21. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Self-Destruction of the Dark Ones 
Dream: An “Asian Prince” rants and rages in a small village 
in Austria, whereby he exercises the absolute and malicious
control over the inhabitants of the village! All inhabitants only 
wait until the Prince dies. Somehow this is to be expected, 
even though he is still very young – and what human Beings 
expect does happen – the Prince dies and I see his already 
decomposed body on his throne. 

Then I see how evil infects human Beings through the 
transfer of blood. Meaning, nobody dares to get in contact 
with other human Beings. I myself get infected, yet without 
any effect, I remain healthy and clear, it does not touch me. 
Suddenly two red monsters grow at an incredible speed out 
of a drop of blood, which dripped from the hand of a human 

I cut through the monster, which had grown to the size of 
roughly 20 cm within a few seconds, it divides and thereafter 
it procreates and two rapidly growing monsters develop from it. 
And I am shown that these spread over the whole world.
In the last scene I see how these monsters suddenly fight 
against each other, devour each other and exterminate. 
(End of dream)

Beloved Ones in God’s Hand! 

Interpretation: The “Asian Prince” symbolizes the center of 
power, the scepter of darkness that at this time is held in Asia 
and spreads from there to the smallest villages in the world. 
Blood as a death sentence or blood as a guarantee for 
life – depending on which side was chosen – therefore it 
can do nothing to Jahn. 
The most significant scene is the final sequence, 
because this is what is important in this time: 
The dark ones have begun to fight each other and 
to eliminate each other. The broad human masses 
have already fallen for them and the light warriors 
cannot be reached; thereby they no longer have a 
source of energy in this world and they begin to attack 
each other.
Their cohesion in appearance, planning and actions, 
which until now guaranteed the safe ruler ship over this planet,
is gone and therefore they destroy each other. It is important 
to understand that each human Being, who has chosen the Light 
and has trained his consciousness, is protected – there is no 
“danger of infection”, from whatever source and whereby it is 
trying to reach you. 

Manipulations, no matter of what kind, do not
function and do not reach a conscious human Being. 

This dream picture shows that the blood in the body of the 
ascending ones is flowing subtle divine Light. No physical 
human blood can distort or destroy this reality.
In summary: It is a dream picture that describes exactly the 
situation before the “great event”. Descend and uplifting, 
downfall and ascension coexist in a so far unique manner, 
until the separation of all life has occurred, in order to 
attain the unity of all life. (End of interpretation)

Until you’re Light spreads the blessing of Love on all your paths….

Welcome to the Light that I am!
Welcome to the Love that I am!
Welcome to Heaven that in these days 
I create on earth! – This miracle occurs with you 
and on account of you, a miracle that we all worked 
toward for an infinitely long time.

Welcome beloved Gods in human form!
I am among you,

Thus we continue and we begin to bring Light into darkness.
We talked about the courage for truth. And only human Beings, 
who love, can muster this courage.

Courage for Love 
Only those, who love infinitely, are courageous, 
because Love always precedes a courageous action.
Like a loving mother, who sees that the life of her child 
is threatened, seems to overcome everything, in order to shelter 
her child, thereby every human Being, in the moment when he, 
out of a full heart, courageously and throwing everything over 
board, rising up over certain conditions, develops superhuman 
Human Beings, who rise up over darkness, over evil, 
over the multitude of shadow realms in this and other 
worlds, are driven by Love; with courageous action as a 
logical consequence. 

Each courageous deed requires Love and therefore it
requires the “love for truth”, before you can live the 
“courage for truth”. You must love the truth, before 
you are capable to face it, before you can bear it
– before you can bear any truth! 

And this love for truth, which characterizes each true seeker
of God, matures over time in the heart of a human Being.
It requires many existences for it and many experiences 
and gradually only the deep wish, the deep longing for truth 
stays behind. All other needs of a human Being step back, 
dissolve and volatize.
This love for truth is the motivating force of any fundamental 
awareness and therefore many human Beings lack exactly that. 
Meaning that their life cycles on this level of experience still 
cannot be completed.
You ask yourselves: “Why do so many human Beings lack courage?”. 
A lack of love is the basis of this fact. And you ask yourself:
“Why do I so often lack courage?” and I say to you: Your refusal to 
devote yourself with your whole soul to your perfection and to God 
is the basis of this fact. It is the lack of love for yourself and to 
your truth; thereby you block any awareness, which hinders you 
from accurately recognizing the outer events.

Inner as well as outer. Whoever is blind for his truth 
is also deprived of the truth in this world.

Awakening by God 
Yet the time of God’s Grace has come and therefore the 
love for truth can be awakened in any human heart that
is ready for the truth. 

God is your Master; you do not need 
anyone besides HIM. 

And therefore I invite you to bring God’s Grace into your life, 
out of a full heart, which can awaken the love for truth and the 
courage for truth in you. Some human Beings only lack a few 
steps to the ultimate awareness and in the lack of courage the 
awareness stays away, as the bride stays away from the groom, 
because he hesitates in the last moment and becomes uncertain 
of his own matter.
Ask for this Grace and your life will change from the bottom up, 
because it is true: Life means constant change, also then,
as you think that you have already changed everything in your life! 

In these days the Light of Heaven and the Light of Love penetrate
those human Beings, who are ready for ascension, this world. 
This Light affects level upon level, until level upon level dissolves 
or will be strengthened and can lift up into the Light.
Your love affects everything and love always means to know 
the essence of the “Whole”, this “All-That-Is”, to understand
the course of the world and, if required, to courageously get 
in the way, because Love and a loving human Being do not 
take flight from anything or anybody.

To be Light and Love
Obtain these qualities, equip yourself with it.
Do everything in love. If you recognize that you lack love
in any activity, then know: You are wrong! There, where 
dedication does not occur, where joy stays away and divine 
inspiration is lacking, you are in the wrong place! 
Still too many – very many – find themselves in occupations, 
which do not fit their assignments nor correspond with the inner 

And I ask you, also in this situation, to call on God or one of 
your familiar Masters, so that you can heal and recognize, where 
God truly wants you to be in this life. This will inevitably bring 
forth a courageous and conscious human Being.
Recognize the many faces of love and please recognize 
the many faces of illusion. Recognize the deceptions, 
which keep you away from Light, from Life and from Love.

The ascension of this world is irreversible!
I remind every human Being in this world of this.
God’s Grace is omnipresent, I also remind you of this. 
And the day of truth has come.

I am Logos, Life and the all-encompassing reality of this world. 
I am the power that is the basis of this world. Through me this 
earth has been breathed into reality and through me this world 
will be breathed in and inhaled, so that new levels of life can 

Therefore turn to me! Come to me with any worry, with any question. 
What I require from you and the prerequisite for this encounter with 
me is: a heart ready for unconditional transformation.

Then come! I expect you.
The work is still not done.

Because while darkness dissolves and the dark ones destroy 
each other, often times you put your hands into your lap, 
or you close your eyes from the truth, even if it is dim. 
No matter where you stand, wherever you are: 
Be the truth everywhere, so that you may 
become the Light and the Love. 
Foremost love one thing: the truth!
And it is true: The Light and God’s Love interlace everything. 
Recognize this or ask for this awareness, then everything is 
given to you, and then you possess everything.
Do not flee from yourself, because know: 
I love every part of you, every part of you.
How could I do otherwise, because I have 
created every part of you? Truly: You and I, we are one.

There is still little time left in time, in order to take the 
last steps into the Light. Courageous and in Love, powerful 
and determined, without hesitation stepping into the crystalline 
world of Love, wherein I am the omnipresent ruler of all Life.
Come into my Light!
Your life fulfills itself, as soon as you have made this choice. 
Do not worry about this world, worry about yourself, 
as you continue to fall for the illusion of this world. 
The days get shorter, Life becomes eternal, and God 
reveals himself to human Beings. 

Never in the history of mankind has 
this point of the ultimate revelation 
of all Life been reached. 
Today we have reached that point. 

Come to me you Gods that you are!

Remember, the time of farewell has come; 
the time of ascension has begun.
How much you are loved, how much…,
By me


This is the message of the light reading on 
June 27st, 2014 in Vienna.
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correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
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