30. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Only the arrival is still outstanding! 

Beloved Ones,
The ascending ones climb the next plateaus of Light, 
overcome any obstacle and they come home
– into the Kingdom of Crystals in Heaven.

I am Logos and Origin of this and many
worlds and I am among you.

God’s Face 
The closer meshed the net of imprisonment lowers 
over mankind, that much closer is liberation, because
 the day of truth has a face, one that the dark ones 
are afraid of and the ascending ones expect: LIGHT. 

“Where were you?” I ask the arriving ones and “why do you 
return into time?” I ask the remaining ones, who refuse to give 
me an answer. Many homes in inner earth, which Heaven has 
prepared for you, remain empty and many worlds are created 
anew, so that those human Beings who take flight from the 
“face” or blind when they see the “face” may obtain new 
possibilities for growth.

Why in the last moment do so many human 
Beings turn away from the Light?

I say to you: The great game on earth was powerful 
in every respect and the dark ones were equal to the 
Light forces in many respects. And therefore they incessantly 
stretched out their tentacles until one after the other a majority 
of the souls ready for ascension was also captured.  

Love alone makes the difference and it is Love 
alone ensuring that Light prevails. 

You are urged to use your Light sword. Do it! Because the 
dark ones use their light swords, wherefrom a cold white light 
emanates and wherewith they separate human Beings and 
create unrest.
The Light sword of a light warrior is equipped with specific 
light qualities, in order to prevail in any confrontation! Guide 
this almighty sword with determination; the one God has given 
to you, do not hesitate to use it, because I say to you: 

Whoever denies his strength is lost! 

One a few reach the mountaintop and the arrival fulfills 
itself only for a small group of human Beings.
And for you, who until last remained anchored in belief, 
created trust through knowledge and despite the warlike 
skirmishes with the dark ones remained in peace until today, 
the path to me has been paved. 

Do not let yourself be blinded by the multitude of 
“light messages”, which announce the new age 
without knowing the new age or not naming it! 

It is still necessary to remain courageous and extremely 
vigilant, because the powers of darkness occupy, wherever 
it is possible for them, human souls and have the areas of 
“religious and spiritual” levels of society deeply penetrated.
And before these dark elements will be gobbled up in the last 
hour of time, they carry out their mischief and recognize 
themselves as rulers of this world.
All of you, who are coming to me into my Kingdom, 
enjoy the all-encompassing protection from God!

All of you, who have been irreversibly captured by 
the suction of ascension, will reach and cross the 
bridges into the Light!

All of you, who remain uninfluenced by the dense manipulation 
of the dark ones, gain eternal Life – because the day that could 
pull you from the light path took flight eternally into Eternity.

This short assessment of the ascension, now, shortly before 
it fulfills itself and now, shortly before the countenance of the 
world changes entirely, because God’s Face reveals itself to the 
world, serves notice in order to become aware of the great number 
of human Beings, who in their last days here on earth deny their
original intentions and determination and accept the offer from 
the dark ones: To inherit this world and to lose eternal Life, 
far from this reality.

Nobody falls, who has not chosen this, nobody will experience 
death, who can gain nothing from the encounter with the Master 
of transience and God will not forget anyone, who is aware of 
Self and who remembers his assignments from the Light, lives 
these and manifests them using all possibilities that are offered.
Everyone comes to me, who searches after me, and whose flame 
of desire has not been extinguished – because it is true: All Life 
was born out of me and the desire for the Source reminds you of 
this Origin.

These days get shorter, time loses its value, 
and space becomes undetermined!
Shortly before the ascension, the world breaks 
apart and the King of the world, that I am, 
knows his children by name….. 

…and I lift you away from this world of 
shadows into the new World of the Light. 

I am you

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