18. Juli 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
tranlated by Franz

Appeal to our Politicians, 
who despite the increasing opposition 
in the population, continue with the TTIP 
and TiSA negotiations with the USA.

Stop the TTIP and TiSA-Treaties with the USA and immediately 
break off the negotiations, because in case of an agreement: 
1.) Gene Food and the unlimited use of pesticides 
gain access into Europe!
2.) Worker rights, safety standards for food and the 
environment will be abolished!
3.) The health system, water and public institutions 
will be privatized!
4.) Democracy will be de facto abolished, because
a.) the negotiations are already done in “secret”,
which is unacceptable and absolutely undemocratic and
b.) Corporations obtain the right to sue States
– in front of an arbitration panel staffed by corporate people.

I urge all politicians, who are involved in these negotiations – even 
only on the side – to break off the negotiations and to leave the 
negotiating table! I ask all European Heads of State to VETO the 
eventually negotiated treaty by the European Commission!

Just the fact itself that the EU even considers such a treaty is smut!
Yet an undersigned treaty would be equal to political barbarism and 
equal to a direct attack on the lives of the citizens, because thereby 
the right of human Beings for gene free nutrition would be torpedoed 
and the basic rights of people for self-determination would be 
Eugenicists like Bill Gates, who by means of vaccinations wants 
to reduce world population or the UN special envoy to Haiti (2010) 
Bill Clinton, who offered Monsanto Gene Corn as help in feeding 
the citizens of Haiti after a disastrous earthquake, certainly 
were thereby enjoyed, but we should be afraid of it!
The Farmers on Haiti suffering from bitter poverty burning 
the Monsanto seeds show that it is possible and also how it works.

We must see the facts: 
The US Free Trade Agreement directly 
opposes all our life and the signing of the 
treaty is to be absolutely expected by our 
politicians (see ESM) against all present 

Therefore it is necessary to increase the pressure 
on our politicians, so that the fate of research animals 
is spared from us.

Wake up! Signature actions have already been initiated.
Write to “your politicians” or talk to them, do not stand still, 
because the total affront to our life requires any imaginable 
resistance and it is our sacred duty:

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the
State becomes lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt.” 
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Jahn J Kassl

Select one of these campaigns for your signature: 
Kronen Zeitung Kampagne: www.krone.at/unterschrift
Attac-Kampagne: http://www.attac.at/kampagnen/abkommen-eu-usa-stoppen/ttip-was-ist-das.html
Bürgerinitiative im österreichischen Parlament: 

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