5. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

4 o’clock in the morning

Beloved Ones,
The ascension process increases in intensity in the next 
few months and what has been so far, is not the end but 
the beginning of the end. This is somewhat “crazy”, because 
very often it was announced that the end is already taking place. 
And it is true. Because truly: Beginning and end are one and it 
is now.

Space-Time is stopped
Concretely: This level and this ascension are enormously 
accelerated whereby initially everything is slowed down, 
from the viewpoint of a humanly conditioned consciousness. 
Barely to understand, yet easy to grasp if the underlying 
laws of this process are understood.

Now time is stopped!  In the daily awareness of human Beings 
this creates the impression that the ascension is delayed or has 
been shifted. Time is stopped and space is “bent” or “warped”. 
Then, with a jolt, the leap in space-time is performed.
Meaning, the slower time “passes” in front of the veil of 
human consciousness, the closer we are to finality. 
And we are infinitely close to it.

Today all tasks, all insights, all mandates of the light 
warriors of the first and last hours, as well as the manifestations 
of the Light worlds beyond the veil, are being anchored on this 
level and sealed until the “great event” gushes forth and discharges.

New Test in Patience? 
How much longer? Short, short, yet in space-time long enough. 
Until then the impression with all human Beings remains, those 
who have linked their consciousness to space-time due to their 
assignments, that the ascension is delayed again and that this 
requires a new test in patience. No! No! No!
Far from time everything has already happened!
The solution of the puzzle is that time and space, 
these limitations, are removed now.

Remain oriented! 
And therefore what is needed in this precarious and important 
time of humanity wherein still many forces act, is to retain your 
energies fully to yourself. Meaning that each human Being remains 
exactly oriented toward God’s Light so that no “uninvited guests” 
can mingle in. Because in this phase of the ascension the desperation 
is great in those, who now stand in front of the facts and the rubble 
of their decisions.

Time will be stopped and the dynamic reaches a new 
quality. Remain vigilant, remain happy, remain in peace 
and always in love – remain always in love.

I am among you

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After the Great Event – ASANA MAHATARI: