11. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Before the great day Heaven changes and Heaven 
has been changed, then the great day is close, 
like your own pulse is close.


Re-Bordering of the Planet 
Actually the Heavens, the Worlds of ascension, 
are surrounded with a new firmament.
It is the Re-bordering of the Planet finding totally 
new conditions in the fifth dimension of All-That-Is.

The Heaven changes and more and in these days more 
human Beings recognize that the wonderful colors, which 
Heaven casts today, are from another world; and I say to you:
Yes, they are the colors out of the universal light spectrum, 
whereby the new earth heralds itself. If you continue to observe 
the “heavenly tent”, you will notice that phenomena, like the
over exposure of the world, become a daily occurrence.
Before a world can be raised, the electromagnetic field of 
the planet will be changed and the planetary grid structure, 
which surrounds a planet, will be adjusted to the new 
conditions of All-That-Is.

New qualities of light from the central Sun, the Sun of all Suns, 
have been flowing to earth and to human Beings for several 
years and are increasing daily; until this procedure, which 
began years ago, stabilizes, is anchored and is completed. 

The new Heaven is being established and 
the trace of the old world disappears
– in these days. 

Not everybody can see this, even more, 
only a few become aware of what is.

Before a new world develops, its Heaven is created; 
and the creation process of the new Heaven is directly 
linked to the new position of the planet.
New worlds move around the new earth, 
and the new earth itself rotates around new worlds.
The previous planetary paradigm is abolished and replaced 
by a new universal paradigm – and at present the new 
Heaven above you is the most visible sign for it.

The days go by and what remains is only what 
is oriented toward God’s Light. In Eternity.

You are infinitely loved.

I am

+There are several places in the message, 
where the word “sky” could have been used 
instead of “heaven”. In the German language, 
there is only one word: “Himmel”, which stands 
for both words.
+The translator chose to use only “heaven”, 
because of the spiritual essence of the whole message.
(Remark Franz) 

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