19. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Prologue from the book:
„Die Jesus Biografie Part I"

I have come to sow peace, joy and Love.
But what have you made out of it?

Instead of peace there are wars, instead of joy there 
is suffering and instead of Love there is Hate. You were 
deceived generation for generation and you were kept far 
from my true message. Suffering was lifted to a great 
necessity so that human Beings believed that suffering is 
the only way to attain holiness. My death on the cross was 
put in front of your eyes as an example, and your spirituality 
was supposed to find reflection in this suffering.
You were deceived, beloved Mankind.
Thoroughly and knowingly cheated. 

My death on the cross never happened! 

This information is very important so that you stop 
to identify yourselves with this suffering.
Suffering does not lead to salvation that so many 
of you strive for.

Beloved children of Mankind, I neither died on 
the cross nor have I been crucified. The scriptures of 
Peter bear witness of what has been withheld from you.

It is a great error in your history, and those who are responsible 
for it have loaded a great burden on themselves. As a result of 
this erroneous description of my life and my death, an infinite 
amount of suffering came to earth.

Suffering was supposed to ennoble you and be noble. 
But it is destructive and causing so much pain, but the 
whole earth has been covered by it. Wars were waged, 
in the name of suffering and in the name of the Cross; 
all joy was taken from you. The possibility of peace was 
withheld from you, and hate has been and still is a reality 
on earth.

How many wars, how much destruction of life 
on earth and how much personal suffering were in your daily life!
This happens because you believed in the wrong image of my 
message for hundreds of years.

Also you were robbed of the joy in the beauty of sexuality 
and the freedom to live it out of the heart. It was declared to 
you that this is something indecent, something animalistic. 
You were and you are still asked to kill the sexuality in you. 
And again you shall force yourself, and again suffering is 
created where there should be joy.

The church is a man-made institution.
It hasn’t been my will to create a society that holds 
human Beings in suffering, lack of joy and fear.

The historical events are known, and the foundation 
of the Roman Catholic Church carries the stamp of human 
Beings, and not my seals.

The so-called key transfer to 
Peter has never happened!
Also the description that I was never married is false!

Many of my companions at that time were women. 
Besides my mother Mary, my wife Mary Magdalene 
and women, who were close to my disciples. 
It was a mixed community.

For a man at that time and in this religious, 
cultural reality it was fully customary and nearly 
required to get married. We were meant for each other, 
and in this life on earth our love fully blossomed.

Miriam from Bethany was not a 
whore and not a sinner, as people 
like to portray her. She was and is a high initiate 
of Life, and at that time we were intimately joined together.

The marriage in Kanaan was our marriage.
I was her bridegroom and she was my bride.
How important this information is, and how much 
it has been missing until now from earth and foremost 
from human Beings with a strong catholic background.
The most natural form of relationship on earth, the one 
between a man and a woman, has been made maggoty 
for you, and you were kept far away from the joy of such a 
relationship. Without this joy you could not blossom, and 
therefore you were cheated out of it.

I tell you this so that you know and now it is time 
that all lies come out into the light. Also the untruths, 
the false portrayals and conscious lies about my life on 
earth two thousand years ago. There is so much that needs 
clarification and a new consideration, and this transmission 
will dissolve old pictures of mine and will bring a new 

Finally the freedom that many human Beings 
yearned for, the peace, the joy and love.

And it was always the Love that accompanied me.
My heart had so much of it, and everywhere it exuded.
Just by itself.

Many “miracles” simply happened, when human Beings 
saw me. The Light that emanated from me healed all and 
everyone, as the personal development allowed for it.

I travelled a lot, and we went from location to location.
For my companions, the disciples, the days were always 
exciting and full of surprises. I myself was open, and like 
a channel the Light of the Father flowed through me.

It was my assignment to bring Light and Love, and to 
anchor these energy qualities in the earth.
But the time and the events in Jerusalem came to a 
crisis, and so the day came when I left Jerusalem.

The last Supper points to that fact.

It was a festivity of departure, and all were gathered.
We ate dates and figs and shared the bread.
It was my farewell from my friends and life companions.
Also from my wife and my mother. There were not just twelve 
at this festivity, but substantially more, and all came to say 
goodbye. The history let you believe that after that my 
crucifixion happened.

All these descriptions are untrue and false!

Still before I began to work publicly, something happened 
that touched me profoundly and most painfully. 
The decapitation of my beloved John the Baptist. 
I loved him so much, and it happened very quickly. 
It was clear to me that my ministry in this area would 
be of limited duration.

And it is true, it took about three years before I said 
goodbye and over many paths came to India, at the border 
to Nepal. My message was full of Love and joy. Full of gusto 
and of deep divine inspiration. And many have understood these, 
but many did not partake in these insights. Until today.

Now mankind receives the opportunity to attain new information 
about the past events. So that you may accept, what I had given
you already then.

Begin with your own discovery and find joy and love.

This message is unchanged, and due to these facts you 
can easier liberate yourself from the old energies causing 
so much suffering.

There is so much more that is withheld from you, 
but now lets call it an end. The whole truth is now 
given to you. The truth regarding the events how they 
have actually happened, and not what was conveyed to 
you so far.

In the next chapters you will experience much 
about my words and my deeds and how they should
be understood.

God is with you.



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