20. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

The “light of truth” precedes the love, 
before it may become an all-encompassing 
reality for a human Being, and has truth been 
satisfied, has truth been accepted and recognized, 
then the soil has been prepared for love and the “light 
of love” shines unrestrictedly from a Being.

Logos und Life on all levels,
I am the Love, the Way and the Truth – on all levels.

To become light, to be light and to live the light-filled 
reality that you are; what does that mean and how 
can it be attained?

Light of Truth 
The basis of any awareness is the truth and it becomes 
more significant as you aim for the awareness of God and 
you want to attain it. The “golden rule” of any enlightenment, 
any deep awareness, is the human will, the courage and the 
steadfastness wanting to go to the bottom of the truth in all 
things; and leads directly to the uplifting of a human Being.
The Light is required in order to bring forth the truth, so that 
any unclear condition can be brought into clarity. Each human 
Being, who serves the truth, stands in this Light, and – either 
consciously or unconsciously – these human Beings are truly to 
be respected as light warriors of this time. 

Before Love takes possession of a Being, it is necessary 
to confront the truth, any truth, only then love manifests 
and grows, love that can ripen to unconditional reality.
Most human Beings still back off from the encounter with the truth.

The truth on all levels of life, in individual areas and in the global 
dimensions, does not want to be looked at and recognized, and so 
what is, is being denied, only to keep alive old habits in thinking 
and doing, the old ideas about oneself and the world.
With respect to the present geopolitical developments on 
this earth, many human Beings still lack to look at the circumstances, 
and many lack to recognize the culprits; and the shyness is great 
to name these sources.

While the fanfares of ascension sound for mankind, 
human Beings no longer remember this call from Heaven 
and only a few feel called – the sacred memory of God at 
the end of time dies away into nowhere.
Everything remains as it seems, and while you trust the 
illusion more than the truth of the Light, this world gets off 
track in front of your eyes and the illusion is replaced by the 
reality in God. And many light warriors turn away from this reality, 
they back off from the light of truth and they avoid recognizing
the right allocations.
They embrace the world in a frenzy of love, without reflection 
and artificially hyped up; and if there would be more, even that 
would be just good enough; and thereby they inexcusably neglect 
their homework, to wring the whole truth from this manifestation 
level of All-That-Is.

Nothing purifies and happens by itself, everything happens 
out of one intention, clear and powerful, an intention that 
creates good or evil.
And this evil, the conditions, which reflect the lack of light are 
banned and ignored, even though they are omnipresent. You flee 
into cloudy meditations instead of rising up with your light swords 
against the unwelcome guests, who romp about in your meditation 
chambers. Many human Beings still meet this necessity very negligently 
and therefore many must miss the decisive forks in the road to the 
Light, because due to an insufficient ability to distinguish they are 
receptive to the heralds of darkness.

This time is the time of truth and each event serves the truth, 
even though it seems that the lie has covered the whole world 
like a grey carpet. I say to you: Before you return into eternal 
Life as loving Gods, you must mature to truth loving human 
Beings, who recognize every false condition due to the Light 
that you are. If you recognize these connections, you recognize 
what accounts for a fertile ground for a fulfilled human life in this 
world; it is the truth of the Light that precedes any loving intention.

Courage for Truth 
In this time of times discover your courage, mostly the 
courage to yourself, to the truth in you.
Meaning, push all religious and esoteric belief patterns, 
which keep you impotent, from the pedestal of false pride, 
the poorly lit tabernacle in you. Unleash your fury about the 
conditions in this world and your lacking willingness in order 
to bring yourself into awareness about the true connections 
of these upheavals. Yes, fury is a strong carrier for transformation, 
as it can be consciously discharged and will be transformed into 
understanding on a higher level.

Yet do not hold back in the false assumption that fury 
does not befit a peace-loving light warrior or is inappropriate 
for an ascending one. Unleash your anger, so that it does not 
permanently eat into your soul, a melting pot for all injustices 
and impositions, which you still encounter.
Until the anger can also yield on a higher level to the peaceful 
contemplation of all life, it is necessary to act it out and to direct 
it to where it should be directed – to the origin and to the trigger 
point. Because many of your sensations and feelings have clear 
addressees, but you hesitate, out of fear or ignorance, to confront 
these with your anger or fury.

Thereby many suppressed emotions and feelings slumber 
in your hearts. And thereby what cries for life remains not lived, 
based on falsely understood healing and salvation patterns, which 
were suggested to you by the churches or by the esoteric movement.
To guide the light sword means, to face darkness, to deal with it, 
and not to consider them redeemed due to insistent ignorance of 
things and situations, which still wait for redemption.
Today the light of truth on all levels is the indispensable 
necessity, so that you can separate the chaff from the wheat 
and to be able to strike the right allocations – so that your 
ascension still fulfills itself before the end of time.

Before you say, all is light, all is love, say that all is 
truth that I am – after that orient your life accordingly.
Love can be recognized as love, as it is freed from all ideas 
about what it is, and light is light as it can do its work 
through a clear channel of truth.

We come to the end of this message. I say to you: 
Recognize your false belief patterns, 
because these are the greatest hindrance 
for your ascension. Imprisoned is the one, who 
considers his imprisonment as freedom and who shies 
away from true freedom, because it does not even for 
an instance offer the familiar securities.
Liberate yourself from the fallacy that a little bit of courage 
and God’s Grace will bring everything on its way – because 
before much can be given to you, you must be ready to let go 
of the illusion of old securities in thinking, speaking and acting. 

Be human Beings and divine at the same time, 
whereby you love being human and accept it; 
and aim for the divine, whereby all being human 
is overcome, and pursue it with all your strength. 

If you meet injustice in this world, rise up!
If you meet ignorance in yourself, rise up!
Rebel against your own sluggishness, because any 
turning back begins with the liberation from adopted 
thinking patterns and with the change in familiar manners 
of acting.
Your love has no power, if it is not based on truth, 
your light is dim, if you cover up the dark spots in your 
soul or if you negate the darkness on earth, and your 
transformation is incomplete and half, if you continue to 
trust the half-truths of the false prophets.

Trust only one: God and yourself. And God and you are One.
Strength, courage and determination bring everything on its 
way that is sketched out for you, the path toward the 
all-fulfilling union with God. 

The truth comes first and the Light is its best servant
– then everything will be light and bright, 
then Love enters in, Love that is truthful and pure, 
like a spring that has not touched any hand. 

I am infinite
I am

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