31. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Self Denial 
Report: Today I perceive every Human Being, whom I encounter, 
as an empty shell. It is Sunday in the afternoon. Noah and I decide 
to go to the Prater in Vienna and do a round with the miniature train. 
On Sundays and with the sun shining, as today, there are always 
many human Beings there, in order to find some recreation in nature. 
Generally the mood of human Beings is happy and jolly, nothing 
seems to interfere, yet I see only lifeless uninhabited human Beings; 
empty eyes wherever I look. I cannot remember to ever so absolutely 
having seen this and to having experienced it so exclusively. 
(End of report)

Beloved Ones
These pictures reveal the mass 
movements in this world! 


The knowledge about the cosmic events is absent among 
human Beings and this in an absoluteness that amazes.
The process continues, whereby human Beings, standing 
on the staircase into the Light, turn around.
These days enter into the eternal books of this 
mankind as the “time of self denial”, because truly: 
Human Beings do not know themselves and do not 
recognize themselves, because the will for it has 
been extinguished in human souls.

Feat of Strength 
This in every respect remarkable assessment requires 
from the light warriors of the first and last hours a renewed 
feat of strength, where it is necessary to remain absolutely 
centered in oneself and to remain oriented toward the ascension, 
because the ignorance and the not-wanting-to-know stretches out 
like a multi-arm Hydra to more and more areas of daily life. 
Today more than ever this fact is true: 
The closer the downfall and the closer the ascension comes, 
the more ambivalent and the more confusing the behavior 
of human Beings becomes; and the more chaotic the vibration 
and the behavior patterns of human Beings become.
Presently the confusion in this world is perfect.

1.) Those, who were receptive for the dark energies, 
have been totally taken over by them.
2.) Those, who could never establish a connection to the 
planetary and cosmic processes, yet still are in possession 
of their own mental and spiritual bodies; now begin to scornfully 
reject any pointer to it.
3.) Those, who without promoting their own purification, 
and were looking forward to the ascension as if falling into 
their lap, will now be vehemently reminded of their unresolved 
issues; and these human Beings have a tendency to doubt 
everything, in order, as they erroneously believe, still not 
having to do their homework.

Wave of Ignorance 
Only those, who stand rock-solid in themselves, 
who are vigilant and clear in every moment, who without 
the spectacles of transience look at this world and the world 
beyond, remain untouched by the massive wave of ignorance, 
which now gushes over this world. Before the Light prevails the 
shadows get bigger, denser and less transparent – almost 
unbearable for the awakened ones. 

The last breath of the world finishes. 

For all ascending ones it is now necessary to recognize 
what is, because your sacred ascension into the Light fulfills 
itself in total ignorance of the overwhelming and great 
number of human Beings.

I am among you! 

The most exciting and most far-reaching 
moments of mankind have begun. 


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