26. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I am in a class reunion, of several classes, 
meaning that several classes meet for a reunion after 
a long time. The atmosphere is distinctly entertaining and jolly. 
Everyone is called to portray something from their life. 
I myself sing a song and after that I fly and float around in the 
room like a bird. Thereby I notice that only very few can notice 
or register my flying. Again having solid ground under my feet, 
I see a former female classmate walking toward me, who is 
very pensive and seems frustrated. For her the superficial 
conversation is too little and she was one of the few, 
who saw me flying. I give her a kiss on the mouth. 
After that another classmate comes to me and is absolutely 
delighted about my flying. The party dissolves and all get 
into their cars, in order to drive home. However I lift off 
and fly home, and I think to myself that it is a long distance 
and I have never flown that far. 

In a last scene, before I lift off, I see myself sitting in the car 
of a former classmate, who invites me to a festival in his village, 
which takes place in a few weeks. I am the least enthused about 
it and indicate that I would not come. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream picture shows in an obvious manner that the 
time of farewells and the allocation of human Beings into 
their new homes are fully under way.
Welcome to this message and in the Light that I am. 


This dream points to the actual “status of mankind” 
and the distribution between conscious and unconscious 
human Beings.

The school classes of the class reunion serve as a reference 
frame of different societal structures, whereby human Beings 
are connected with each other or experience themselves as 
being connected. In all human societies, and this is what the 
dream picture indicates, the chaff is being separated from the 
wheat; and there are always many, who remain in the field, 
and only a few, who are taken away.

It is only a few, who even register the ascension, 
symbolized by Jahn’s flying in the dream. And the few, 
who see this, stand in fascination in front of this process. 
These human Beings are ready, in order to seamlessly 
awaken on day X and to enter into the highest 4D levels.

The invitation to the festival, which happens at the end 
of Jahn’s dream, is an invitation of those human Beings, 
who live on the higher 4D holograms, for the Masters 
of the future to return.

Returning, in order to also reveal to these human Beings 
the secret of the ascension (flight). Given the fact that Jahn’s 
enthusiasm for a “return” is quite subdued, is understandable 
from today’s actual viewpoint, but does not necessarily 
describe the status after the ascension has occurred.

What today and from the perspective of earth seems like 
only new travail, will attain new magic after it has been 
fully looked at in God’s Light.

Actual Situation 
In total this dream summarizes clearly the 
actual situation in this world:

1.) While ascensions occur, most 
human Beings are ignorant about it.
2.) Awakening is possible for only a few, 
they stand in front of the door of full recognition, 
and only need the initial ignition (kiss in the dream).
3.) After the worlds have been separated, the new 
ascended Masters will appear in the higher 4D worlds,
in order to instruct human Beings. 

In these days everything dissolves and 
at the same time everything becomes visible. 

Naked, only clothed in their soul light, human Beings stand 
in front of the Guardians of the Chronicle of all Life; the ones 
in ignorance of their nakedness, and the others in order to 
accept the new garments of Light.

The picture of the “class reunion” makes it clear that 
all ascending ones cut all cords to the old world, and that 
all wounds from old times may disappear entirely. (This dream 
reminded me also of very personal healings during my time in 
school, a time, which I very often experienced quite painfully. 
Remark JJK) 

Yes, the ascending ones show their abilities!
The flight above the heads of former classmates shows 
that each human Being receives the opportunity for full 
recognition and awakening until last. It only requires the 
impulse to look “above” to Heaven.

This time brings and fosters new facts, and 
it is the time, wherein all of mankind’s decisions 
from their souls are sealed and will be sealed by God. 

It has been heralded to you!

Space-time is again being filled with the illusion of death; 
while the immortal inheritance of the awakened ones, the 
timeless being in God’s omnipresence, in these days is 
being fulfilled for all ascending ones.

I am

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So much Light – ASANA MAHATARI: