4. Juni 2014


For the actual Publication of:  
„The Birth of the New Logos-Gods 
of Gaia and Humanity“ 
by Carla Thompson und Dr. Georgi Stankov 

Honored Reader,

It is with great joy that I may introduce to you the actual publication 
of: The Birth of the New Logos-Gods of Gaia and Humantiy“  
by Carla Thompson and Dr. Georgi Stankov: http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2014/05/birth-logos-
gods-gaia-humanity/ (The link is inactive, because Lichtweltverlag 
without exception refrains from any direct link. Please copy this 
link and activate it yourself!)

In the context of the ascension of mankind, 
this priceless valuable publication searches its equal 
in the spiritual literature and describes the earthly, 
but foremost the numinous and transcendental events 
in the timespan from November 28th 2013 to May 24th 2014.

During this time the Light Realms of All-That-Is, 
overridingly the Elohim, transmitted messages to  
Carla Thompson and Dr. Georgi Stankov, which illuminate 
the innermost ascension process, illustrate the delicate 
connections and in a unique manner enable mankind to gain 
a deep inner understanding of this mystery.

Thereby Carla’s and Georgi’s days are fulfilled with divine presence. 
God’s presence is visible in each moment and due to this publication 
may be immediately experienced by all readers. Furthermore it is 
shown that today we – irrespective of the majority of mankind 
being unaware of this – have entered the last phase of the 
ascension process.

The reference to this publication in the English language 
shall create trust in doubters and manifest knowledge
where ignorance rules.

In the conviction that more than justice is done 
for the demand of this publication, I wish all readers 
the perfection of their Being in God.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

P.S.: Lichtweltverlag and I will not conduct any  
correspondence regarding this reference to the publication 
by Carla Thompson und Dr. Georgi Stankov. Neither do we 
discuss these messages nor do we forward any enquiries 
to the Authors.
This link only serves the purpose that you may become familiar 
with these divine processes in a most unique divine manner.

(written by JJK, translated by Franz)