6. Juni 2014

What Obama Told Us At West Point - Paul Craig Roberts

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers, 

Again an unerring article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,  
which illustrates Obama’s as well as the US-Government’s 
despising cynicism toward human Beings. 

The plans for total world dominance in the heads of 
the US-elites are so deeply embedded, so that only a 
final and great blast, a change, that in one blow changes 
everything, can and will bring relief.  

And with every day we come closer to this moment in the 
history of this mankind. Thereby are the messages from the Light, 
which are regularly transmitted to me from different Light Levels 
from All-That-Is, a significant aid for us human Beings, in order to 
understand the kinkiness of the Anglo-Saxon system with the 
superficial pied piper and chief hangman Barack Hussein Obama.

We are many and become more and more, and Paul Craig Roberts
is one of those human Beings, who unrelentingly serve the truth, 
at any cost. Because the truth is not only reasonable for human 
Beings, it is the lifeblood in this time, so that human Beings have 
at least a chance for awakening.

And this publication, as well as all publications of the Lichtwelt
portal and any work of the Lichtwelt team, serves this necessity, 
the awakening of human Beings.

in Love and in Gratitude

Jahn J Kassl

What Obama Told Us At West Point

written by Paul Craig Roberts 
June 2, 2014 

At West Point Obama told us, to the applause of West Point 
cadets, that “American exceptionalism” is a doctrine that justifies 
whatever Washington does. If Washington violates domestic and 
international law by torturing “detainees” or violates the Nuremberg 
standard by invading countries that have undertaken no hostile 
action against the US or its allies, “exceptionalism” is the priest’s 
blessing that absolves Washington’s sins against law and international 
norms. Washington’s crimes are transformed into Washington’s 
affirmation of the rule of law. Here is  Obama in his own words:
“I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being. 
But what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international 
norms and the rule of law; it is our willingness to affirm them 
through our actions.”

Actions indeed. In the 21st century “American exceptionalism” 
has destroyed seven countries in whole or in part. Millions of 
people are dead, maimed, and displaced, and all of this criminal 
destruction is evidence of Washington’s reaffirmation of international 
norms and the rule of law. Destruction and murder are merely collateral 
damage from Washington’s affirmation of international norms.
“American exceptionalism” also means that US presidents can lie 
through their teeth and misrepresent those they choose to demonize. 
Listen to Obama’s misrepresentations of the Putin and Assad 
governments: “Russia’s aggression towards former Soviet states 
unnerves capitals in Europe . . . In Ukraine, Russia’s recent actions 
recall the days when Soviet tanks rolled into Eastern Europe .” 

Obama misrepresents Assad as “a dictator who bombs 
and starves his own people.”
Did any of the cadets in Obama’s West Point audience 
wonder why, if Assad is a brutal dictator who bombs and starves 
his own people, the Syrian people are supporting Assad instead of 
the American-backed “liberation forces,” the combination of imported 
jihadists and al Qaeda fighters who object to Assad’s government 
because it is secular? The US military is taught to respect its civilian 
commander-in-chief, but if West Point cadets actually do obtain an 
education, it is remarkable that Obama’s audience did not break 
out in laughter.

The reference to Soviet tanks rolling into Eastern Europe is a 
reference to the Hungarian (1956) and Czech (1968) “revolutions” 
when the Hungarian and Czech communist leaders attempted to 
assert independence from Moscow. It is doubtful that Washington’s 
response to countries attempting to exit NATO would be any different. 
A few months ago Washington responded to political talk in Germany 
and England about leaving the EU by informing both governments that
it was not in Washington’s interest for them to depart from the 
European Union.

Obama used the image of Soviet tanks in order to color 
Russia with the Soviet Threat, to mischaracterize Russia’s 
response to the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia, and to 
misrepresent Crimea’s vote in favor of reunification with Russia 
as “Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea.” These lies are 
still a mainstay in the US media and in Washington’s official 

Obama’s speech is probably the most 
disingenuous ever given by a Western politician.  

We could have fun for hours with all the crimes that Washington 
commits but buries in rhetoric directed at others. Perhaps my 
favorite is Obama evoking a world in which “individuals aren’t 
slaughtered because of political belief.” I am sure Obama was 
thinking of this just world when he murdered without due 
process of law four American citizens “ outside of areas 
of active hostilities.”

Another favorite is the way Obama flushed the US Constitution 
of its meaning. Obama said, with reference to bringing the Guantanamo 
prisoners to the US, that “American values and legal traditions don’t 
permit the indefinite detention of people beyond our borders.” 

No, Obama, the US Constitution prevents the indefinite 
detention of US citizens by the US government anywhere on earth, 
especially within our borders.

By detaining and by murdering US citizens 
without due process of law, Obama has violated 
his oath of office and should be impeached. 

It was only a short time ago that President Bill Clinton was 
impeached by the US House of Representatives (the Senate saved 
him from conviction) for lying about his sexual affair with a White 
House intern. How times change. Today a president who violates 
his oath of office to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign 
and domestic gets a free ride. The Constitution has lost its power 
to protect citizens from the arbitrary power of government. The 
US is the Constitution. Without the Constitution the US ceases 
to exist, and the country becomes a tyranny, both at home and 
abroad.Today the US is a tyranny cloaked in the garb of “freedom 
and democracy.”

Instead of laughing our way through Obama’s ridiculous speech 
to what apparently was a dumbed-down West Point graduating class, 
lets pay attention to Obama’s bottom line:  
“America must always lead on the world stage. . . . 
The military is, and always will be, the backbone of that leadership.”

In other words, Washington doesn’t use diplomacy. 
Washington uses coercion. The favorite threat is: 
“Do as you are told or we will bomb you into the Stone Age.” 

Obama’s speech is a justification of Washington’s criminal 
actions on the grounds that Washington acts for the exceptional 

Americans whose exceptionalism places them and, thereby, 
their government above law and international norms. 
In this way of thinking, only the failure to prevail constitutes failure.

Americans are the new ubermensch, 
the new master race. 

Inferior humans can be bombed, invaded, and sanctioned. 
Obama’s West Point speech asserts American superiority over 
all others and Washington’s determination to continue this superiority 
by preventing the rise of other powers. This arrogant hubris was not 
enough for the Washington Post editorial board. The newspaper’s 
editorial damned Obama for binding US power and limiting its use 
to “a narrow set of core interest,” such as direct threats to America.

The American “liberal media” object that Obama’s claim of 
exceptionalism is not broad enough for Washington’s purposes. 
Obama’s address, the Washington Post wrote, bound “US power” 
and “offered scant comfort” to those militarists who want to 
overthrow Syria, Iran, Russia, and China.
The world should take note that the most militarily aggressive 
American president in history is considered a wimp by the neoconized 
American media. The media drives wars, and the American media, 
firmly allied with the military/security complex, is driving the 
world to the final war.


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