10. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones! 

New energy fields of Light build up over you, 
in you and on account of you and they begin to 
fill the purified hearts of the awakened ones with 
God’s essence. 

The closeness to God is being experienced, 
the Love of your Father understood and the 
shelter in the lap of your eternal Mother is granted to you.

The light quality that presently flows to earth releases 
all blockages and heals all injuries in your bodies. 
Who gives self to this Light will attain healing even 
before the day passes.

Divine vibration provided 
The Light overexposure of Mankind has begun and 
thereby vibration fields of the 6th and 7th dimension 
are provided. Gentle and lovingly, the Masters of this 
time are lifted and brought into their divine nature.

And it is this high frequency vibration that on the 
upcoming day will save you from harm and will keep 
you away from the destructive aspects of this transformation. 

Your bodies are slowly reconfigured, 
your cells are slowly restructured, 
slowly you become whole and completed;  
and slowly the miracles happen which for a long 
time you have longed for and have sent for.

Gods awaken and human Beings become whole

Stay vigilant! 
Stay vigilant, stay away from low vibrating energy fields, 
center yourself, by constantly remaining conscious of the 
complexity of this transformation; and recognize what is right, 
recognize what is wrong, so that you slip out of the clever 
traps of those forces which want to chain you to their 
sluggish reality.

The process has begun whereby any deposited fear in 
your cells is removed. Thereby you step out from the 
“game of anxieties”.
As at all times when darkness took possession of 
human Beings, today the forces of darkness also undertake 
everything in order to cut you off from your spiritual light flow, 
whereby they build their “destructive” vibration fields and 
distribute false information over particular “channels”. 
You can cope with these processes if you are fully conscious 
of it and if you are always oriented toward God, the essence 
of all life. To overcome these sluggish energy fields is only 
possible by looking at it with detachment, without denying 
this fact, without being frightened by horror and the horrors;
and without falling for the false belief that by ignoring the 
darkness, it will disappear.

The spiritual Light of the higher light realms 
reaches you now and it is called for to open yourself for it.

And those human Beings, who already posses a 
purified energy field are able to open themselves.
And “purified” means, to apply the power of discernment 
with superior ease and be able to distinguish between 
“right” and “wrong”. 

Deceptions only have power over you,
if you are unable to recognize them as such.

Ascension is certain 
Your ascension is certain! No power in the world can 
thwart it. Unless you slide back into the condition of 
impotence, into the condition, when you delegate 
responsibility to a second or third one. Then you have 
truly disregarded a great time in its value and handed 
yourself over to the sluggish energies of different worlds.

I am the wellspring of all springs,
I am the omnipresence of Love,
I am the omnipresence of Light,
I am the omnipresence of all Being.

And you have been entrusted with the task 
to fully orient yourself toward me, so that I may 
welcome you and honor you, on judgment day, 
still before the end of this time. 

Let yourself be guided by me, let yourself be led by me
– then you will surely arrive, then you will see what 
until now has been hidden from human sight. 

Open yourself to God’s Light and lock up 
as alluring calls of darkness reach you;
And perceive what is, know yourself and me
- your ALL-IS-GOD reality in me.


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