3. April 2014


Letters, Dreams & Visions 
relevant to the Quality of Time 

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers,

On the following pages you will receive a good picture 
of how synchronicity works. Because in the night of the 
22nd of March 2014 four individuals, each independent
from each other, received important indications which 
correspond to each other in their interpretations. 
For myself this time document is of great importance in as 
much it reveals the complexity of this eventful time; 
and that the birth of the new world is ahead in the very 
near future.

In addition this report gives an insight into perceptions, 
which possibly many human Beings are confronted with 
and which possibly cannot then be immediately interpreted 
correctly. The light warriors of the first and last hours are 
the midwives of the new earth, and by means of this report 
they possibly can enrich with new understanding their 
indications from the light levels of Being.

With this summary, whereby the names have been 
replaced by P1 and P2 (Person), because the actual 
names are on the one side not necessary and on the
other hand I want to preserve the desired discretion, 
I wish you great joy and abundant insights.

In Love
Jahn J Kassl

This mail from a good friend reached me
On 3/22/2014 in the morning 

The Monk and his Dog 

Dear Jahn,

The whole family has been ill for several days except for A. 
The last days and nights have been difficult to endure. 
Everybody is ill, everybody is weak. Tonight as well as last 
night I thought that I would die. Unbearable pains plagued me. 
And between pains and fever I had a dream wherein I left this 
level familiar to us and these impressions still continue to 
have an effect after I woke up.
It is the second time in my life that this has happened to me. 
The first time was several years ago when I met a Being, 
which let me experience love, and that “dream” also continued 
to have an effect for a long time after I woke up. This time, 
it wasn’t love, it was pain. 

The Dream: I am in a kind of clinic. A woman comes to 
my table. She sits down and has a child in her carrying bag. 
She is blond, is Russian, not necessarily sympathetic; 
I would say distant. We talk to each other. An older man 
observes us and later I meet him again in the corridor. 

I accompany the woman to the doctor or we just walk in
the same direction. The old man passes by and says something 
to me. Thereby he smiles but unfortunately I cannot understand 
him. Then three people come to the woman and start to attack her. 
I take my medallion (symbol CB 9) into my hand and come to the 
woman’s aid. I yell that they should leave her. It doesn’t work as 
I have imagined it and one of them comes very close to me. 
I yell louder and louder and for a moment I have doubts if it 
will work, but I have no fear. Then they gradually let go and 
leave us.

The next scene is in a wooden house for children. 
Wonderful, new and right now offered for play. I sit inside 
with this woman. She sits to my right but is like a doll. 
At this moment a Buddhist monk comes to me.

I think that it is the Dalai Lama and feel very honored 
but it is a different monk. He puts his head on my tummy 
and presses his head against me and blows something into 
my navel. I get incredible pain. The pain seems very realistic 
to me and I begin to moan on account of the pain. He looks 
at me and says that I need this and repeats the treatment. 
I laugh while in pain and feel like a mother during labor, 
knowing that the pain “brings the child into the world”.

The pain is unbearable.
The monk looks at me and says something to me. 
I forgot what, but I know that he wanted to tell me that 
the treatment cannot be completed because the 3 demons 
have infected me with something, or have installed something 
in me, during the fight; and it causes unbearable pain while 
trying to remove it. And if he continues I will not be able to 
endure the pain. He is very tired after the treatment; he lies 
down on the wood behind the woman and falls asleep.

On my left side I see a big dog. He lies there peacefully, 
but it makes me angry, because he stretches out in a space 
that is reserved for the children. It is an avalanche dog as I 
notice; big, with big ears and big genitals.
Yet he is very lovely. Nonetheless I complain about 
this condition and do this loudly. Then I remember that 
the dog came with the monk and so I change my attitude 
and allow the dog to stay. I wake up and my tummy hurts
– still. Exactly there where the monk blew his energy.

Now I feel as bad as during the night and therefore 
I finish now.

Love, Light and Blessings


P.S.: P2 also had a terrible night and the whole time 
had a dream: sand hourglass and small gears, which 
moved and thereby counted something!

Reply mail JJK on 3/23/2014 afternoon

Turning the Time Screws 

Dear P1,

Everything has to do with the purification of the planet 
and directly with your ascension! This in advance.

Now in detail:
Regarding these demanding situations it is important 
to internalize that it does not deal with a demon that you 
have captured, but with the demon that is driven from this world.
You already directly participate for some time in the healing of 
the earth and your body suffers over and over again. This also 
applies to P2 and to some extent also to the children.
I also experience this repeatedly in my family, as somebody 
suddenly suffers a “weakness attack”.
Having to die” describes this exactly, because the world 
has to die now and a new world is being born and we are 
the ones breathing this world into reality.

You have “left this level” and you were given a great 
experience and also great pain. Meaning from my point 
of view: The new earth is in its labor pains and during it 
incredible pain appears. Tonight you have, due to your 
soul assignments, supported this process in this manner.

The navel chakra also symbolizes the fire element, 
meaning all anxieties must now burn up which causes 
enormous pain, yet these are not YOUR anxieties but 
the anxieties which discharge over the collective. Just 
yesterday I worked on a text that contains exactly this 
subject! It is about freedom, strength, delineation and 
the power to claim this now. You were confronted with this. 
The “big dog” is the prudent and loyal guardian of this 
process, so that the Lama can complete his work without 

And the “Lama” points to the fact that you are in God’s 
hands, that it is cared for and that the world is also in God’s 
hands, no matter how much pain still shows up, no matter how 
serious the upheavals may be. The “distant Russian woman” 
points to the role of Russia in the geopolitical framework and 
regarding this I received the following dream last night: 

Dream: "I see during the whole night how Russia protects 
its borders and makes improvements here and there. 
In Russia there is an agitated mood and the world reports 
about it as if Russia wants to attack the whole world, 
whereas the world’s armies stand in front of Russia’s borders. 
Over and over again I see the concentrated and highly tensed 
face of Putin. This dream repeats in an infinite loop until I 
wake up." (End of dream JJK)

And right now my brother Karl also told me his dream of tonight. 

Dream: "The whole time I see the AGBs (Legal conditions of
the Lichtweltverlag) roll down in front of my eyes. What also 
needs to be considered, as I am worried, where I still have to 
look so that nobody unwelcome comes into the house, etc. 
This goes on like that during the whole night." (End of dream 
Karl – and Karl is also physically weak at this time)

That the symbol CB9 doesn’t work immediately points to 
the fact of what is repeatedly being told to me: IT IS UP TO US!
The gifts work and support us, but do not absolve us of our own 
responsibility. Therefore it requires your determined conduct. 
Exactly what the esoteric followers always shy away from 
and whereby the “light and love illusion” is so amply described.

You’re “moaning” is the pain of a woman in labor – the new 
earth is now being born! And this is exactly where P2’s dream 
comes into the picture:
“Sand hourglass” and “small gears” mean:
Time expires and anything built on sand disappears.
The “small gears” symbolize how finely woven and multifaceted 
this process is and that just like with a sand hourglass, time 
and the end of time need to be waited for and to be expected.

Just like children, which stand in front of sand hourglasses for 
brushing their teeth, and can hardly wait until all the sand has 
gone through so that they can finish brushing, it is just like 
that with regard to our transfiguration. Just a little bit of time 
until then. Yet today and owing to yours, Karl’s, P2’s and the 
ongoing reports from P3, I see that this time has run out
– thereby the last deadlines seem to have been reached.
In short: Did it take a lot of patience so far, from now on we 
only need a little bit of patience. Something is being “counted”, 
yes, they are the last moments of this time.

Dear P1,

I regard your dream and your description of it as absolutely 
essential regarding the entire ascension process and after 
removing all names, I lean toward publishing this great chord 
in our blog, because I am convinced that besides ourselves 
there are many more human Beings which experience similar 

For that I need your permission and I understand 
perfectly if you were to say no.
With this first out- and in-sight into this scene 
I ensure you of my love and presence,


P1’s reply on 3/23/2014 evening 

Dear Jahn Johannes,

You have my absolute YES as an answer.
For the benefit of all human Beings, for the benefit 
of Mother Earth. Only to be added to this (and that is 
in reference to P2’s dream) that he happened to be inside 
the sand hourglass and observed from the inside out. This 
was a loop without end, over and over again.
Love, Light and Blessings

Response JJK on 3/23/2014 evening 

Dear P1,

To observe from the inside out means, from my point of view,
to be infinitely close to the events, to be the clock itself, 
what means in addition that our work amounts to the essential 
part when this time runs out – and it also means to remain fully 
undamaged, from the outside, because we are on the inside and 
we directly turn the time screws.

This as an add-on and in Love

P.S.: I thank you and P2 for the permission to publish! 

Thereby on 3/24/2014 I received the message from God: 
“Demons of time”. Tomorrow this message will be published 
at this site.
The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
published on this website.