15. Juli 2014


channeld by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The Omen  
Dream: I see how my beloved son NOAH goes away with a 
somewhat older boy. This boy has pitch black short hair and is 
evil itself, even though one does not see it immediately, but I 
recognize it immediately and say to myself in the dream: “this is 
the devil himself”. I am surprised that Noah goes with him all too 
trustingly holding his hand until he finally disappears under a blanket 
with the “Antichrist” (the boy looks exactly like Damian in the movie 
“The Omen” 1976). As I reach the place, Damian lifts the blanket and 
Noah has disappeared, like swallowed up by the earth; thereby the 
boy laughs at me in triumph. (End of dream) 

Report: For two days I could not make sense of the final scene. 
The “triumphant smile of the evil one” did not make sense to me. 
Until this afternoon in the sauna I heard a man courting a woman, 
whereby the woman signaled not even the slightest interest in this 
smug arrogant type. In the whole conversation the woman sent clear 
signals, which without mistake aimed at rejection. The man did not
seem to notice it or did not want to notice it; what finally culminated 
in this scene is the fact that he said to the perplexed woman to leave 
her information with the reception, so that he could contact her. 
The woman was obviously gasping for breath.

In that moment it made “click” in my mind and
I was able to allocate the last dream sequence. 
(End of report) 

Interpretation JJK: The main message of this dream is:  
To walk through the dark, 
in order to overcome it, to transform it. 

Equally in the micro- as well as the macrocosm.
The dark is overcome, whereby we face the darkness in 
ourselves and in the world. “Under the blanket” symbolizes 
the lack of a way out that mankind seems to find itself in at 
this time and symbolizes the dilemma that a human Being finds 
himself in regarding his own shadow world. In both cases there 
seems to be no escape, until the doors to redemption open, 
until an “escape” becomes possible, because the darkness has 
been passed through and from then on the dark has no longer 
power over the world or a human Being.

Noah has “escaped” evil, because he fully let in evil. 
And letting in, means, to face the dark in oneself and in 
the world; willing to see it, in order to transform it. Noah 
gives this example, whereby he obviously walks toward his own 
transfiguration in absolute tranquility holding hand with Satan. 
Noah’s disappearance points to this metamorphosis.

The dark, being unconscious, seems to carry off the triumph, 
yet it is barely more than if an ant, which is not aware of a 
butterfly in the sky, would break out in triumph seeing the left 
behind cocoon of the caterpillar. The “smirk laughter” of the 
evil one symbolizes: Evil initially feels like the great victor.

The dark ones possess no disposition to truly recognize their 
present situation on this space-time level. Thereby they cut 
themselves off from their own life arteries, namely from the energy 
of the light carriers, whereby they bother the Masters and the light 
warriors (Noah in the dream) to such an extent, until they leave 
this world. A planet, whereupon the dark ones are left to themselves 
and where nothing is left, wherefrom they can draw energy for 
themselves, destroys itself.

As the man in the sauna, who played the role of a self-confident 
person and possessed no self-reflection, the dark ones possess a 
high degree of skill, yet barely have the overview, in order to truly 
recognize the significance of this time (behavior of the woman) or 
wanting to recognize it. (End of interpretation)

I bless every human Being, who follows these words.
I bless every human Being, who has dedicated himself with 
body and soul to this uplifting and gives himself unconditionally 
to this process.

I will now interpret these sequences, 
which were described here, as follows:

Fallacious Victory 
1.) The “triumph” of the dark ones, the darkness, 
happens on a specific space-time level, which will never 
be entered by any of the ascending ones.
1.a) This level will be exclusively inhabited by dark Beings, 
which do not belong to any of the 4D worlds and which in 
vibration and energy quality are located on the lowest 3D 
world. Meaning:
2.) A Super-Planet of darkness “without dogs” will be created, 
so that the dark ones can destroy each other. Because only the 
least of the dark forces can be inhaled into All-That-Is due to 
God’s Grace. It is because the wish of the dark ones for another 
game in space and time is overpowering, and because their 
unconsciousness can only be pried open by a renewed key 
3.) Now the encounter of the ascending ones with their 
last shadows takes place. Meaning: Before the complete 
transformation occurs, the light warriors of the first and 
last hours meet their last shadow.

This one absolutely rears up, so that it seems that there is 
no escape (blanket in the dream). This point of crystallization, 
at which the metamorphosis of a wingless human Being to the 
infinite Angel of Creation happens, is the basis of any transformation 
and will now be reached again. This means that the impression that 
there may be no escape from one’s own shadow or from the horror 
in this world, human Beings will recognize this as absolute for a 
moment in time.
To those, who trust in this situation (like Noah, who walks off 
with the dark boy), doors and gates will be opened…(in this moment 
the man, who had started the unsuccessful attempt to connect with 
the woman in the sauna, walks past me, I sit in the guest garden of 
the fitness studio, and grins at me, nearly triumphant like the boy in 
the dream)… Which are far from any imagination.

Last Scenes 
In summary: „Dream“ and „Report“ convey the last scenes of 
the ascending ones in this world and show that the removal of 
the dark ones happens in a so far unique manner, whereby they 
will keep their lives without knowing that in these days they cut 
themselves off from life. (In this moment, it is 10 pm, I work on 
this message at home on the terrace, a bat flies around me and 
drops bird pooh on my back… 
Attribute of the bat: Immortality, resurrection; 
the quiet attention getting to your inner almighty 
Light that overcomes any condition….
It is necessary to dare the impossible, in order to 
prevail over death in triumph and to obtain eternal Life.) 

Because the light warriors of the first and last hours say 
goodbye to this world – and the more secure the dark ones 
become of their victory, the more sobering are the results of 
this illusion.

A Super 3D Planet sealed and not entered by any Light Beings 
from All-That-Is, discharges these enormous energies of 
maliciousness. It is the last playground, where the dark princes 
can act out, until they are returned to the Source of All-That-Is. 
And in these days this knowledge is given, because all events on 
the space-time level undergo a so far unreached densification.
You enter into Heaven, and you are closer to Heaven than ever 
before, at the moment of a seeming triumph of the dark ones.

You gain eternal life, even though the great dying sets in.

You come to us in the Light, because you have overcome 
darkness in yourself and have recognized it in the world.
Everyone, who closes his eyes to darkness (still, remark JJK),  
who does not give it merit, either in himself or in the 3D world, 
because he thinks to tower above all things in falsely lived sublimity, 
remains imprisoned in illusion at the end of time, because he did not 
see, what had to be passed through and needed to be overcome.

He, who has shunned the “valley of his shadows”, 
now has an opportunity to do so.
And the dark forces are totally left to themselves; 
in a world they never wished to enter into.
Energies and discharges, no world should be subjected to, 
shaped this divine mandate, whereby this 3D Super-planet 
has been breathed into reality.
The constant persistence in evil leads to this result.

And it is time that now also this context and the complexity 
of ascension on all levels are clearly described to you.

Do not be afraid!
Because the black Gods will ossify in their own projections 
and they will succumb to the fear, which they created. 

So it is destined, in Eternity. 

Ascension and descend go hand in hand, 
like the two boys, which could not be any more different. 

In infinite Love


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