19. Juli 2014


Discovery Work in God’s Grace

To bid farewell from the world of darkness and enter 
into the world of Light.
To bid farewell from every manifestation in this world, 
because you will never again experience it from the 
viewpoint of a human Being.
To bid farewell from happiness and suffering, 
which this level of experience let you partake, 
because happiness as well as suffering remain guests, 
either welcome or unwelcome, as the conscious turning 
away from it has been omitted.

Beloved Ones,

And now we would like to turn our attention to this transitory world, 
the transitory happiness, the transitory suffering, so that until the 
hour that is forthcoming, you will be freed from all inner energetically 
effective links to this world.

What keeps me back? 
Please ask yourself the one all moving question:
“What is it that still keeps me in this world?”
Is it my assignments or is it still unfinished experiences 
with human Beings or in situations?
Go deep inside regarding this issue and I will give you the 
answer. If it is your assignments, which keep you on this level, 
then you have recognized and you will finish what you 
were born for. Is it human Beings, situations or events, 
which you can still not let go?
In that case ask for the gift of awareness, 
because the actual freedom of the ascending
ones is in the fact to be able to let go in freedom 
from every human Being and be able to leave them.
What about my children? What about my loved ones? 
Do I have to leave all of them behind, without looking 
back, go on until the Light has taken me in entirely? 
A path without turning back, that can only be taken 
in this manner?

Truly I say to you: Those, who have fulfilled God’s will, 
will enter into the Light together with you.

And those, who have subjected themselves to the human 
will, will remain on this level, no matter how connected you 
are to them, in order to continue to live until awareness and 
knowledge comes forth from them.

Nobody can change the choice of a human Being due to 
insistent holding on and clinging on, due to not wanting 
to let go or not being able to change it!
What happens is that those, whose cling on to situations 
and human Beings, will stay behind, because they lose 
themselves in the fate of their neighbor.

Let go 
Look behind and let go. Look behind in Love and release your 
loved ones into the slavery they have chosen for themselves, 
which they consider to be freedom, because they cannot follow 
your track into the Light. 

Your children are not your children,
and they are God’s children. 

And therefore you all are God’s children and children of the Light. 
Every human Being springs forth from the one Source and returns 
to it, where we will see each other again and will celebrate the 
great welcome festivity in the Now. 
Let go; release everything and all into freedom, 
because for all and everything it has been taken 
care of in abundance. At the end of time and close to the 
last days, your worry about your children and your loved ones 
germinates. Rid yourself of these and know:  

Each life is in God’s care. 

Now detach from all human Beings, who want to bind you to 
this level, who want to keep you from ascension, because they 
have made a totally different choice – their choice. Release, 
whereby you become aware of these images and then 
consciously separate from these faces of time and let go.
Ask that all energetic links be cut to this or other human 
Beings, to this or other situations: it occurs.
Because also those, who will return to this world after 
the great event, will descend as great Masters and not 
as human Beings, as the ones when they have left this world.

To bid farewell from all levels, from all levels of this world. 
The time is ripe for it and has come now. 
Entrust every part of your Self and every part of 
your relationships, in the community or in the closest 
circle of your “family”, to God’s wisdom; you will become 
light and be free, the hour of bliss awaits you. 

What hinders me from ascension, and who keeps me back? 
Your readiness and your will to release all bonds to this level 
bring liberation and gift the freedom to those, who you are 
attached to.

This is the work of discovery at this time, and you shall 
and can call on ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and myself to come 
into your presence, as you are ready to ascend into God’s Heaven.

I am that - Love, Light und Life


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

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