28. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: For several days I notice how people in day to 
day situations want to be close to me, by asking me for this 
or that, but foremost asking for city directions. In most cases 
these are energetically and physically highly unpurified people
and I have absolutely no desire to engage myself with anybody, 
because I see that they use the question as an “excuse” in order 
to get into my energy field. 
Dream: I see different animals and a flock of very small birds. 
I am told that it is necessary to respect these animals, because 
they carry strayed souls with them, and bring them into the 
otherworld, so that they may not get totally lost. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,
And so it happens that Human Beings desperately and overstepping 
all boundaries, search for hold and energy by – asking “for 
directions”. In these days many human Beings lose their 
orientation in this world. And this is where animal siblings of 
human Beings come into play.

Animals as Guides 
Indeed, Animals not only can take on much pain and suffering 
of human Beings on the psychic level and as a substitute for them, 
at least to a certain degree, help to release these, but they can 
also accompany strayed souls into the twilight or into the Light. 

Today many of the unstable and not oriented toward God 
souls of these “asking human Beings” can be absolutely disoriented 
due to consciousness altering substances, drugs and electromagnetic 
influences. In case of the death of the physical vehicle, these souls 
stray desperately or they are not aware that they “have died”.

This prolongs the stay in a very bleak 4D world, where it is very 
difficult for them to get out of their labyrinth without help. The 
lower 4D levels are full of souls or soul fragments, which cannot 
enter into the Light or do not even want to.  
Some souls, whose desire for the Light has not been entirely buried, 
get support in this manner from the animal siblings, so that the gates 
of the Light may be recognized and the light bridges, which Heaven 
on earth has erected for the ascension of mankind, can be trespassed.

Based on the fact that on this level only very few Masters have 
the task to care directly for the salvation of the soul of a Human 
Being, animal siblings have taken on the service for the return of
not entirely given up for lost human souls to more light-filled
realms in All-That-Is.

Individual animals or groups of animals are in service of 
this divine Grace and they act as “pilots through darkness”, 
so that those human Beings, whose desire for God has not 
been entirely buried, will obtain help and justice will be done 
to them.

Questions and Answers 
The decisions have been made! And this is so obvious that 
the “asking human Beings”, as reported by Jahn, will not get 
an answer anymore; unless they face their own questions and 
answers, whereby they search for ways in themselves and direct 
related questions to their inner Being. 

The time for the game of questions and answers, 
whereby the asking ones use their laziness and the 
answering ones give their best to show off their ignorance, 
is definitely over. 

Today only those questions count, which come from the depth 
of the soul and were born in the purity of the soul. Who gets 
lost in the fabric of space-time, does not have the capacity for
this and will until last delegate the responsibility, will continue 
to rob energy and will continue this errant behavior until the 
“zero hour”. Who today allegedly asks for directions, and hires 
others, will be denied the answer.
The time for it has run out and most of the newly ascending 
Masters have attuned themselves to their new assignments in 
All-That-Is and in these days will be fully aligned to it.

Keeping the Flame of Desire alive 
The time of the familiar direct schooling of “Master to Student” 
is essentially over. What has been an extremely effective vehicle 
in order to awaken individual human Beings is in this time of 
self-empowerment inadequate. And therefore there are only a few
individual Masters still among you, who, until the last day of days, 
have devoted and committed themselves to this sacred and beyond 
all measures demanding task. In summary it is necessary to interpret 
these two pictures (Report & Dream, remark JJK) as follows:

1.) The time for absolute self-responsibility and self-empowerment 
has come – for everyone! For some a blessing, for others a difficult 
and almost impossible exercise; and an unsolvable task, because 
until today they have not obtained the capacity to manage it.

2.) Human Beings, who would miss the way into the Light or by 
themselves the way into the twilight of a 4D world, yet in case 
the desire for God has not been entirely extinguished in their souls, 
receive in the form of their animal siblings “pilots to the underworld”, 
so that they do not get totally lost in space-time and can enter into 
more light-filled worlds.

3.) Every life is being cared for, everything is entrusted 
in God’s care! The all-one matter of individual human 
Beings is and remains: Keeping the Flame of Desire to God alive.

Whoever stokes this fire will recognize the way and 
will find entry into the Light – with or without assistance.

Call on the golden-violet Flame of transformation, 
so that I may enter into your life. 

You know the Way, because you are the Way. 

I am

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