21. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: It is the middle of the night. 
My beloved son NOAH suddenly comes close to me, 
and huddles really close against me, so that I must wake up. 
Then with his eyes closed he says: „Jahn, there is so much 
Light coming in!“ After that he briefly opens his eyes and it 
seems to me that he is fully awake. After NOAH sees that I 
have received the message, he however returns immediately 
to his previous sleeping position and immediately falls asleep. 
I get up still half asleep and write this sentence down on a 
piece of paper. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,
This nighttime event again points to the increasing influx 
of Light to this world and shows that the “turbo-ascension” 
has been ignited. („Turbo-Booster“, at present is one of 
Noah’s favorite words, and who with great joy and creativity, 
wants to expand the vocabulary of a three-year old with new 
words on a daily basis, remark JJK.)

Dimension of Light Flux 
The ascension rhythm increases significantly and the vibration 
is significantly increased due to the influx of God’s spiritual Light
to this world.
What until now has already caused “head scratchers” 
for several human Beings, will now, as human Beings persistently 
hang on to old imprints – even if they seemed insignificant up to 
now – cause unbearable pain. Today all old and sluggish conditioning 
must release from a human Being, otherwise this uniquely high 
spiritual vibration can no longer be absorbed, integrated or 
even be endured.

The Phenomena 
“Much Light” furthermore means, that phenomena like clairvoyance, 
clairsentience and the awareness of upcoming events in general, 
will exorbitantly increase in all human Beings, who are oriented 
toward the Light. In addition the veil between the worlds becomes 
more transparent by the hour.
The communication with the “other-world” will increasingly 
determine the daily life of ever more human Beings, who have 
reached the ascension quality or are in the process of attaining it; 
the ice of ignorance is broken, the Light enables this. 

In these days mankind attunes to the highest possible 
“vibration reality” that can be attained on this level. 
This inevitably means the collapse of this level. 

Reality and illusion encounter each other for the last time. 
At the cross point of space-time the worlds separate from each 
other: into the world of the Light and into the world of twilight.
In these days the ascension of mankind and the separation of the 
worlds are enriched with new light qualities. The perceptible “tension” 
increases again, while at the same time great inner peace spreads out.
Tension and peace combine, because the joyous expectation of the 
ascension is liberated from impatience, and it is carried out in deep 
inner peace and in the absolute certainty of this event. This sacred
symbiosis describes the actual time, wherein the prophecies of this 
world will be fulfilled.

It is done! 
You have fulfilled, that is the status,
Which affects the transfer into the Light.
And “much Light” means the reversal of the world, 
whereby darkness is flooded with Light, until it has entirely 
withdrawn to its appropriate world according to its status.
Meaning: It will become quite uncomfortable for the princes 
of darkness in this world. And what has been announced so 
far and what has crystallized itself from period to period will 
now be consolidated and anchored: Ascension and descent, 
devotion to God and turning away from the Light that is that: God.

I am that I am.
Call on me and bring me into your presence!
The golden-violet Light of transformation will heal your 
bodies, will liberate your mind and lift your soul, whereby 
you are well prepared for the actual influx of the Light.

I am

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