16. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: It is raining cats and dogs. A group of people demonstrates
for something and moves peacefully and unaffected by the weather 
through the streets of the city. Initially I stand on the sidewalk of 
the street and observe the scene, until I suddenly find myself in
the first row of the demonstration, even though I do not participate 
in this protest or want to participate. In succession I am fully involved 
in this event whereby I coordinate further demonstrations in the 
whole country. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream shows that in all upheavals, which presently happen 
on earth, it is only about one thing: The spiritual truth, which is 
the foundation of each organization, every idea, and every impulse. 
And exactly that is lacking from all protests on this earth – the total 
lack of a spiritual reality of all life and the absence of a relation to God.

3D-Revolution Movements 
Thereby these demonstrations and revolts must be limited 
to the 3D world and end in the typical 3D manner, because 
they are led by human Beings that only aware of 3D. 

The actual transformation of society and the world 
is only possible with and through God! 

This connection with the origin, with the Light that we 
all are, is still being mildly ridiculed or blinded out on 
this level where the protests presently take place.
Therefore any change that is exclusively oriented toward 
the 3D level is barely worth mentioning, because here 
ignorant people face other ignorant people. 
The missing awareness to recognize human Beings 
and the world as a spiritual reality is the main error 
in every revolution.

This dream shows that the spiritualization of revolts and 
protests must take place before they can be successful. 
And what happens to Jahn, without wanting it, points to 
the fact that foremost spiritual leadership, the Light on the 
mount, is required and less the economic or geopolitical 
leadership of whatever kind, in order to change this world 
and permanently raise it to a higher vibrating reality and 
keep it there.
In summary: This dream points to the rampant absence of
spirituality in the actual revolution movements. This awareness 
is presently missing in almost all projects, which are affected by 
human Beings who want to escape from the 3D matrix.
And now this limitation gradually dissolves. Thereby the 
events regarding the transformation to a new human society 
obtain a new dynamic, because A transformation without a 
relation to God remains smoke and mirrors and evaporates 
before it is even established.

Self-Enslavement of Humanity 
All past revolts on the 3D level, even though at first sight 
they were very often crowned with success, were destined for
failure until finally the established system prevailed. 
An eliminated slavery was followed by a new imposition with 
the characteristic that the newly found freedom was rarely 
recognized as a new enslavement. Whereas centuries ago 
human Beings were forced to perform labor, today this coercion 
is no longer necessary, because one has succeeded to sell to 
humanity the yoke of work- and consumption terror as a new 
freedom. The trick is to bring an individual human Being to the 
point of putting on the shackles by himself. And this has happened! 
The area-wide manipulations in all areas of living of human 
Beings are the result.
True freedom and actual liberation is only possible through 
and with God, because only in the Light of the Creator can 
Creation be understood on all levels.

Religions are a-spiritual 
Here neither the religious binding to a church is talked about 
nor something is demanded from the religions, which contradicts 
their nature. Religions per se are a-spiritual, because they must 
keep human Beings on this earth in lack and in sin, in order to 
thereby justify their existence. Human Beings will and never can 
learn the truth about their Being, because any truth would lead 
any religion ad absurdum. Therefore human Beings are cleverly 
kept away from the truth, whereby the churches only suggest 
knowledge about the last things. A “truth placebo” cleverly 
created and dished up by the churches, because they are 
aware that an awakened human Being and an awakened 
mankind would withdraw any legitimacy in this world from 
them. So far on this subject.

Spiritual Enrichment of Revolts 
Regarding the upheavals on this level in 
conclusion it is to be recorded:
These are now being enriched with spiritual reality, 
the eternal divine nature of human Beings. This is done 
so that a part of this society can ascend to the higher 4D 
realms. For that the current spiritual leaders, the human Beings, 
whose Light shines on the mount, have come to this earth and 
are in large numbers among human Beings. As many revolts as 
happened so far have also failed. Even if these, often until today, 
were portrayed as a huge success, one removed imposition was 
followed by the next intolerability, in a new garment and with 
a new coating.

The current upheavals on earth shall bring a far-reaching 
transformation with it and free the path of human society 
on different 4D earth holograms for the step-by-step ascension 
to one of the upper 4D levels.
Thereby the first group of demonstrators in this world will be 
spiritually enriched. And this dream picture gives testimony of it.

With these words to it, I bless each child of humanity, 
which is ready to receive this blessing.
Do it likewise you, who are ready, because: 

Your blessing hand is the first permanent sign 
of the sibling-like nature of all human Beings on earth. 

In infinite Love


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