30. Juli 2014


Honored Reader,

I am very much pleased to point to this 
actual publication by Dr. Georgi Stankov:
(Hyperlinks inactive because the light world publishing refrains 
from any direct links. Please copy and activate the link in 
order to access this page.)

This is the first partial publication from the EBOOK
„Elija Prophesies 49-65 for all 4 D Worlds until the year 3000.“  
and at the same time the continuation of the first part of the 

This new book is in the process of finalizing, proofread, 
translated into English and after that the layout is done. 
Therefore we are confident that until the next light reading 
on September 26th 2014 we can present this book, first in 
the German language. The English publication occurs in the 
course of the opening of the English Internet portal sometime 
in the fall.

Additional information about it will be published in our Blog, 
always in a timely manner, and will be sent to all our subscribers.

In gratitude to be allowed to do this work, 
I remain in Love

Jahn J Kassl 

(transated by Franz)

The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
published on this website.