6. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: A tiger lies at the feet of my beloved son NOAH 
and wants to play with him. Yet NOAH pulls his foot back, 
the one the tiger had its eye on, because he did not want 
to play with it. Thereby the tiger gets unbelievably wild 
and unpredictable. We flee whereby the tiger runs after us.

With incredible force it kicks in a very well bolted door and 
remains at our heels. We are in escape from this monster. 
(End of dream)

This tiger 
mirrors the fact that forces, 
which originally belonged to the Light, 
have changed sides. It is the other side of 
reality that reveals itself here, because there are 
not only human Beings, who turn back, but also those 
who return to their old trade, to their old life in the 
“wilderness of unknowing”. This dream picture shows 
furthermore and in particular how human Beings in view 
of the very close great events “buckle”, how they react, 
as they have been seen through or have been rejected.

The angry tiger,  
because its needs for “play” remained disregarded, 
points to human Beings, who were seen through and 
recognized by the light warriors as what they are. 
A human Being that cannot pull you into its drama 
and cannot bind you to its “play” becomes
angry and today many human Beings face these discharges. 
Rejection is experienced as great pain and so destructiveness 
and fury appear. This dream corresponds with the message

The dark ones do not want to accept that their descent 
has been sealed; therefore they strike out and give free 
reins to their rampant anger.

The dream repeats itself, 
meaning that this behavior is fairly widespread. 
“Either or” is the motto of the rejected ones and 
of those who cannot mobilize you for their games.

The escape  
means to leave this energy field behind.
This scene serves as a reinforcement of the message 
that has been mentioned above and strengthens its content. 

Nothing is, as it seems to you.
All is that it is – and this truth is now blatantly apparent. 

In infinite Love

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