22. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

What can we say before the farewell?

Beloved Ones,

You have fulfilled, you have manifested, 
and you have climbed the last step of ascension!
The transformation reaches its striking points, where 
the “heralds of the transformation” coming out of the 
shadows enter into the light.

Before the Farewell 
Wave follows wave, the spiritual Light incessantly transforms, 
until the announcement is fulfilled and human Being’s awakening 
in God is completed. Almost on a daily basis the signs of the new
time can be recognized, almost on a daily basis more delicate, 
more powerful and more light-filled energies from the Central 
Sun reach this world. And almost daily the last step of mankind 
into the Light may be expected.

Before the great dying starts, new life is being born; 
before everything turns upside down in this world, the 
Wise Ones of this time complete their last circle of life, 
the infinite journey through time and space.
The Powers of Heaven are omnipresent and they are among you.
As Human among human Beings, as Angel among Angels; 
and only very few can see, can hear, can experience how 
these Beings spread out and expand their Light in this world, 
until the old time, the old space-time continuum has been 
driven out and abandoned.
Mankind is barely aware of the value and the power of these 
days and therefore the “zero hour” reaches the tired souls of 
human Beings during the sleep and they wake up, not anymore 
in this, but in another world.

A Great Star breaches the silence and falls 
on the ground; and this one lifts the planet 
onto the new pathway. Bolts from Heaven, 
water floods, fire from Heaven pave the ground of the 
new world.

Time is fertile, human Beings are rich in 
knowledge and this world lives in unity with God.
Societies grow together and under the guidance of 
Great Masters new worlds are being created, new levels 
of life being born and new steps in awareness being 
opened for the ignorant ones.
Whoever gives himself to the Light, will be taken 
in by the Light; will grow further, before he enters into Heaven.

Now the time has come, to still wring the ultimate value from 
time, whereby you turn your back to space and time in Love 
and in gratitude.

Human Being awakened, Mankind having become aware
– ready for the transfer into the Light, and we expect you, 
we, who we are the Guardians of this World.


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