15. Juni 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Kickoff to Inhumanness 
Great events always cast their shadows before! 
With the kickoff of the Soccer World Cup on 
June 12th 2014 it is not different. Even more so. 

Corruption, inhumanness, displacement, slave labor etc. 
flourish as always and the FIFA runs to top form, in order 
to once again pocket huge profits at the expense of the weakest 
ones. The World Soccer Federation FIFA (Fédération Internationale 
de Football Association), headquartered in Zurich, has more than 
one billion Euros in reserve and cannot get enough, because for 
the World Cup 2014 they are aiming for a profit of unbelievable 
1.62 billion Euros and according to predictions, this will be 
reached or could possibly be surpassed.

A lucrative business and this tolerates no humanness! 
Even more, it shows how perversely inhuman this métier 
and our society are, and it shows how ruthlessly FIFA acts.

Brazil as venue had to carry out great construction projects 
in order to present suitable facilities. Brazil had to pay for those 
costs by themselves, meaning, the citizens of the fifth largest 
country in the world, both by population and size. The Brazilian 
State indeed does not see a single “Real” (currency of Brazil, 
also called “Reais”) from the immense profits, because FIFA 
walks off with all of this – goodbye forever.
That’s the way it goes and nobody is offended by it.

170,000 People forcibly displaced 
For 170,000 people it means the end of the 
base of their existence! 

Because on short notice this many people were evicted from 
their apartments or dwellings, the Favelas. Adequate compensation 
or replacement housing, financial settlements, like it is customary 
in our regions in such or similar cases, is a dead loss.
Affected persons complain about the “rehousing politics” 
and activists talk about human right violations.
In twelve Cup-Cities social organizations, universities and 
other institutions of public life have founded so-called 
“World Cup people committees”.
In their dossier “Mega events and human rights violations in 
Brazil” the “systematic violations of the right for housing” 
have been evinced. According to this 500 families of Favel’s 
„Vila Autódromo“ were not even informed about their upcoming 
resettlement, instead they had to find it out from their daily 
paper O Globo. In some cases the houses of the poorest were 
torn down including the modest inventory of the inhabitants.

The UN reporter and city planner at the University of Sao 
Paulo Professor Raquel Rolnik: “People were then relocated 
to places with a bad infrastructure and less possibilities for 
work….This violates the right for adequate housing, including 
consideration of education, health and work.” 

Already in April 2012 Rolnik published her UN report, 
pointing out the human right violations. With little success:  
“Only in a few cases has the situation improved. And that foremost 
due to the pressure from the people and from the committees.” 
These are the explosives wherefrom the riots in Sao Paulo at the 
opening game came from and further riots will follow. “Riots instead 
of Samba”, only our Politicians remain quiet and even the outcry 
from the media stays away this time.

Flashback to Sotchi
It was totally different during the winter of 2014 in Sochi. 
The XXII. Olympic Winter Games (Putin’s prestige project”, 
as it was gladly described), at the Black Sea, offered plenty 
of opportunity for reasons of excitement and the uproar from 
the media was enormous.
No question, even this great event was probably 
accompanied with justified allegations of corruption.

The issue, which all finally agreed upon, in order to wipe 
out the reputation of the “Russian dictator”, according to 
Western diction, was Putin’s attitude toward homosexuality. 
Thereby they accused him of discrimination against homosexuals. 
In times when gender madness is mainstream, this is an absolute 

For the German President Gauck it was reason enough to totally 
stay away from the Games, also from Paris nobody of rank and 
name, except for a second or third rate set of Politicians, came 
to the “Russian Riviera”. However the rejection from Washington 
was harsh. Neither Obama nor Vice President Biden, not even 
Ministers, were sent to Sochi. Instead, Obama, quite trickily, 
appointed the lesbian sports legend Billie Jean King (70), as 
leader of the US sports delegation. The “Welt online” in a lead 
story already asked on 8/11/2013: „Boycott of the Olympic 
Games 2014 in Sochi?“ 

This is totally different in Brazil. 
Here nobody asks! Here all keep silent! 

King Soccer rules and as long as the USA or NATO 
have not declared Brazil a rogue State, it stays like that.
Whoever has sovereignty of interpretation determines the rules. 

While Putin has been condemned to degree 
of intolerability, in Brazil the intolerable stays 

If the riots had not happened, we would not even know 
how disastrous the situation for human Beings is there.
Obviously Obama has announced he would come, also 
Gauck and Hollande will allow themselves one or the other 
treat in soccer. And the Pope, like all his predecessors, at 
any situation that presents itself, speaks of “reconciliation”, 
via twitter wishes his followers “a beautiful World Cup, a 
soccer tournament in the spirit of true brotherhood” and 
thereby remains so vague and not at all concrete, so that 
it pains one in the soul. Everything is as usual in this world.
As usual for the Elites, and everything wrong for us human Beings!

Double Standard 
Closing words: These politics of “double standard” are intolerable. 
And Politicians, who according to the geopolitical situation of the 
USA and NATO support these politics that are so disdainful of 
human Beings, and still only react by acclamation from the 
system, are disgusting to me!

Honored Readers, 
When you adjust your TV chair in these days or sink into 
your World Cup sofa, in order to watch your favorite team 
performing their magic, or simply want to enjoy the beauty 
of the game, please think about the following: 
For 170,000 people our pleasure means 
the end of their existence. 
Yes, the greed of FIFA makes it possible that in the 21st century 
and just like under the Nazis, thousands of families have been 
ruthlessly displaced – at best relocated – and anyhow have 
been evicted from their rightful property.

Appeal for TV-Boycott 
It is a game that only works, because we look away from 
humanly despising facts and we watch the World Cup! We, 
the television consumers are the bringers of the ratings for 
FIFA and on account of our addictive behavior of watching 
television these exorbitant profits, at the cost of human 
Beings, are only possible.

We have the power to end this tragedy, 
whereby we change our unreflective TV habits or give them up.

In awareness of these facts and the awareness that what has 
been done cannot be reversed, for me, in connection with the 
World Cup, only a single option remains, the appeal: 
To boycott all games on television
by abstaining from TV consumption. 

What I hereby have decided for myself, 
even though I thoroughly enjoy soccer.

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic 
income as a birth right of all human Beings 0-99.

Jahn J Kassl

Source: DW-Akademie dw.de 

This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.

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corrspondence whatsoever on the texts / massages published 
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