30. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The processes on all levels are carried to the top,
until it happens what has to happen: The discharge of all 
potentials accumulated so far and this in an “instant of mankind”!

Beloved Ones,

In the course of the ascension of the world, at a certain moment, 
the absolute point of return, the “turning point” occurs. It is the point, 
when all processes of the linear space-time sequence turn around and 
like the swing of a pendulum move in the opposite direction. This 
moment of reversal consolidates all still outstanding events in an 
instance of time and changes the so far determining reality.

At a certain point the discharges of dark energies begin on 
this level and the creation of new worlds ends; so that certain 
events cannot manifest on this level or could not up to this point.
Of all the dark discharges, which happen in this world at every 
second, the exact amount of energy will be released on day X 
that is necessary in order to start and to foster the needed 
processes in awareness in all directions and on all levels. 

The creation of new worlds, so that the dramas on this
level are kept within limits, is necessary only as long until the 
threshold energy of the ascension for this planet has been 

1.) Again it has to be pointed out: Even the greatest upheavals
in God’s Creation happen in unique divine balance! Nothing is 
left to chance or surrendered to earthly whim.

Free Will suspended 
2.) Furthermore today it has to be clearly stated: 
the “free human will” ends in the case when mankind
in total would be deprived of a divine experience.

In this time of all times, the free will of a human Being is 
effectively instrumented by the dark forces, in order to push 
human Beings into fallacies. Occupied and without orientation 
human Beings make decisions, which are neither free nor do they 
correspond to their actual will, because they are taken over from 

the dark ones. Therefore it is valid: A misled free will receives the 
opportunity to be unbridled only if the majority of human Beings 
on a soul level have determined as such. This does not apply to 
this ascending mankind, even if there are just a few!

Legitimacy of the Ascension Level 
On this our level of awareness, beyond 3D and in touch 
with 5D, on the “ascension level”, because light-filled and dark 
forces act side by side, this instrument has been taken away 
from all forces, which want to utilize their “free will” for the 
complete destruction of this world, because truly: 

A world that ascends to lofty heights is, from a certain 
point on, when this process has become irreversible, 
freed from the legitimacy of this experience level. 

All human Beings on sluggish and low vibrating levels have 
been equipped with “free will”. Thereby dark, painful and 
distressing experiences are only then possible, because the 
divine higher-ranking Source rarely intervenes in the dramas 
of space-time.
On higher vibrating levels, on levels, which turn toward the 
Light, this freedom to use free will for dak or destructive purposes,
has been put “ad acta” for all Beings, and it is the Ascended Masters 
and the Light Armies of Heaven, which make sure that some or much 
will never be discharged in this world.

Today the “free will” therefore has to be subjected to a new 
consideration for the ascending world and the ascending human 
Beings. Because every ascending world acts in absolute harmony 
with God and thereby free will is no longer needed, because 
The greatest freedom for an awakened one consists
in the fact of fulfilling God’s Will as a fully conscious Being. 

In this world only that will still be permitted, 
what is useful for all beings and serves it!

One-sided or globally destructive ambitions are put in its place, 
for some time already, so that the ascension for the ones and 
the return to space-time for the others may occur.
The Ascended Masters hold the balance of this world and 
between the worlds, and those, who on account of their own 
downfall want to drag this space-time level with them into the 
abyss, forfeit their status as autonomous life forms equipped 
with free will.
Petrified into salt pillars, these human Beings will, 
after a long time, be reawakened by the Creator, after 
this ascension has been completed and new worlds are ready 
for these beings, which begin an absolutely new cycle of lives.
The current characteristics of human- and life-disdaining measures, 
which have been prepared for these last days of mankind by the 
dark earthly and alien federations, carry the seed of the 
absolute destruction of this world in them!
This has been put to a stop and exactly it will happen, 
what blends with the all-knowing context of these events. 
Because the building blocks for the creation of this and all 
worlds is in the hands of the Almighty that is – God.

God’s Ultimate Mandate 
Do not worry even for an instance!
What a few years ago was still thinkable, namely 
the complete extinction of this mankind and the absolute 
destruction of this world, is today impossible. We have 
reached the point of no return long ago and have far 
surpassed it.
Therefore the power and the strength has been withdrawn 
from all those, who on account of their “free will” want to 
plunge this world into the abyss.
This ultimate mandate from Heaven makes this ascension 
so multi-faceted until last.
And while the energies discharge and many new worlds 
are created, this level remains unaffected by the whim and 
godlessness, so that the arrival in the Light will be fulfilled, 
because truly: The light warriors of the first and last hours 
have created this reality due to their tireless service in this
world and the Love for mankind.

The new world is your inheritance, 
the new humanity entrusted to you.

We are the Ascended Masters,
Who are obligated to this world
Until the end of time and the beginning of eternity.


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