17. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones,

Keep yourself ready for the great transformation of all Life. 
What happened so far was the attunement for the great throw.   
Everything serves you in order to set the steps into the Light 
in lightness and with sovereignty. 

Keep yourself ready, the almighty light 
sword of God separates the worlds and 
no rock remains on top of the other. 

The warrior, who wants to be victorious, goes well prepared
into the battle; the warrior, who wants to triumph, goes well 
equipped into the fight; handling the light sword, applying the 
power of distinction, determined and courageous, until it is 
fulfilled what he was sent for and what he was born for.

The awakening of mankind continues and reaches level 
upon level. And each level changes and is touched by it 
in a unique manner. Therefore today it is necessary to assign 
each revolution on earth to the right level, meaning, to define 
the matrix wherein it happens, because truly:
The ascension into the fifth dimension of All-That-Is 
happens far from travail for the ascending ones, who still 
recall the scenes on lower vibrating worlds.
The healings of this earth and of this mankind happen on all levels. 
And every level is affected by it according to its specific reality.
Nothing is, as it seems to you, because the infinite variety of 
God’s Creation reveals to you the characteristic of appearance 
and reality.

Beloved Ones,

Everything finds its way back to God and each 
life is reborn as it asks for this birth! 

God’s reality reaches the world and God’s 
omnipresence completes the great circle of Life. 
In Eternity. 

I am


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Invokation for Ascension – ASANA MAHATARI: