20. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz

Mankind’s Pathway into the Light

Beloved Ones!

Welcome to Heaven on Earth, 
which emerges in the midst of the great upheavals!

Welcome to the Light that spreads everywhere, in a time 
when the Dark does not want to yield, even though it has to yield!
Welcome human Beings, who now rise up and ascend and no day 
is like another until your ascension! I am among you!

I am ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL and with me have come 
Scores of Archangels, Scores of Ascended Masters, 
Priest and SANAT KUMARA the “King of the World” and 
the Logos of many Worlds to you.
Today we affect your energy fields and each human Being 
enjoys absolutely individual care, because a multitude of 
Masters and Angelic Beings stand by you and hold ready the 
Light, Love and the divine vibration, so that you may be uplifted 
and may be healed, because very often it is the last shadows,
which do not want to yield, even if you are anxious to achieve 

To Uplift Oneself 
At the end of the transformation, and this is the reason 
for the remainder oft many shadows; very many human Beings 
lose the strength, as at the beginning of the journey, to face 
their issues. And therefore much remains unfinished.
This last “uplifting oneself” of today is the command of this 
time quality, because even if you have passed much, infinitely
much time through the ages, the true Master distinguishes self 
through the will and tenacity to pursue the transformation to the end.
Now this is heralded to you, so that you lift your angel wings, 
which were fitted on you, shake the wet rain from your feathers 
and soar into the Light – because the new dawn arrives, new life
takes form and the mandates for this world and for you are fulfilled.

Healings, which are permanent and do not leave a “residue” behind, 
are now possible, because this time removes imperfect conditions 
down to its root and anchors your perfection deep in your heart.

Beloved Ones, 

You have done everything, you have affected 
all and yet: there is still something left to do. 
This last section on the pathway leads you into the 
Oneness with God and for every human Being is the section, 
wherein one’s own divine potentials may be realized.

A human Being, shortly before the ascension, is already in his 
divine power and thereby these human Beings manifest a new, 
exalted and fulfilling Being in this world before they leave this 
life behind them. 

Nobody shall turn the back to this world in frustration 
and pain! Truly: How could the joyful event of your 
ascension be preceded by a joyless life? 

Pain is part of your old contracts and programming. 
And therefore I urge all human Beings, who no longer get 
something positive from their pain, to release those old contracts!
“I have already done this!”, I hear many human Beings saying this. 
I say to you: Yes, many have mandated this and yet still have 
created new life situations, which manifest new pain. 

A mandate is incomplete as long as old behavior is maintained, 
as old life and thinking habits are still fostered and cultivated.

Extinction of Belief Patterns 
Today we live in an absolutely unique time quality.

Today it is possible, due to God’s Grace and the will of 
human Beings, to immediately extinguish any old behavior 
pattern. I say “extinguish”, not transform!
Over-all God’s Grace is effective and you, who have 
inflicted foremost pain-filled and stressful experiences 
on your souls, shall now be healed holistically.
I am the Archangel of Healing, the green divine Ray, 
which in this space-time continuum is augmented by the
golden Light.
Begin to detect your shadows and your dissatisfaction in 
your life! With all your strength try to track down your old 
belief patterns and name your imaginations, which put rocks 
unto your pathway and block the flow of life.
Once you have done this, then ask for the removal of this 
belief pattern and ask to erase this programming in you
– and it will occur. 

Today we are at a point in time, 
wherein for the ascending ones there is no 
time left for prolonged transformation work. 
Thereby in God’s Grace it is decreed: All still unreleased 
belief patterns and imprints of time will be 
immediately released from all those human 
Beings, who have now entered the path toward 
the Light, if they have detected these by 
No long transformation therapies, no long paths to awareness,
instead: Seeing what is and remove what was – in an instance. 

Today I have come to you with this gift. The Masters and the
 Archangels work in this moment with every human Being, who 
follows these lines, so that what hinders may be discarded and 
what is yearning may be born and is expected with full desire: 
The new Life – easy and exalted, beautiful and sacred, 
perfected in God.

Happiness and Ascension 
What is happiness? Happiness is to be able to 
experience the closeness to God in each moment.  

And therefore many human Beings live in unhappiness, 
because they lack the closeness to God.
Nearness to God is the key for every lock, because with 
God every door and gate open and with God everything 
is possible! Absolutely all. You have to internalize this truth 
and entirely live by it, then you have understood and you have 
regained Life.
Will I ascend? This is a question, which is widely 
distributed among the adepts for ascension. 
What creates certainty in you?

I say to you: Each human Being, who observes his thoughts, 
words and actions in an obvious manner and if necessary 
corrects them immediately, fulfills all requirements for the 

Those on the other hand, who perform their self-observation 
anxiously, ill tempered or unwillingly, have not entirely understood.
Therefore let it be said to you, that God’s Grace works, whereby 
your patterns are erased, as soon as you have courageously faced 
your useless belief patterns. Nothing more is required of you, 
but this is definitely necessary. 
We heal this world and heal the hearts of human Beings, 
we, who portray the only indivisible unity in God
– in Heaven and on Earth.

New Light Bridges 
New Light Bridges into Heaven are created for mankind, 
and thereby we come to the title of this message.
Thereby all Light corridors and Light paths into the fifth 
dimension of All-That-Is are equipped with new crystalline Light 
qualities by an infinite number of teams beyond and on this side 
of the veil. This expanded and partially new nature of the Light 
bridges was necessary, because the ascension energy that 
originally was supposed to be created by many human Beings,
is less than what was predicted so far.
Meaning, based on the fact that so many human Beings turn 
away from the last phase of the ascension, creates a new energy 
field and this one must now be augmented, strengthened and 
stabilized by appropriate measures, so that the transfer of human 
Beings into the Light may be actualized.

As a second important point is the fact that this uplifting 
will happen with a “jolt”. This situation requires an absolutely 
perfect and complete crystalline reticule of the 7th dimension, 
the 6th dimension and the 5th dimension, which overlap and 
surround this 3D and 4D earth hologram.
In these days the world and this mankind heal.
New preparations are in process and lift you out of time and space.
While the dark forces think about an ultimate turn of events in 
their favor, they will be taken from this world, all in an instance of 
time and in a moment of God’s Grace. 

Beloved Ones,

Come into the Light!
We keep you on course, because with us it is impossible 
for you to forfeit your high Light vibration. Today there is only 
one pain that is allowed by God: The desire for His Glory, 
the sweet pain of desire for God.

Heal and attain this knowledge!
In this message the trace has been set for it.

In infinite Love


This is the message of the light reading on 
May 30st, 2014 in Vienna.
The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
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