23. Juli 2014

Invocation of the Gold-Violet Flame - Dr. Georgi Stankov

to Reveal the Truth 


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

...And please keep in mind that you are the new Logos 
Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy, and all incarnated 
souls on all timelines of Gaia are obliged to follow your 
decisions and decrees …“,

writes the author Dr. Georgi Stankov in this guest column, 
which was exclusively put together for the Lichtwelt portal.
Becoming Gods of the ascending ones is the theme in these 
days and connected with it is our divine power of creation, 
which we are now being confronted with. Indeed, this is the
 most powerful encounter a human Being can experience 
while living on earth.
Today, here and now it is at first necessary to become aware 
of our new position as “Creator Gods and Guardians of the 
new Galaxy” and thereby appear accordingly. This means:

1.) Power has been given to us in order to use it.
2.) The end of darkness, because the dark ones are called 
by name and are recognized as what they are. 
3.) The time of awakening is now.

For that it is necessary that we move from passivity to activity.  
Which means, due to orders and mandates, make life impossible 
for the dark Gestalts in this world and bring their plans to fail. 
Yes, also this is in our hands and even more, it is the sacred 
duty of a Creator God of the Light to flood darkness with your 
The crash of flight MH17 served – according to the diabolic 
script – in order to start another World War. The mass media 
reporting moves consequently in that direction until today.

Yet we can end these conditions! Now. How? 
Whereby we become aware now of our newly 
acquired power as Creator Gods and now become 
active in this affair.

And to become active means, to make decisive use 
of the invocation of the gold-violet flame, which is 
published in this contribution, in order to experience the truth, 
not only about flight MH17, but also about the other backgrounds 
of the upheavals on this level.
Our journey into the Light continues and we have 
arrived at a turning point in time, when all events 
change to the better. Which means: „…the complete 
revelation of absolute truth about this reality.“  
Due to the power of our mandates.

In gratitude to be able to publish this invocation 
of the gold-violet flame now and in the certitude that 
this publication will benefit the world and will be a 
blessing for mankind, I remain 
In Love
Jahn J Kassl 

Invocation of the Gold-Violet Flame 
to Reveal the Truth 
by Dr. Georgi Stankov

All light warriorrs of the first and last hours should focus 
these days on the crime of the Western cabal, in cahoot 
with the Nazi Putsch Government in Kiev, to shoot down 
the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over the war zone of 
Southeast Ukraine, in the district of Donetsk, in order to 
fuel the war conflict in this part of the world and trigger a 
Third World War, because this incident is of paramount 
importance for the further development of the ascension 
scenario on the ground. 

At this place I would like to make all the light warriors of 
the first and the last hours aware of the fact that you have 
now become Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy, 
which is now splitting from this quadrant of the omniverse 
and is ascending with Gaia as its focal point of crystallisation 
to new higher dimensions. You have immeasurable powers and 
you are beginning to be aware of your creative might.

Hence I urge you, based on the information given as a 
link below as to keep you well informed, to invoke the 
gold-violet flame of Ascension and immediate Creation, 
given to us by St Germain and to decree an immediate 
and full revelation of the real perpetrators of this crime. 
As soon as a sufficient number of the world population 
(I am being told by my HS that 10% to 20%, roughly one 
billion people will be fully sufficient) realizes the truth and 
learn what is really going on on this planet, this energetic 
discharge of collective outrage and anger will reach the 
necessary threshold of confrontation, when the dark ruling 
cabal and politicians will be ousted by the forces of light 
from their positions of power and will trigger the paradigm 

And these forces of light are we - the light warriors 
of the first and the last hours and the new creator gods.
At this point in time, some of us will transfigure and immediately 
appear as ascended masters in front of humanity on this uppermost 
timeline to take over the leadership of that portion of humanity that
 is ready to ascend to the new 4D worlds in the new galaxy, which 
we have already created and are now being populated with new 
souls from all over the omniverse.

This will be the beginning of our overt mission as Logos Gods 
and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. All the publications 
and messages from Jahn J Kassl and myself, which I have 
published in the last few days, as well as some more to come, 
consistently give you this information and assurance, and you 
should re-read them very carefully, as to internalize the actual 
course of the ascension scenario in these last days and not 
allow being mired by the disarray of chaotic 3D events peaking 
currently on the ground.

And please keep in mind that you are the new Logos Gods 
and Guardians of the new Galaxy, and all incarnated souls 
on all timelines of Gaia are obliged to follow your decisions 
and decrees as long as they are made to the highest good of 
All-That-Is, which in the current End Time is the complete 
revelation of the absolute truth about this reality.

Hence say this short invocation of the gold-violet flame 
to create this situation of revelation with regard to the 
true cause of the crash of the Malaysia airplane MH17 
over Ukraine.

Herewith, I ( say your full name), 
the new Logos God of Gaia and Guardian 
of the new Golden Galaxy, which I now 
ascend with the help of the Source, 
decree in the name of the Source and 
All-That-Is that the whole truth about 
the true cause for the shooting down 
of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 over the 
district of Donetsk, Ukraine on July 17th 
will be immediately revealed and the 
perpetrators personally named and made 

Let this revelation trigger a chain of 
further sweeping revelations that will 
change profound this reality and prepare 
the fruitful ground for the ascension of 
Gaia, part of humanity and the new Galaxy 
to higher dimensions. And so be it, 
and so be it, and so be it.

Repeat this invocation as often as you can, 
but no less than three times.

Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in c
lose approach to MH17 before crash - Moscow 

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