19. Juni 2014



On the occasion of the festival of “Corpus Christi”, 
the sacred body and blood of Christ, I have decided 
to publish the chapter “The Holy Grail: End of the search” 
from the book: The Biography of Jesus, volume II.
60 days after Easter Sunday the Catholic Church celebrates 
yearly this High Mass and one remembers the “Blood” 
(day of blood) and the “blood sacrifice” of Christ, whereby 
the crucifixion of Jesus over 2000 years ago is legitimized.

This constant warm-up of a fallacy works against the liberation 
of human Beings and therefore it is my duty to work against it 
with the publication of these “words from Jesus”. It is the hidden 
meaning of the Roman Catholic Church, by means of the constant
reminder of the death of Jesus, to keep human Beings in this world 
in guilt and in fear, in order to exert power and create dependencies. 

The promise of salvation has been transferred 
to the beyond and therefore human Beings 
willingly accept their calamity in this world. 
Starting with the Apostle Paul, the actual founder of the 
Church of Rome, the human Being has been portrayed as 
a sinner, who requires salvation:
„God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, 
through the shedding of his blood—to be received by faith. 
He did this to demonstrate his righteousness, because in his 
forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished
— he did it to demonstrate his righteousness at the present time, 
so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith 
in Jesus.” (Romans 3:25-26)

Jesus has neither for himself nor for 
humanity shed one single drop of blood 
and certainly not in order to liberate 
the “being born in original sin”, as the Church misleadingly 
celebrates during each High Mass. 

Nonetheless the blood has a significant 
symbolic power and it is Jesus Christ himself, who says: 
„The blood of life symbolizes light on the etheric level, 
the light that you are and wherein you bathe yourself constantly. 
Without this light there is no life, and this on all levels of Being. 
Therefore, as the blood affects your life as a human Being, 
the light determines your life as a multidimensional Being.” 

And it is our multidimensional reality, the light that we are, 
whereby any deception is lifted from us. 

No earthly institution, of whatever kind, 
can exert power over a human Being, who 
has recognized what kind of divine light he is. 

This publication should remind us, who we truly are and 
let us forget and strip off the sluggish and grey vibration 
of a world coined by sins and a human Being “per se” and 
from birth declared as a sinner. 

The search ends now, because we are the 
cup and the essence, Holy Grail and eternal life 
at the same time. 

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

The Holy Grail: End of the Search

Beloved children of the Light!

You blessed ones, who stroll through time and enrich the universe.

Enriched and fulfilled with your love. You, who life after life have 
accepted the earthly conditions, have carried your karmic coats; 
and have tried to transform the sluggish energies into Light.
You beloved ones therefore!

You, who search so you may find.
You, who contribute something truly special to the growth
of Creation, because your experiences have been recorded 
for eternity. Nothing gets lost, nothing remains hidden. 
Today I announce to you:

The service on earth has been done!

Your service of love is fulfilled, a global wake-up call
for all human Beings, who want to return into their homes 
in Heaven, has occurred! Today the search in the outer has 
come to an end, has ended and is over.

Again you place your undivided attention into your heart, 
wherein all knowledge, all being, all life and all the love, 
that you are, exist. And there, you beloved ones, you will find. 
There the cup of life, of all life, is waiting to be received by you.
There everything is ready for you: the vessel of Life, the cup of 
Love, with the glory of your infinite soul.
The search in the outer has ended, and like so often, 
the stories about the «Holy Grail» show a profound allegory. 
A deep truth that will be unraveled here and now. 

You are the Grail!

The sacred cup, the vessel of Love. You were and are this 
container that brings forth the pure Light and the all-encompassing 
Love. Therefore finish the search for the «Holy Grail» whereby you 
search for a cup, hidden or buried, and wherein you suppose the 
blood from my side. Blood from the crucifixion, which, as you 
already know, never happened. 
You can never find this Grail, because it does not exist. 
It does not exist in subtle form, because it is of etheric nature. 
It is given to every consciousness that decides to become a human 
Being for the life on earth from the realms of ether. Yes, it is the
«starter kit» for each human Being, which has decided to do this 
great service on earth. Each human Being, unrestrictedly EACH human consciousness carries this vessel of the eternal power of creation of 
the unconditional Love and All-Oneness inside.
Put in the etheric realm of your hearts.
Because of the many sometimes very distressing experiences, 
which you were exposed to during your time on earth as a human 
Being, this mystery became hidden. More and more until you stepped 
down into the heaviness of your planet totally separated from it.
The «Holy Grail», all its stories and myths, all the mystery of this 
reality working inside of you, this radiating love from you, all 
these stories were a pointer to who you are. A hint from God in 
order to remind you of your divine heritage.

The Light in order to illuminate your darkness, 
so that you may recognize at a given time your almightiness 
and beauty, your divinity and your Being of pure Love.
Yet the search in the outer has come to an end! No reckless 
adventures are necessary and no new «misfortune» along the 
way, which the attainment of the Holy Grail had promised. 
The time of this desperate search is finally over.

Now you will find. Now you shall find. Now you have found.

This sacred, to you so familiar, vessel contains the essence of 
the Creator, the Love from All-That-Is; from the Wellspring of all 
life, where you came from, equipped with individual assignments 
in order to contribute to the expansion of the universe.

Yes, this polished cup of Love is YOU. 
You beloved gods of the Light.
Therefore begin with the «cleaning jobs».
Begin to uncover this vessel so that you may be able to 
use it again. Begin with the complete healing of your Being!

Free yourself from damaging thoughts.
Free yourself from unmindful words and from the deeds, 
which follow these words.

Become clear and enlightened.
Become the Light that you are.
Understand who you are!
Please understand it and act accordingly.
Begin NOW!
The search in the outer is over.
There is no more need for this search.
Now it is necessary to turn your undivided attention 
to the inside, in order to see whom you are. And by the 
removal of old and often false pictures and ideas, which 
you have of life or of yourself, you open the path for you; 
the path that leads you to this sacred vessel in you.

This is the process that frees you from all fallacies and fears, 
from false assumptions, which did not allow you to attain your 
strength. Neither my companion Miriam, nor anybody else 
had taken off with this cup that supposedly contained my 
blood in it, to wherever it may be.*

Please understand this symbolism, the meaning behind it, 
the hidden mysteries of these reports.
You are the vessel. You can take in the divine Light if 
you clean and purify it, polish it, fully absorb it and let it 
circulate through your Being. The blood, the liquid of life, 
which symbolizes the life of your body, symbolizes this Light. 
You can only exist on earth through the free flow of this energy.
The blood of life constitutes the Light on the etheric level. 
The light that you are and wherein you constantly «bathe». 
Without this Light there is no life, and this on all levels of Being.

As the blood determines your life as a human Being,  
likewise the Light determines your life as a multidimensional Being.
Understand these stories as a symbol that may guide you deeper 
into understanding and into the interconnections of all life and 
foremost into the understanding of the truth of who YOU are.
Where you have searched so far you will not find it there, 
because it does not exist there. Therefore end this search
in the outer that always brings you frustration and disappointment.

Begin with the complete 
purification of your Being! 

Release your energy field of all limitations and blockages, 
so that you may see WHO YOU ARE!

The Holy Grail, the vessel, you searched for, 
for such a long time THAT IS YOU!
You are the cup, the Light and the Love.
You are all of the divinity, what you always 
assumed to be in the outer and have always searched for.
Have no fear to recognize who you are. Do not be afraid!
Any search ends, as soon as you recognize, who you are, 
because then you have truly found, truly seen, truly experienced, 
then you have obtained the knowledge about your heritage, 

Perfected and complete. Female and male. Up and down.
Then it is fulfilled what you were born for. Please begin with the 
purification of your heart so that you may see your nature and 
your Being. The Grail lives in you and this vessel is sacred, because 
you are sacred. The time for walking astray is over, because truly:
The time for your comprehensive awareness of your Being has begun.
Once and for all and irrevocable!
I am Jesus Christ. The guardian of Mother Earth 
and the guardian of a currently awakening mankind.

Truly I say to you: You will find!



* According to a legend, Joseph of Arimathea 
and Maria Magdalene supposedly went with the cup to 
Galicia, today’s France. (Remark JJK) 

channeled and written by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz

From the book: The Biography of Jesus, My Life on Earth, 
Part II Will be published as eBook in the fall of 2014,
As part of the opening of our English homepage.

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