby my earthly relation of my life gradually disappeared 
among you. Many human Beings could not make a connection 
to their life, to their problems, because I was pictured as 
infallibly divine and free of any relation to physicality. 
Therefore one also handed down so many “miracles” 
and attributed them to me.

But, as you see now, everything is much simpler 
and quite often easy to explain.
Yes, I performed many healings and Jerusalem spoke 
of them. Yet the miracle from Kanaan was not one of them 
and it was a simple process of making wine from water.

In this book you will find additional reports and also corrections, 
because it is essential that you understand that I was a human 
Being among human Beings and I had my issues in order to 
attain the desired salvation.

This closeness is necessary so that you may 
accept me and thereby enter into your divinity.
You will also perform miracles as soon as you have 
accepted your divinity.
Initially this path goes right through your own humanity.

Accept yourself as you are – as a human Being.
Learn to live with yourself and be in peace with yourself.
Learn to love yourself.

That is the Highest of all Laws, because thereby you 
regain your divinity and enter into the all-encompassing 
Love of God’s power of Creation.
All days I am with you and I do not judge and do not evaluate.
Whatever you are preoccupied with and also whenever you 
are upset or discouraged – I am there.
Accept this fact and allow me to stand by you, 
to be there for you and use your free will for it.
Seize this opportunity and direct your heart toward 
Heaven, allow yourself this gift.

I am Jesus Christ, am constantly concerned about 
your wellbeing, but your will is honored and without 
your intent I cannot do much.
These are the “rules” on earth that the free
will of human Beings is untouchable.
We honor these rules, we, who have preceded 
you to the Father in Heaven.

Your free will dissolves only until you have merged 
with the Oneness, with the Father in Heaven. 
Then there is only the absolute knowledge of who 
you are and your creative consciousness attains its 
full enfoldment.

Then there is no more need for free will, 
because you are merged with the will of the 
Father and you act out of this knowledge. 
It is your will and the will of the Father, 
which become one intention.

But as long as you are on earth you have this free will. 
You can decide and manifest your intentions.

Therefore decide and accept your responsibility.
You have it in your hand and the possibilities for 
perfection of your existence are infinite.
As a human Being bring it into your consciousness 
that you are infinite. Do not hesitate to dissolve 
what hinders you in order to be free and in peace.

You know your issues and step into your power by
releasing it and thereby enter your eternally loving soul.

These are the true miracles, the miracles of transformation 
of a human Being to his fully conscious divine expression. 
It does not require “miracles”, and no magic, in order to 
enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

A miracle is therefore only a miracle because you lack 
understanding. There is something you cannot explain 
and you are in awe and you say: “This is a miracle.”

When you are awakened, “miracles” will be commonplace, 
because you are the creator and your actions are divine.

Beloved Children of the Light,
Again I have given you something new in order to 
make my life understandable among you; in order to 
take away the shyness to come close to me.

As a human Being among human Beings I spent my days 
on earth, initially in Jerusalem and later at the border to Nepal.
Many travels were given to me; and all what I experienced 
also served me to my perfection and I grew until I finally 
entered under the roof of my Father in Heaven.

Much has been given to me and I knew about the 
developments, and how they will happen. But not everything 
was clear to me and so I also had to work through in order
to understand.

I have come to ignite your inner Light.
Not to be regarded as a lifted off Being, 
as a Being raptured into the distant worlds of the Gods.

It was in the interest of the powers on earth to deny you 
your divinity so that you may be guidable.
Yet these times are gone forever!

We all find us again at our starting point in the universe, 
where there is no separation and everything is experienced 
out of the Oneness of Being.

The miracles, which I performed, you will also do and 
even greater ones. So allow me to accompany you and
accept what today, now, and by means of this biography, 
is given to you.

My heart is filled with joy to be able to give you 
these messages. The Blessing of the Almighty is with you.

So be it.



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