13. Juni 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The handling of Russia by the Western Anglo-American 
Elite in the actual CIA sponsored Ukraine Crisis demonstrates 
what the issue is: The Fight for Power in the Eurasian Region.

Eurasian Power Poker 
Zbigniew Brzezinsky, Protégé of David Rockefeller, 
in 2008 was foreign policy adviser to Presidential 
Candidate Barack Obama. In the September-October 
issue of Foreign Affairs, the magazine of the New Yorker  
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) wrote this leading 
Geopolitical expert in 1997: “Eurasia is home to 
most of the world's politically assertive and dynamic states. 
All the historical pretenders to global power originated in Eurasia. 
The world's most populous aspirants to regional hegemony, 
China and India, are in Eurasia, as are all the potential political 
or economic challengers to American primacy. After the United 
States, the next six largest economies and military spenders are 
there, as are all but one of the world's overt nuclear powers, 
and all but one of the covert ones. Eurasia accounts for 75 
percent of the world's population, 60 percent of its GNP, and 
75 percent of its energy resources. Collectively, Eurasia's 
potential power overshadows even America's.
Eurasia is the world's axial supercontinent. A power that 
dominated Eurasia would exercise decisive influence over 
two of the world's three most economically productive regions, 
Western Europe and East Asia. A glance at the map also suggests 
that a country dominant in Eurasia would almost automatically 
control the Middle East and Africa. With Eurasia now serving as 
the decisive geopolitical chessboard, it no longer suffices to 
fashion one policy for Europe and another for Asia. What happens 
with the distribution of power on the Eurasian landmass will be 
of decisive importance to America's global primacy and historical 
legacy.” (F. William Engdahl, China in Danger, 2014)

The Ukraine serves as a bridgehead to Russia, 
and in succession to China. Who can see the context, 
can follow the present development in the Ukraine only 
with great skepticism. 
Petro Poroshenko, the new President and Vitali Klitschko, 
the new Mayor of the Capital City Kiev, are figures, whose 
new clothes were slipped on them, clothes, which today 
already look very old.

The President 
From the Western Media downplayed as the Chocolate King, 
Poroshenko is actually a Weapons Producer and Weapons Oligarch, 
who from 2007-2012 was head of the Board of Directors and Director 
of the National Bank of the Ukraine. His wealth in billions was earned 
through war and today’s highest Representative of the People has 
the reputation of inordinate greed. It was very easy for Poroshenko 
to deposit 236,000 Dollars, in order to be a candidate for the election. 
Each candidate had to deposit this amount, in order to be even 
considered by the election committee. A hurdle that only the 
oligarchs could overcome. The Communist Party was not even 
tempted to collect the money, because they were entirely 
outlawed on the spot.
Furthermore the President, as owner of his own TV station a 
Media Mogul, worked together with John Kerry (Skull & Bones) 
and the US State Department, when it was time to oust the 
still rightful President of the Ukraine, Yanukovych. 

For the putsch of the fascist Nazi fraction Poroshenko 
provided financial means. Generally Poroshenko passes as 
one of the “most criminal, most corrupt and greediest person 
in the Ukraine” (Freeman), who in 1990 together with his 
father after his release from prison, originally imprisoned for 
“theft of public property, conducted business in Transnistria 
in weapons, drugs and prostitution, the later basis for his 
current wealth. Today it has been estimated to be 1.5 billion, 
whereby he moved up to be the seventh richest oligarch in 
the Ukraine. That this oligarch bombards his own People in 
Donezk and Luhansk, adds seamlessly into the Vita of this 
high carat person in corruption; it is obvious that he makes 
a lot of money in the war against his own People. 

The gangsters Yatsenyuk and Tyagnibok are gone, 
and the other gangsters, Poroshenko the CIA-Man 
and Klitschko the NATO-Protégé, are coming! 

With Poroshenko a second incarnation of Tymochenko
is coming, who established her enormous wealth through 
public theft; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U03NCUGoE3s
(Dr. Sara Wagenknecht, die Linke)

The Mayor 
From Western Media glorified as the “Maidan Icon” 
the boxer is in truth a “tribune of the people”, who already
has been booed by his own people as a “revolutionary” 
and is still being booed.
The last time on Sunday June 1st 2014, as mayor Klitschko, 
representing his office, that he pretended to fight against a 
few months earlier, announced to clear the Maidan. 
“We believe that Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, Tyagnibok and 
others have nothing in common with Ukrainian people. 
They knowingly conduct provocations, in order to create a 
pretext for NATO soldiers to enter Ukraine. 
Ukrainian citizens 
are against of West interference into domestic affairs of the 
country. Leaders of the Maidan do not even hide that their 
activities are sponsored by different institutions and departments 
of U.S. and Euro Union.” (Swetlana Peunova, Russian leader of 
opposition, in an open letter to Obama)

On January 19th 2014, Vitali Klitschko was especially 
certain of his backing by the “departments”, as he challenged 
the then rightfully being in office President Yanukovych in the 
German “Tagesthemen”: “Find the courage and do not follow in 
the footsteps of Ceausescu and Gaddafi! The Ukrainian People 
will prevail!” This direct threat by Klitschko to rightfully execute
Yanukovych (Ceausescu) or to murder by lynch mob (Gaddafi) 
was handled by the Western Media as an “urgent appeal”.

More than to the point is the name of his Party, that he has 
chosen for his political mission, “UDAR”, (the blow).
The Party was made possible and was given sufficient financial 
resources, by, among others, the German „CDU-Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung“. Vitali Klitschko was even trained in the “Konrad-Adenauer-Haus”. 
Meaning that the German Chancellor Merkel has instigated 
the revolution in the Ukraine! 

The Strongman Vitali Klitschko is really nothing more than 
a suppository of the German US vice-regent Merkel: 
In November 2011 at the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) 
party convention in Leipzig, he sat in the second row and 
“applauded euphorically for the Chancellor.” cited the local 
newspaper ND in Leipzig. Since 2011 there is a “strong cooperation 
with the still young party UDAR, led by Vitali Klitschko”, as mentioned 
in the 2011 yearly report of the “Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung”. The goal 
of the UDAR is to “integrate the Ukraine into the EU as quickly as 
possible”, said the leader of the foundation office in Kiev, Nico Lange. 
(Gerhard Wisnewski, kopp-online)

For the Ukrainian rebels substantial financial resources were 
and still are being provided by the US State Department as well 
as the government agency USAID (United States Agency for 
International Development). 

The open letter of the Russian Opposition leader  
Peunova to Obama closes with very clear words: 
“By bringing army troops or placing your protégés to the 
power in other countries, you obtain control over new territories 
and resources. Ukraine borders with Russia. Russian citizens 
know West have claims to territory of Russia, and I think 
Ukraine – is just another step toward the Russian border 
and toward your goal of world’s hegemony.” 

And in the middle of all these plans for global domination 
of the USA and NATO, the Klitchko’s really blossom. Klitschko, 
as long as he doesn’t have to perform as Mayor of Kiev, maintains
his private company “Klitschko Management Group GmbH”,  
headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Main guiding principle: 
“If you do not know the destination, then every way is not 
the right one.”  The Klitschko’s know their goal precisely. 
And on the homepage of the Klitschko Brothers under “Services” 
it says: “We develop individual authentic marketing strategies 
for companies, brands and personalities. Thereby we advice 
and support your entry into the East-European market.”   
How convenient it is that the Ukraine pushes in that direction!

This is not only the declared goal of the Klitschko’s 
but foremost also of the new President Petro Poroshenko.
The annexation of the Ukraine to the EU is his main 
agenda – and therefore it is obvious that he is accepted 
as a US and NATO partner, after all he contributes to the 
destabilization of his country, due to his stance, instead of 
de-escalation of the situation. Putin holds the “black Peter”, 
and for everything else bombs and grenades will do – the 
main business of the highest office holders of the Ukraine.

And Klitschko as Mayor flanks this agenda with body and spirit. 
“Help for Self-Help” is his motto, because once his home country 
is part of the EU and NATO rewarding business beckons the 
Klitschko Management Group GmbH”. 

“Officially Klitschko deploys himself for the alleged 
democratization of the Ukraine. But what few really know: 
His company at the same time offers consultation for market 
entry into the Ukraine at a very high fee. Literally Klitschko 
speaks of “conquest of lucrative new markets” of the East. 
Anonymus has found a PDF-Document on the server of the 
company Klitschko Management Group GmbH, headquartered 
in Hamburg, under the name of “Range of Services of Klitschko 
Management Group for Eastern Europe”. The document reveals, 
why Vatali Klitschko energetically supports the fastest way 
possible for the Ukraine joining the European Union. 
On a total of 11 pages he entices Western companies in the 
cooperation with Klitschko Management Group. The PDF-Document 
reads like the best possible sellout of the Ukraine. And thereby 
Klitschko acts according to a very simple principle: 1. Treason 
and Overthrow of the Government 2. Openings of Markets and 
Control  3. Maximization and Generation of Profits.” (Anonymus)

Suggestive and unveiling detail: “During the last parliamentary elections
in 2012 Klitschko engaged thousands of supporters – but did not pay 
them completely. This caused a lot of unrest among hundreds of 
activists in several regions. They evaluated the broken promises 
as betrayal and even established an Internet site “Klitschko 
the swindler”. (Compact Magazin 3/2014)

In summary: Clear indications, which augur nothing 
good for the Ukraine and for the cohesion of the world.

Obama’s Orders 
Nothing good also means the order from Obama the 
Nobel Peace Prize Winner to the “chocolate king”.
During his stay in Warsaw on June 4th 2014, the US 
President during a speech, where Teleprompters were 
clearly visible, swore his European vassals to an anti Russian 
course, with much insidiousness and deception. Thereby he 
promised the Ukrainian Government more military help, 
in order to be able to fight against the “separatists”, 
meaning against his own people. 
“(NATO) Article 5 is clear – an attack on one is 
an attack on all.” (….), So we will not accept Russia’s 
occupation of Crimea or its violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty.” 
or “Poland understands as few other nations do that every 
nation must be free to chart its own course, to forge its own 
partnerships, to choose its own allies.”, says Obama.

Indeed, Crimea, where the citizens have almost completely 
voted for the annexation with Russia, they are not allowed 
to determine their own future! Crimea and annexation are 
two words that are repeated like a mantra and the Mass 
Media have taken over the sovereignty over the interpretation.
As a high point and pinnacle of all audacity, Obama read from 
the Teleprompter the following: 
“The days of empires and spheres of influence are over.” 
This seemed to please the applauding political clowns from 
East and West, yet I spare myself any comment at this point 
to the renewed and all revealing Obama farce.

In summary: Once more the “Nobel Peace Price Drone” sets 
a sign for the programming of conflict, heats up the 
atmosphere and stokes the fire. Please imagine, what the reaction 
in the West would be, if Putin had intended something similar, 
if Putin had supported the Ukrainian autonomy movement with 
money and weapons. Obama as he lives: wily, ruthless and 
perverse – murder is his craft and corpses pave his way.

The question: “How stupid and ignorant actually are our 
Politicians, so that they still hail this mass murderer”  
should be asked of our Representatives! 

The Left 
A Party, and that is a pleasure to remark here, 
totally deviates from the familiar pitch of US serfdom: 
“Finally detach yourself from the towline of US war politics. 
As soon as possible promote together with France that Europe 
refuses to participate in this course of escalation.”  
Dr. Sara Wagenknecht called out to the German 
Chancellor Angela Merkel (Die Linke).

A boon in this mind manipulated political landscape. 
No wonder that not a single Representative from this 
Party has ever been invited to the Bilderberger meeting, 
a fact that reinforces their credibility.

In summary: The election of the weapon oligarch to 
the President of the country and the boxer Klitschko 
to the Mayor of the Capital City, sets the road toward 
confrontation – with its own population and with Russia. 
A fact that can lead to the third World War, as long as 
NATO and the USA maintain their course pregnant with conflict. 

In the meantime Merkel&Co still speak of sanctions against Putin. 
As if Moscow and not Kiev would drop bombs on Slawjansk and  
Kramatorsk in the East of the country. Does it go any more wrong, 
more grotesque and more perverse? How wrong is wrong? 
The aggressor is the peacemaker and Putin’s Russia that has 
not launched a single threat like from Obama or NATO, 
is the villain.

In summary I include myself absolutely in the assessment 
by Swetlana Peunova: ”I think Ukraine – is just 
another step toward the Russian border 
and toward your goal of world's hegemony. 

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic 
income as a birth right for all human Beings 0-99.

Jahn J Kassl

This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.)

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