11. Juli 2014


Moved worlds, moving times, moved realities over-all and 
omnipresent is the Light. Because: God’s Lordship has begun! 
The human Being in the center of the change and Mother Earth 
knows the names of her hallowed children, who in these days 
not only ascend themselves, but together with this planet.

The Bridge into the Light is being spread out in front of you. 
You transcend the crystalline field of knowledge, the time of 
your arrival and your glory has come.

You are honored, and loved,
The worlds take a bow in front of you!
They take a bow in front of your Love and your wisdom, 
your kindness and your sympathy, because truly: 
No human Being was rejected by you or left behind, 
and those, who chose this, let it happen, truly according 
to their own will and their own choice.

The Love of a human Being is capable of overcoming everything: 
Hate, fear and malice. And you have overcome – all! 

Love has prevailed, 
Life has attained triumph 
over death and God has 
come home into your hearts. 

How much you are honored, loved and cherished by all 
Kingdoms of Creation, which in this moment take a bow 
in front of you – you, who is infinite consciousness,
in front of you human Being.


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