29. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: I sleep in the rest area of the fitness club. 
Before I fall asleep, I see, as a last impression so to speak, 
3 people: an older man, a middle-aged woman, and a younger
man; the older one getting up from his lounge chair, the woman 
just coming from the sauna walking around still steaming, 
and the younger one quickly going in and out. 
Well rested I wake up some time later, and I am completely 
refreshed and lively. Yet I see exactly the same scene again l
ike before I fell asleep. At first the older man, then the middle-aged 
woman and the younger man; the older one getting up from the 
lounge chair, the woman coming from the sauna walking around 
still steaming (whereby I think to myself, if the young one also 
still comes….) and he already stands in front of me and walks 
in and out in a hurry that I am already familiar with.
All three persons behave exactly like before I fell asleep, 
just like time was frozen and had been arrested.
Thereby I think, maybe I slept for only one minute, 
and the people did not move from their position.
Then I take a look at my watch and must notice 
that since I fell asleep exactly 2:45 hours have passed.
„Daily greets the Hedgehog?“ (End of report)

Beloved Ones


This observation shows the relationship of space and time, 
and shows that an event happens simultaneously on many 
levels, in the Now. “Recognize the matrix” has been experienced 
here in an extremely realistic manner. Thereby are:
1.) Different holograms have been described and it will:
2.) Capture the Now, whereby the illusion is created that 
time stood still.

Space-time comes to a standstill, does not exist any 
longer and it is possible to relive an already experienced 
situation hours later.

This space-time-episode illustrates further that there 
exists a multitude of human duplicates on a multitude
of different worlds.

Collective Soul Pool 
The multiplication of human soulless templates (in this moment 
the inner picture emerges that all three people seemed very much 
soulless to me, remark JJK) can, due to individual decisions, be 
arbitrarily created and bring forth an almost infinite number of 
duplicates. This reproduction has nothing to do with the existing 
soul fragments of a human Being, because these beings constitute 
empty shells, which are equipped with a collective soul that has a 
particular vibration.
As with all “simple life forms”, which belong to a collective 
soul pool and are not individualized on a soul level, therefore 
this is also this provision for these individual beings, which have 
emerged through manifold different and from the original soul 
plan deviating decisions.
Why is this totally unknown knowledge of importance 
for many human Beings?

So that the ascending Masters internalize the fact that 
in this world there is also a whole row of duplicates. 
If these beings are removed from a world, this very often 
happens as a collective. Meaning that greatly purifying, 
continental and/or global events will be initialized in the 
course of dissolution of these “duplicates”. Thereby the 
affected beings will be moved from one world to another 
one or they return to the collective soul spirit.
This happens as all duplicates in the collective soul 
pool have returned, whereby the soul pool in total and 
entirely will be re-inhaled into the wellspring of All-That-Is, 
and therefore returns to the origin.

Therefore know: There are not only individualized human 
souls on this earth, but the number of duplicate human shells, 
which belong to a collective soul energy field and do not have 
an “individual soul”, is significant. This explains also why you 
presently experience so many human Beings as “soul-less” 
- neither as good nor evil – but as empty shells. These are indeed 
beings, which do not dispose of a single soul fragment of it’s self, 
and which perceive themselves as a collective soul spirit.
These human Beings are very much regimented in their 
awareness of the world, meaning that the significance of 
this time and the extent of the transformation completely 
escape them, because the awareness of these facts is not 
put into their consciousness.

Duplicate Worlds 
Some holographic realities of this, in infinite number of pictures 
duplicating, world, consists almost exclusively of duplicates, 
which define themselves as a group soul and therefore solely 
based on this fact, can only experience themselves as a very 
limited “individual”. These worlds fulfill the sense, whereby any 
energy, expressed in thoughts, sensations or through actions, 
may be manifested.

Any energy, which is created due to repeated thinking, 
sensations or actions, takes on form and gestalt. And on Mother 
Planet Earth, these thought, sensed and carried out destructive 
energies attained such a scope that therefore new worlds were 
incessantly created, so that these forces could discharge and 
also could experience themselves.
The uplifting of this world is only possibly due 
to the transformation or the removal of these sluggish energies.

Thereby a new and important variant of this ascension 
process has been described here, whereby diminished events 
are ahead for Mother Planet Earth. Also the powerful presence 
of many Ascended Masters on this level of All-That-Is guarantees 
this. This means in summary:  

Prime-Earth constantly creates new earths, 
whereupon some things happen, which 
stay away from the original planet, because 
it was created under entirely different circumstances. 

Because you have loosened the soil for it,
This time holds everything ready for you.
An empty planet full of human Beings;
And both, emptiness as well as human Beings, is an illusion.

I am the Reality and Life.

I am  

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