24. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: For several days I notice, that I receive dreams 
of self-healing, and that I meet human Beings after a long time, 
with which I shared at least one painful event in the past. In the 
dreams I see myself in old working places and in situations familiar 
to me – which repeat exactly just like at that time, yet in its outcome 
are conciliatory and peaceful. In everyday life human Beings, which 
I meet after a long time, remind me of conflicts, which I carried out 
with them, in order to a.) forgive and b.) within me – make peace 
with those human Beings and with the situations. Also in my 
closest environment old dramas are redeemed and healed at 
this time. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,
God’s representatives in this world!
Before the veil lifts entirely and opens the view toward 
the boundless eternal All-That-Is, it is called for “curtain 
down” for those painful experiences and reminders out of time.

Encounters of Self-Healing 
The gift of complete healing of their deeply seated pains is 
now handed over to the light warriors of the first and last hours, 
whereby in the mirror of your life, you see life itself.
Whatever needs healing will now be healed, whatever 
demands God’s blessings, it will be granted, what is low 
in light will be filled with Light, and out of lack of love grows Love.
In dreams and in daily life situations, the ascending ones now 
experience encounters, which they do not remember anymore
and go back for a long time; they experience these in order to 
heal entirely and completely.
These are the small innumerable deep injuries, which 
were once torn into your souls, and which did not let you 
come into your full power – until now. 

This time is gone, because the ascending ones have 
overcome the pains of time, the wounds of the soul 
and the shackles of fear – and are liberated from all 

These healings are now being given and you only need to 
recognize them as such, beyond that there is nothing more to do.

Kindness and Forgiveness 
Exercise forgiveness, exercise kindness and foremost: 
Make peace with every situation and with every human 
Being, which let you experience pain, injustice or even hate. 
Deepen the condition of inner peace and you will attain bliss 
even before the veil of ignorance has been entirely lifted, 
and before God’s Light transforms your life from the bottom up.

From now on transform into “Gods of Forgiveness”.
Gods of Love, who fully accept their experiences in space-time 
as sacred opportunities for growth, because the time of pain and 
injustice has been stripped off from you. If you encounter a human 
Being, who has caused you pain, inflicted suffering or has dumped 
hate all over you, then know, this renewed encounter fulfills the 
one purpose today: to say goodbye in peace to human Beings 
and situations.
This time requires your conscious farewell from this world, 
because the departure from this matrix fulfills itself, as you 
uproot the rules of the game of this world from your Being, 
and overcome the way of thinking of this loveless reality. 
Recognize in these encounters from the past the potential 
for healing and you directly enter into Heaven.
The pictures of your dreams also pursue the purpose of healing. 
What has happened is over and on those, who ascend, nothing 
transient will stay attached, because history dissolves and what 
remains are only the light traces, which will be left behind in this 

Beloved children of God,
Who we all are!
Days unveil their value, hours unleash their strength, 
and instances reveal their magic.
Recognize how the Light from Heaven touches you, 
because thereby you shall enter into the eternal Kingdom 
of Peace, into the Kingdom of the omnipresent Love.

Leaving the Arena of the Fight 
Forgive your “enemies” and dissolve your attachments.
Leave the “arena of the fight”!
Forgive the knowing and the unknowing, the dumb ones and 
the smart ones, the calculating ones and the innocent ones. 
All, who have ever inflicted damage, pain and suffering on you 
in this world, need to be encountered in these days with the 
“sword of forgiveness”. And it is the sword of the green divine 
ray, the green divine Light, which accelerate your self-healings 
and complete them.
The “sword of forgiveness” and the “sword of distinction”, 
the green divine flame of healing and the blue divine flame 
of clear and unmistakable decisions, are the instruments, 
which the light warriors of the first and last hours should 
utilize with determination. Because truly:  
Every light sword from God brings great peace, 
where it separates what does not belong to each 
other, or it joins together what has been separated in 
space-time due to turns in fate. 
The dark will be released from your hearts, whereby you 
courageously face the last encounters from the past; then
any separation will be overcome and there is peace within you.

Look here you children of humanity!
Mother Earth rises up, and she does it without bitterness, 
in peace and whereby all beings are forgiven, which have 
inflicted suffering on her or have mistreated her. Do likewise, 
and leave this stage of transience with a loving heart, so that 
all and everything is forgiven.

Go, go, go – and you will arrive.
In you and with you,
So that your arrival in Heaven may fulfill itself.
In God is all, out of God all emerges and through 
God all becomes real.

Time retains Life and the pain from the past will be 
taken from all human Beings; and the suffering of time 
will be effectively removed; because wounds of your soul, 
from time and space, will now be healed and the wounds 
close for eternity.   

…whereupon for you the great journey ends 
and you return home into the Light.

I am

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