21. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Trust yourself,
Trust Life, and trust God!
Trust may not be “delegated”.
Trust is in you or it is nowhere.

Trust your insights, and trust your awareness. 
Trust in what you are and not what others want you to be.

Churches encounter the Truth 
The churches of this world find their Masters as the time 
of the churches has run out now. The self-empowerment of 
mankind has started, human Beings become whole and perfected; 
and have overcome the churches and the religions.
Even though it is only a small part of mankind that this applies 
to, this part is determinant for the fact that the temple walls 
cave in, that the moneychangers lose their source of income, 
that the priests are now recognized in their full shamelessness. 

To pretend to lead human Beings to God, 
to know the path there and to anxiously lay snares 
is shameless; and thereby the priests and the “shepherds” 
are now identified as culprits and are confronted by it. 

Who against better knowledge deprives human Beings 
of the truth, just to draw great profit from it, will now 
be confronted with the implications of this behavior. 

It is time for it, it is time to hold up the mirror to the 
established churches until they recoil from their horrible 
countenance and open up for change.
This world wanes and now the departure for the spiritual 
custodians of mankind, the churches from many epochs, 
is being prepared so that they come closer to divinity on 
another level and thereby the lower levels get liberated 
from the greatest fumes and from the greatest lies.

Events, which quickly create new facts, are waiting. 
The time of transformation is the time for action and 
who hesitates now, has lost it even before he has found it.

Meditate on it and get closer to the nature of this time, 
because the world going under devours everything and 
mankind inherits in the new world – everything.

We are the ones, who carry this world,
We, you, and those serving this process.
Ascension means the overcoming of these conditions, 
means to strip off what is lethargic and what still binds 
human Beings to this world; And this process is now accelerated, 
because the end of time is close, very close.


JESUS has ascended and is the ascended one, 
without having tasted death and without smacking suffering.  

Who opens to this truth will inherit Heaven.
Why is this so unthinkable for the Roman Catholic Church?

Because what is, is being administered, and what is, 
is the fallacy, the lie and the trickiness.
Yesterday and today, because there is no tomorrow for this lot, 
that flouts God in the name of God.

Gone, at the end,  
the last epoch of an unconscious humanity is over. 
Healings happen on the foundation of truth and 
it is the truth that brings the fragile brickwork of 
Religion and Government to collapse. 
To die again or eternal Life? That has been the 
choice and you have chosen – truly. Keep looking for 
the symbols and signals of the new time – they are now 
being given, in a so far unknown measure.

And you Creator Gods:  
Rise up! Your awakening is sealed, your ascension is 
completed and the new world receives its regents. 
Rise up! Because the Kingdom of Peace has been 
proclaimed, Life in the Light is won and Bliss 
determines the reality of that heavenly World.

Let Light come and it is light.

The Love - in Eternity. 

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