7. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Dream: I drive in a car through a landscape, 
where all buildings and the forests are covered with grey ash. 
And it is absolutely quiet; nothing lives. A very dreary grey sight. 
(End of dream) 
Report: I go to the swimming pool of “my” fitness studio. 
Initially a young woman and an older man swim besides me. 
Both have a very pleasant vibration. Suddenly two very young 
women join us. The vibration changes radically and I think to 
myself, how can somebody at a such young age be so contaminated; 
then this impression is even more enhanced as three very young male 
adults of barely 18 years come into the swimming pool. 
I immediately leave the pool and go into the sauna. 
There an elder couple talks about France, until I hear 
the sentence: “Our time in France is over“. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,
Let us now devote ourselves to this dream and this report. 

The dream shows what it is: A desolated world that has 
experienced the MPR and a nuclear disaster. Important in 
this context is the present time quality and therefore this 
dream also has been projected.
At this time the upheavals on the space-time levels “roll down” 
quite rapidly. Meaning that on different levels of these newly or 
also already created 4D worlds massive upheavals take place. 
These are energies, which manifest and cause these devastations.

This is already known, yet this fact means to you, 
who wait in this highly vibrating world the transfer into 5D, 
that these radical upheavals trigger a shock in many human 
souls and these souls lose their orientation.

Multiple alien possessions 
Thereby these souls and soul fragments, which wanted to 
quickly leave the drama on one of the 4D worlds, begin to mingle 
in closely located holograms and attach themselves to human Beings, 
who are open for it. Meaning that there are many human Beings in 
this world, who are confronted with multiple alien possessions. 
This is like that for a short time. These souls and soul fragments 
will increasingly fall off and will entirely dissolve with each day, 
until the ascension vibration has been reached.

In principle it is to be understood that each immature soul 
seeks an escape as it is confronted with such a disaster of 
nuclear destruction and/or the magnetic pole reversal.  
To “live on” under any circumstances is the motto and therefore 
any possibilities that are available, will be exhausted.

It is valid: Many souls find into the Light or will be immediately 
brought to their new levels, yet many souls whizz around in 
irritation or confusion and seek for new ways of continuing their 
old life in the next best hologram. This time ends quickly, 
just like the time for “France” ends. 

France stands for an a-spiritual awareness of life.
Europe in general is an “old continent” that points to the 
maturity of human souls. In Europe the density of old and mature 
souls is the highest and yet in France this quota is the lowest in 
Europe. The “end of France” means the end of this 
ignorance – and that not only in Europe.

In summary it is to be noted:
1.) The upheavals with all possible dramas have completely 
reached the newly created and already existing 4D levels.
2.) Souls and soul fragments look for an escape, whereby they 
occupy human Beings in closely located holograms.
3.) These alien occupations will be removed in the process 
of separating the chaff from the wheat, or human Beings, 
who are open for this alien occupation, will be removed 
from this world together with these forces.

Young Souls mature 
As a concluding point it is to be mentioned that presently
very many young and immature human souls are in this world. 
Human Beings, who are incarnated in order to experience this 
spectacle so that at a distant time, millions of years from now, 
will mature to old souls and may become aware of the upheavals 
in such a distant world in their future with the knowledge that they 
receive now.
These young and unpurified souls are to some extent the 
Masters of a distant future, who gather the first impressions 
of a world that is subjected to this global, cosmic and universal 

For the very next time this dynamic means that 4D holograms 
one after the other will be confronted with these energies, 
which this level releases, whereby the ascension gains in 
velocity and whereby the transformations of worlds reach 
a new quality. For the ascending ones this means: 

The days get shorter, the domino effect,
whereby worlds fall one after the other and 
worlds are created, has begun. 

And above all this is God with his light warriors of the 
first and last hours, on this side and beyond the veil that 
has become transparent, which care for adjustments and 
balance needed for these processes.

And above all we are!

I am the peace, the love and the life,
And I am with humanity – at all times.

I am

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