29. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Blessings for this world; 
bliss for all human Beings and Love – unconditionally! 

It is given, it is decreed, 
and the day of truth follows – irreversibly! 


The moment of God’s Grace continues, until all is fulfilled, 
what has been announced to you. And in these days the great 
facts come into view of human awareness. The hidden becomes 
visible and the awakened mankind’s desire for God accelerates 
the process of ascension and condenses the process of separation 
from each other of those worlds, which no longer can be in resonance, 
because all energetic links are cut. 

The Time of Clarity has come! 

The dense fogs of ignorance yield to the obvious, and hardly 
anybody in this world – even if the ascending ones are the only 
ones to recognize the right allocations – can deny what is happening.

The Divine Countenance 
Everyone, who until today has attained inner clarity, 
will now be gifted with the clarity, which outlines the 
cosmic and planetary events. 

This gift is worthy of an awakened one and it is 
handed to you by the Creator, who is: God. 
(In this moment, my beloved son NOAH, who sleeps 
next door, is a-cyclically wide-awake; it is 10 in the evening. 
Thereby he sits up in bed and beams at me with a look obviously 
coming from another world. His smile is from “another world”. 
As soon as he has assured himself that I also have registered 
this, he again snuggles up in bed and continues to sleep.) 

Yes, and this heavenly smile will now be drawn into the 
faces of the ascending ones and this beauty, in view of 
the events, will never go away from your faces.
Newly traced, newly formed and newly written are your 
features, until you are fully deified and you are ready for 
your transfer into the Light.

Predetermined breaking points reached 
With every day that follows, the events on all levels will clearly 
and quickly manifest. The “predetermined breaking points” of the 
system have been reached, the critical water levels have been 
surpassed, and the earthly firewalls no longer withstand the 
fire from Heaven.
You’re desire, your power of manifestation, your determination 
for transformation affect the upheaval of the world in this time,
and something you have truly waited for, for a very, very long time.
Whoever is clear in self, will be given without respite and will recognize 
self in the mirror of this world. Whoever is clear in self, inherits one’s 
place in this new world, which is ready for you, who have walked through 
valleys and over inclines, without looking at the destination. For you, 
who are the way, will now be given – without respite.

Who can say of himself: “I am ready my God!” 
Who can call out today: “It is fulfilled, my God!”

Those, who can, are hallowed and have prevailed over time. 
Because how can it fulfill that has no wish, how can it show 
that has no face, how can it happen that spares any intention? 

Only those, who wholeheartedly strive for God, 
only those, who devote themselves to the Creator 
with body and soul, inherit Heaven today. 

What will be tomorrow there is no valid picture for it, because 
the tomorrow recreates itself incessantly, for the conscious ones 
and the unconscious ones alike. Entering into the Light, resurrecting 
to the power of creation, discarding illusion and awakening in 
God – this is the gift and inheritance.

Moments of Bliss 
From now on the joy of this forthcoming hour, 
until the hour of your transfiguration, shall be visible in you.

Thereby new facial expressions will be traced in your countenance. 
Those, not of this world but the world beyond, expecting you beyond 
the curtain and behind the veil of your current reality. 

Blissful moments in time are forthcoming for you, 
before you leave this time and return as great 
Masters to space-time. 

You will deliver to human Beings the revelations of Heaven, 
into which you have entered. You are chosen, assigned and sent 
off, so that the next great cycle may be completed and the next 
great life spans in God for your human siblings may be fulfilled.

Not all of you will take up the journey back, yet there are many, 
because your Love for human Beings endures and outlasts all. 
Because how could a mother deny their children, who have defied 
themselves, and how could a father exclude his son, who was 
lost, from the table upon his return? 

What occurs now is unique – in every respect!

Inner as Outer 
The dramatic inner processes of purification, 
which each ascending one has subjected himself to 
in the last years and especially in the last months, 
now find the reflection on the outer level of awareness 
of this world.
In many instances each transformation is dramatic,
because the old does not want to yield without resistance – inner 
as outer – and therefore the full extent of the dramas now become 
obvious in the visible world that is subjected to the metamorphosis.

Who has overcome self, who has carried out his inner 
battle and has come out victorious, has nothing to fear today, 
because he knows the processes whereby ignoble become noble. 
And thereby not only the necessity, but foremost the deep 
meaning of these upheavals – no matter where they may occur, 
no matter how they manifest – is revealed, because they unfold 
for the benefit of all.

The great transformation becomes visible on the surface 
of earth. In the meantime the ascending ones, one after the other, 
will be carried away, transfigured and uplifted. 

The divine countenance returns 
to the sons and daughters of mankind 
and your smile - Is truly not of this World.  

Honored, loved and glorified is the human Being, 
who completes the journey of all journeys and has 
accepted the renewed dispatch and started on it.

You are expected and loved, infinitely and in Eternity.


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