25. Juni 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Europe’s Fall of Man 
US-Senator Elizabeth Warren brings it to the point, 
regarding the currently negotiated TTIP-Free Trade 
Agreement between the USA and the EU: 
„Supporters of the agreement told me that the negotiations 
must be secret, because if the American people knew what 
the actual content is, the people would be against it.” 
(Dr. Tassilo Wallentin, Kronen Zeitung, 6/8/2014)

Already decades ago Automobile-Tycoon Henry Ford (1863-1947) 
formulated in a similar manner with respect to the money system:   
”It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand 
our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe
there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. 
In the meantime the 5th negotiation round is over and nothing 
has come out to the public, because the dumb heads of the EU 
have signed confidentiality in a calculated manner.
The elites are cautious in maintaining confidentiality, the strategy, 
in order to think that we are stupid; the suspicion that the 
EU Parliament will be duped and the EU citizens shall be faced 
with completed facts (like with ESM) is more than substantiated.
Despite the NSA affair and with the order from the European 
heads of State one negotiates with the USA and we are on 
the way to a settlement”, as ORF already crowed about 
on 12/21/2013.

Today there barely any duties in the trade between 
the EU and the USA and now additional “harmonization” 
or “adaptation” shall follow, as it is consciously innocently called.
Experience teaches us that this is always equalization to a minimum 
standard and the USA predetermines it. Gene food, privatization of
water, application of pesticides and possibly additional surveillance 
of citizens. With the USA this is on track.
With Mexico this is already a daily affair. 
Due to the “Free Trade Zone” between the USA and South America, 
at first the farmers became unemployed, then they were swamped 
with gene corn from the USA, and finally as the only way out, 
they illegally looked for employment in the USA.
This is how you make out of previously proud farmers 
disenfranchised beggars or criminals.

Because “free” regarding the “Free Trade Agreement”
is only the freedom corporations claim for themselves,
in order to exploit the citizens, in order to continue to lower 
the wages and living standards, in order to make human 
Beings poorer and themselves richer.

While the transatlantic free trade agreement TTIP 
(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) generally 
regulates the “free trade” and thereby expands the almightiness 
of corporations to so far unreached dimensions, the international 
deregulation agreement TISA (Trade in Services Agreement”) is 
the hollowness of European standards of worker protection (from 
minimum wage to the absolute slavery of work) and additionally 
plans the privatization of water, energy and health services 
(Monsanto, Veolia, Nestle). 

A package that offers almightiness to 
corporations that is truly frightening. 

Thereby the corporations rise up to “Lords of our life” 
and in the event of the occurrence of the EU-USA-TTIP-
Agreement this erosion of the rights of citizens can no 
longer be stopped.
Each Signature State must guarantee profits for the corporations, 
otherwise the corporations have the right to sue their reduction 
in profits in front of a private arbitration court of the UN or the 
World Bank – under exclusion of the public. And as an aside the 
national courts would also lose jurisdiction. An attack on civil 
rights, on the State and its citizens – in every respect!
Meaning, a State that hinders this corporation arbitrariness 
under the misleading title of “free trade” (i.e. the ban on gene 
corn, chlorine chicken or nuclear power plants on their own territory)  
can be driven into bankruptcy by the corporations! 

The in the meantime highly indebted States of this earth
(including Germany, Holland and Austria) could not meet their 
obligations in case of a guilty judgment (and foremost those 
would happen). The dependency of a State would be absolute 
and even – since the ESM in 2012 – the last rest of sovereignty 
of a State and self-determination, would, in the case of a TTIP 
agreement, be part of history.

The government and the people of Ecuador have 
already felt the power of corporations: 
“One must buy the freedom subsequently at a very high price, 
as the forth poorest Country in South America, Ecuador, had 
to experience recently, when it was sentenced by an arbitration
tribunal to a payment of 2 billion Euros equivalent.” 
(Dr. Tassilo Wallentin, Kronen Zeitung, 6/15/2014)
Any “case of appeal” impossible, “objection you Honor” 
dead loss. Dictator ship pure. 

Martin Schenk, from the Austrian Poverty Conference 
writes in his Augustine column (Nr. 357, 12/11/2013) 
under the title „A bad TTIP“: „As part of the agreement a 
so called investor right to sue is being negotiated. Meaning: 
Corporations, which invest in both regions – therefore purchase 
a local company or build a factory - can then sue the government, 
if it passes legislation that would lower their chance for profit. 
Sounds crazy, or?” It is more than just that.

Confidentiality is Repulsive 
And that this crime against humanity is contrived secretly 
and away from the public eye, all participants know this,  
who are closely joined with each other in the Bilderbergers as 
well as in other secret societies, including both men and women 
like Obama, Barroso, van Rumpoy and consorts, otherwise 
there would still be a revolution before tomorrow morning. 

“Confidentiality”, which our heads of States increasingly insist on, 
was for somebody, who knew the system from the inside and 
wanted to apply his power for the benefit of all human Beings,
and found it “repulsive”. In a speech before the American
Newspaper Publishers Association, John F. Kennedy  
(1917-1963), the 35th President of the United States of 
America, on April 27th 1961 said: 
"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic 
and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for 
expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of 
invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation 
instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies 
by day. It is a system, which has conscripted vast human and 
material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient 
machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, 
scientific and political operations. 

Its preparations are concealed, not published. 
Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters 
are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, 
no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed." (…)
"No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. 
For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that 
understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary. 
I am not asking your newspapers to support the Administration, 
but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing 
and alerting the American people. For I have complete confidence 
in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are 
fully informed.” (…)
“And so it is to the printing press--to the recorder of man's deeds, 
the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news-that 
we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your 
help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.” 
This is a portion of the speech that President John F. Kennedy 
gave at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 27, 1961. 
"The President and the Press" before the American 
Newspaper Publishers Association.” 
(What a difference to the Clinton’s, the Bushes and to Obama!) 

And nobody is „fully informed“ with respect to the 
TTIP agreement, even though it affects all of us!

Gene Corn: The implications for our mostly gene-free farms 
and the consequences for our health can already be estimated, 
and they are: disastrous.
Gene corn spreads at the speed of the wind and contaminates 
every field, where gene-free plants grow.
Not incidentally were 400 hectares of land plowed under in 
Hungary, after the Orbán-Government, besides the IMF, 
has also banned the chemical food and seed giant Monsanto 
from the country in 2012. 

„18 million Americans suffer from diseases associated 
with gluten intolerance. According to recent studies in the 
USA, the problem concerns genetically modified soybean and 
corn that people eat. Doctors believe that the world is on 
the threshold of a new large-scale epidemic.“(…) 
Taking into account the fact that cases of gluten sensitivity 
have dramatically increased over the past 20 years, the connection 
between the burst of diseases and the use of genetically modified 
organisms (GMOs) is undoubted, doctor of biological sciences, 
international expert on environmental and food safety Irina 
Yermakova indicates.
"We observe a burst of cancer in those areas, where GMOs 
are widespread. Cases of obesity and diabetes have also increased 
several times after genetically modified products were brought to 
these regions. In addition, sterility is detected there. It is the most 
terrible thing, since it is not only human beings' or mammals' sterility, 
but infertility of almost all living organisms. This can lead to destruction 
of our biosphere, because insects and useful bacteria also cease to reproduce, and plants disappear. In general, GMOs are a time bomb." 

Monsanto, Nestle and Co, pacify, duck away or lie and 
foremost, they pay their own scientists, which claim the opposite. 

Chlorine-Chicken: Thereby chicken, as it is practice in the USA,
after they are killed, will be pulled through a chlorine solution, 
whereby mostly salmonella and everything that is not suitable
for human Beings, will be killed. Therefore there is nothing in the 
way of mass animal torture also here in our region, because based 
on this technology, they can be held in an even more cruel manner 
(in even smaller chicken coops). 

Water - Energy: The privatization of our water and our 
energy supply is one of the main agendas of international 
corporate politics and the NOW agenda.

In Portugal the water, after privatization, from public 
fountains cannot be consumed, but is 400% more expensive. 
Thereby chlorine and other supplements are added to the water, 
in order to delay the corrosion of the water pipes, and to reduce 
cost. The troika of EU, IMF and EZB have already forced Greece 
and Portugal, due to the debt crisis, to sell their public suppliers 
of water and – to turn it over to the corporations. 

A corporation has only their own interests in mind. 
Meaning, the ruthless maximizing of profits.  
All other explanations, common places, like, how one 
is committed to the benefit of all, are “deception maneuvers” 
just to incorporate common property one after the other.
Therefore what we experience in these days:
Secret negotiations and politics of the most evil kind!
At the expense of our freedom and self-determination. 
Even the just elected EU parliamentarians, elected by a 
slim 43% of registered voters, cannot make any changes 
to the TTIP. The non-legitimized EU commission (because 
nobody elected them) just puts it on their table, they have 
no time to read it and have to say yes. Basta. 

The TTIP is, just like the ESM, non-terminable and each 
„subsequent change of the treaty requires the approval of 
all Signature States; therefore is totally unrealistic.”

Failed Peace Project 
Is the EU, as we have always wished it and like the “fathers” 
of the Austrian EU accession, Alois Mock (Foreign Minister) 
and Franz Vranitzky (Chancellor) promised us in 1995? 
The “Peace Project Europe” mutated exactly to its opposite, 
and a positive outcome of the “Free Trade Agreement” 
means a declaration of war against us citizens, against 
sovereignty; according to article 1 of the constitution it 
should say: “Austria is a Democratic Republic. Its right 
should come from the people.” Yes, still!

STOP the US-Free Trade Agreement! 
So that the TTIP sword of Damocles will never come down on us, 
the Austrian “Kronen Zeitung” has started a signature campaign:  
STOP the US Free Trade Agreement“ means: „against GMO 
corn, against chlorine-chicken and cloned meat, against the 
privatization of drinking water, against the deterioration of 
social standards and for the immediate disclosure of the 
secret negotiations.” 
This signature campaign is fully backed by me in content and 
supported, so that the pitch-black political agenda of Henry Kissinger, 
as he declared in the 1970’s, „If you control the oil you control the 
country; if you control food, you control the population.“ 
will never be fulfilled. www.krone.at/unterschrift

Open Questions 
Why does it always require the outcry of citizens?

Why do our politicians not protect us from such digressions 
into our life and from such interventions into the sovereignty 
of the State? Why do our politicians not carry out, what they 
were elected for, namely: “Divert damage from the population”?! 
Why is it up to us or up to the campaign of a newspaper, until the 
politicians even talk to us, regardless of any actions? Why does it 
take months, like in the example of Austria, that the Chancellor 
strengthens his engagement against the US-Free Trade Agreement? 
As member of the European Council, the body of heads of State, 
he has been included in the secret negotiations with the USA 
from the begining.

The Chancellor, from whom Merkel says, he would come to 
her without an opinion and would leave her office with her 
opinion, does not know only since yesterday – he only pretends:
It must be our task that together we thoroughly examine 
the treaty.“ (Kronen Zeitung, 06/19/2014) says Faymann.

And I ask: To “examine” the unbearable instead of leaving 
the negotiation table? Reminds me of the event of the ESM. 
The weak Chancellor, only reacting when called on and totally 
overtaxed in his duty (only undercut in performance by his “Vice”), 
babbled for weeks about “fairness”, in order to very quickly wink 
through the absolute financial enslavement of Austria and its 
citizens on 7/4/2012, in a quick procedure, in the middle of the 
summer pause. Since then Austria is participating in the 700 
billion Euro package with 2.8 percent, which costs the taxpayer 
roughly 20 billion Euro. Why therefore this submission to the 
financial elite, the global corporations, to the USA and to the EU? 

Who is the „Spiritus Rector“, who is the 
shadow player, who moves everything 
and remains unrecognized, but at the end 
of the day all politicians fall on their knees 
before him and capitulate the States? 

This answer is still outstanding and therein the 
welfare or the ruin of this world is based!

And until then, it is necessary for us to arouse the 
needed storm, because it is obvious: Only sheer fear 
of the loss of power and office can move our “public 
servants” to relent and bring them to their senses.

Therefore it is up to us, because the evil can 
only prevail, if good human Beings do nothing.

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic 
income as a birthright for all human Beings 0-99.

Jahn J Kassl 

In the meantime other organizations have mobilized 
against the planned crime of the TTIP treaty and have 
started a signature campaign. Here are the links for the 
Attack-Campaign and the Citizen initiative in the Austrian 
Attack-Campaign  +  Signature Action against TTIP:
Citizen initiative in the Austrian Parliament
Signatures: https://www.parlament.gv.at/SEC/Zustimmen.shtml?gpCode=XXV&ityp=BI&inr=42 

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