12. Juli 2014


channeld by Jahn J Kassl
transated by Franz

Report: Since a few days ago my beloved Son NOAH casts 
out and fights “Ghosts”, as he emphasizes. Thereby he grabs
a colored wooden stick, puts on a very stern facial expression, 
and also the body posture of a “Samurai Warrior” and says 
very loudly: “With my light sword I kill ghosts, which are evil, 
I do not want them in our home.” Thereby he asks me to do 
likewise. After such an action, I ask him, what will happen to 
the ghosts. NOAH: “First they go into the earth, and then 
into Heaven.” (End of report).

Beloved Ones,
What is natural for still young human Beings,
is most of the time buried in “adults”: 
The clear perception through and with the third eye.

Children as Masters 
Noah sees different beings, which he does not want to be 
near him. This determination of his is an example for “adult” 
human Beings! Because too often individual human Beings 
have a lack of determination, when dealing with dark energies 
and human Beings, which carry these into a home, in order to 
clearly set boundaries.
Each ascending one has been equipped with a 
light sword, so that he manages it wisely and uses it; 
this is what this message reminds us of.
The killed ghosts go first into earth, means that these beings 
initially fall back into transience and lose their life, “ashes to 
ashes, dust to dust”, in order to ascend after a long time and 
enter into Heaven. At first the return to earth occurs, to the 
reality of space-time and only then can Heaven be inherited.

Decisive Action 
The repeated urging of Noah, that Jahn should also 
cast out the “ghosts”, means, that it is necessary to be vigilant.
Desperate dark energies, souls and soul fragments, think of yet
very unusual strategies, in order to have access to light warriors
of the first and last hours – wherefrom they can get new energy.
In summary this means for this time quality: 
The last purifications can happen more 
harmoniously and will be affected less; 
the more determined one 
encounters the dark forces. 

Children serve as the measure of all things, because children 
see what is usually hidden to adults and because children 
have a natural access to all their feelings and impulses and 
are willing to immediately act them out. Children whose freedom 
has not been taken away or has not been forbidden, today are 
the Masters of the “adults”. Therefore look into the eyes of 
these children and as they instruct you to do this or that, 
examine exactly, if you are dealing with a humanly childish 
or with a fully conscious divine impulse of the child.

Because as soon as a child casts off its “being a child” 
for a few minutes, the all-knowing divinity comes forth 
and it is prudent to always comply with it under all 

We go forth and with sure steps and unfailingly we 
arrive in the Light. Dark demons appear and must again 
disappear as quickly as they appeared, because:
The light warriors, with respect to the massive interferences 
in their lives by the dark ones, have determined for themselves, 
to immediately, without compromise and decisively, use their 
light sword. And this new mode of behavior removes the 
evil at its root or before it can even set any roots.

These days bring everything out into the open.
Trust your eyes in all that you see, because Light and 
darkness alternate with each other in these days, in constantly 
recurring rings. Therefore: 

Become like children, act in the moment 
and based on your all-knowing divine spirit.

In infinite Love.
I am among you, 


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