12. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
Lift up, rise up, the day of the Light has come!

The great denial and the great expectation of the ascension 
have reached mankind. The tepid and the tepid ones, the half 
and the half ones dissolve. Mankind has decided and this world 
has chosen, because the time of changes is the time of decisions
– on all levels. Human Beings have conformed to this necessity 
and have fitted new wings on themselves or have rejected these 
wings out of the hand of the Creator. In the awareness that the 
wheel of time will henceforth keep turning and will not stop until 
the day that is “their ascension” in a far away time.

Rise up beyond this world, as well as this world rises up 
beyond the limitations of this creation; be servants of self 
and God’s servants, who in HIS Light honor themselves as divine.

Consequences of Light Flooding 
In these days a new proportion of spiritual Light reaches this 
world. Human Beings accept it, absorb it and awaken in their 
new reality as Creator Gods.

For many human Beings, it is the major part of mankind, 
this high Light vibration is unbearable and they cannot integrate 
it into their Being or keep it available there. These human Beings 
will now be taken from this world, whereby initially all soul fragments, 
except for one, will leave this level and whereupon the next domino 
chips of the great transformation will fall unto this level.

As little as the ascending ones will experience these upheavals 
as fateful or painful, as little will human Beings, who will continue 
to be part of the sluggish reality, be touched in their Being by 
these upheavals, because: 

The remaining ones will experience the collapse 
of this world and their illusions only in certain soul 
sequences  and only with certain soul fragments. 

This is so that traumatic imprints, which would affect all 
soul fragments, will not happen, what makes it easier for 
upcoming healings of the Being and actually only then makes 
it possible.

Therefore Before the Great Day the ascending ones with 
all their soul fragments will be on this level and will remain 
untouched by events, while those, who are the remaining ones, 
will discard their soul fragments, so that they can experience this 
decisive point in space-time in a milder form and foremost without 
being totally extinguished.

If all soul fragments of a human Being were to be captured 
by these close dramatic events, their whole Being would get 
lost in space-time and would rarely find a way out from these 
stray paths.

Range of Transformation 
Until last, the scope and the range of this transformation 
and “the event” remain hidden from the human spirit, so that 
the longing for the changes remains alive in the ones, and so 
that the arrest in fear that would be indelibly entrenched in the 
Being, does not happen for the others.

Love now comes to this world, creating itself anew and 
being built anew by you.

Great fallacies acquire possession of the remaining ones: 
False assumptions and deeds, which mirror the desperation 
and also the unwillingness to turn toward the Light.

Already until now it was necessary for human Beings, 
the remaining ones, to somehow come to grips with their 
inner confusion. Thereby many of these human Beings escaped 
into a tremendous hustle and bustle.

“Away from self” was and is the impulse and thereby they
create life situations, which anticipate the end of their 
existence on this level.

And thereby they follow the great heavenly orchestration, 
because it is this time that anticipates the end of the world. 

The human soul knows, the human heart recognizes, 
the humanly divine spirit cannot be deceived.

The last Section of the Path 
Deep inside the heart of human Beings is the awareness about 
this time. And so human Beings walk on their chosen path until 
the last section has been completed successfully and it defines:
The end of time with all its consequences and the beginning 
of a new epoch in timelessness.

Many human Beings now die another death.
And we come to the aid of these human Beings.
We assist them so that they may find their new homes 
and their new level, because the darkness for these Beings 
is so absolute, so that they can neither bear the light on a 
lower vibrating 4D level nor can they interpret it.

I am the Love, I am the Light. The healings of human hearts
on all levels has been turned over to me by the Creator.

God’s Grace works – incessantly!
All levels have been reached. Yet you, who are ascending, 
will see, experience and receive, what since birth has been 
kept for you for this existence:
The eternal Life in God, the arrival in the realm of Light.

I am it and I remain with you. 

God’s Odem enlivens the new World, whereupon 
you find your new Home and wherein you enter
 – still before the morning dawn of a new creative 
day in Infinity. 

I am

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