26. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Human hearts open. Healed and freed from all injuries, 
the empathy flows into this world and what has been 
impossible so far, becomes possible.

In these days Light, healing and God’s Grace interlace all 
hearts of ascending human Beings. This fact creates the 
vibration that is presently necessary so that lack of love 
ends and the epoch of human and God’s Love begins.

Heart Opening 
In these days the hearts will be opened for all human Beings, 
who keep themselves ready for the ascension. The almighty 
power of Love fulfills human Beings and flows into the world. 
Healing of injured human hearts get completed before the 
ascension is completed.

All experiences of pain, which were ever suffered and
endured or were also desired, will be end before the 
arrival in Heaven is realized.
Love prevails and in these great days of humanity gains 
overriding importance. Freed from the massively disturbing 
fields of time, in these days the new status of the ascending 
human Beings will be anchored. This status lifts these human 
children unto a new step of Being, onto a new level of Light and 
into a so far unknown reality – wherein the Light does not cast 
any shadows and wherein life is immortal.

This exacting and over all measures turbulent epoch demands 
everything from the light warriors of the first and last hours. 
Now however, we enter a new phase of this transformation, 
and the divine Light interlaces the path to your arrival; 
and the stray paths in the shadow world are gone.

It has been fulfilled! 
It has been fulfilled together with you and on account of 
human Beings! The ascending ones stand in front of the fruits 
of their work, and the remaining ones inherit an expanse of rubble
and call it their own, while they are destined for further loops in 
awareness in time and space.
The Heaven on Earth now blossoms for the ascending ones. 
The negative forces, the dark energies, the stagnant ramifications 
of this space-time have fulfilled their assignments and have fulfilled 
their work for humanity in order to become conscious. What still 
has to be done, has to be affected and what has to be? 
(In this moment a gorgeous young boy of roughly two years – I sit in 
the guest garden of an ice café – beams at me and does not want 
to look away from me.) 

What is needed is to reveal the “countenance of Love” to humanity, 
to unveil the “face of empathy” to all human Beings. Thereby past, 
present and future of humanity will renew and will be rewritten.

Human Beings, who have never tasted life, obtain new hope 
and a new path opens for them, an escape from the reality 
that they themselves have created.
Each one who is ready from the bottom 
of their hearts, can and will ascend, 
and each human Being today receives an enormous inflow 
of spiritual Light, due to God’s fields of grace and the fields
of grace of awakened human Beings. 
And God’s Light eternally engraves itself on the cellular 
level of human Beings, also of the nonbelievers; until the 
day of remembrance also dawns for these human Beings.

You have fulfilled all and you are ready to go far beyond this 
extent. You know that you have “attained a doctorate” and 
that you have completed your assignments; And yet you are the 
ones to serve until last for the completion of your human siblings. 

On the level of our souls, any energy is 
attuned to love and the free flow of love. 

And therefore the inexhaustible spring of all life streams 
out from our hearts, in order to flow to human Beings and to 
pour out into this world.
Your time has truly come, just like the time has come 
for this world. Detachment, separation and the swan 
song of space-time; all this happens now.
The miracle fulfilled itself in your hearts, while the miracle 
occurred in this world. You have healed your hearts and now 
the dark forces, which have held you captive until today, can 
never again monopolize you, reach you or deny fulfillment in 
your days.

It has happened! 
It occurred; in you and on you, and therefore it now 
happens in this world and for this world.
Mother Earth uplifts itself and takes human Beings with 
her into the Light. The day of days, the hour of hours, 
the moment that does not know time any longer or any 
space, has come. In Eternity.
The love of human Beings prevailed over hate; 
God’s Light has triumphed and illuminated darkness.
Healed and perfected, human Beings now complete the 
healing in this world.

The dawn of the “great day” pulls up…., whoever loves God 
and human Beings will inherit life and enters into the Light.
Whoever resonates with God’s Light and remains in Love, 
great things augur for him and his arrival in Heaven is assured.

Think clearly, distinguish with your heart, 
act decisively and recognize life as an act of Love.

I am,
The eternal servant of humanity.
The healing reality of all Life.
The Light, wherein each heart is restored to health.


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Farewell – SANAT KUMARA: