14. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The great Angels awaken, 
the Gods in human gestalt become aware of their mission; 
instead of ignorance of all life, the awareness of the cosmic 
connections comes forth and human Beings go from ignorance 
to knowledge.
The Great Spirit of the One lowers itself over this world, 
the One Creator of all Life enters into the reality of the 
awakened ones, and the One immutable Source of all Sources 
reveals itself to mankind.
The signs of Heaven condense and the indications of the 
upcoming “eternal day” increase and become quite obvious; 
vibration that increases, human Beings, who capture this 
and Mother Earth who fully dedicates itself to this process.

In these days 
Time seems to stand still, the course of the world seems 
to pause and the life, as it is, seems to be prolonged.
In these days it seems that human Beings in droves turn 
away from the Light and that the great event has been 
postponed to an undefined time.
In these days it shows that only the one can understand, 
who understands himself and who has lifted himself over 
human limitations. Because God’s arrival on this time-space 
level has been fulfilled, as well as God’s orders are being 
fulfilled in these days.

Recognize, far from time, to see, far from space, become 
aware of what is and beyond this reality, this brings now the 
needed composure in order to meet these last days in time 
dignified and appropriately.
Do not let you be tempted to create new golden calves, 
just because you think that the prophet does not return! 
Do not let you be deceived by the influences from many 
levels, because it is still the goal of the dark ones to catch 
as many human Beings as possible into their nets.

Because only thereby can these forces maintain their 
existence, even though in different worlds. 

The manipulated and controlled human Being serves 
as a source of energy and nutrition for any dark being. 

The more human Beings liberate themselves, 
the closer comes the end of these beings, on this 
and many other worlds, either newly created or already 
in existence.

The Great Healings 
In the cosmic context the greatest healings happen in 
these days, which this level of space-time has ever been 
exposed to. Infinite fields of God’s Grace increase the chances 
for growth of all Beings, and here and there, these fields of the 
Light are used in order to turn to God at the last moment, 
and to liberate themselves from the fallacies of the human mind.
The healings of many worlds has started. And this causes incredible 
discharges in all worlds. 

At present the transformation lines run 
through all 4D earth holograms. 

And in the meantime the vibration increases steadily.
Like in a “pressure cooker” the ascension energy boils until it 
comes to the “point of explosion” in the moment when the 
worlds are detonated from each other.

And even though the days until then seem eternal, 
they are close, infinitely close. Even though many have 
lost the courage, and let go of the belief in fulfillment, I say to you: 
Come back to your assignments and replace your disbelief with the 
knowledge that is given here and has been put into your hearts from 
the beginning – the knowledge about the course of the ascension 
that is being fulfilled today. 

Follow your assignments, follow your provisions 
and recognize the dignity of these hours in this world. 

The process that happens now and aims for the next highpoint 
is the separation by detonation of many worlds at the same time, 
so that a new creation can be born. Not only one, but many worlds 
are healed and many beings are inhaled back to the Source.
The existence of duplicate human Beings, the existence of empty 
body shells on your level of awareness becomes increasingly 
impossible due the increasing light flooding, and therefore 
the point of removal of these beings has been reached.
Again a new platform for a new creative process will be 
entered, because the extent of this transformation cannot 
be compared to anything so far, because many worlds are 
newly created and being born at the same instance and 
because many worlds are inhaled back to the origin.

The Great Prophecy 
In these days the long awaited Great Prophet returns from 
the mountain and this time neither God’s commands will be 
announced nor will there be instructions for right living be given, 
this time God will reveal himself. Thereby the Great Prophecy of 
the awakening of a world and the awakening of mankind will be 
fulfilled. Instructions are unnecessary today, because today’s
healings are affected by looking inside, by recognizing God. 
For the coming days this means:

a.) The energetic chasm between the ascending ones 
and the remaining ones increases once again.
b.) The tensions on this and many other worlds increase, 
until the bow has reached its optimal force of tension.
c.) Thereupon this “String of all Life”, at God’s behest, 
swings back, in order to send a whole world with all the 
readily human Beings into Heaven – and this in these days.

The Test of Patience 
Beloved children,
The “test of patience” that is asked of you, 
can only be mastered by the comprehensive 
understanding of the ascension processes.
And the closer the understanding of cosmic interrelations 
come to you, the more you distance yourself from the illusion 
of waiting and expecting, because you recognize being in 
the middle of the NOW fulfilling events. 

Infinite seems the finite way to God, as long as a 
human Being is on its way and not yet the way itself.  

To be the Way in Eternity.

Then the complete knowledge is attained and then 
God’s Grace affects every cell of your being.
I am infinite. I am the finitude of the all-healing Flame 
and the Light, so that the unperfected becomes perfect.

I am

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Before the Great Day – ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL: