18. Juli 2014

Washington’s Arrogance Will Destroy Its Empire
 - Paul Craig Roberts


74 seconds, this is how much time US Secretary of State and 
member of the death sect „Skull & Bones“ John Kerry, on 
July 15th 2014, devoted for his Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz. 

VIENNA —Joint efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry 
and three other Western foreign ministers failed Sunday to 
advance faltering nuclear talks with Iran, with the target 
date for a deal only a week away. 

During this time, Kerry neither had the time nor the courtesy 
to properly meet the representative from the host country.
Sebastian Kurz had 74 seconds on the taxiway of the airport in 
Vienna in order to confront Kerry about the spy allegations. 
And one saw how an Austrian Foreign Minister had to make 
himself noticeable like a petitioner or ordinary bystander, 
in order to get some time with the departing US politician. 

„Good to see you Kurz“ twittered Kerry thereafter and made 
it even worse. Because on the level of top-level politicians to 
casually pass on something to a counterpart over Twitter, shows 
that Austria (and not only Austria) is treated by the USA below 
the level of their perception.

But the USA are also being dealt with by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
who in his article, which is also published here, points out exactly 
the “American exceptionalism” and describes whereby the US empire 
breaks apart in these days, namely: because of its arrogance. 

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Jahn J Kassl

Washington’s Arrogance 
Will Destroy Its Empire
Washington reeks of the stench of evil 
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 

Alone among the governments in the world, 
Washington requires sovereign governments to follow 
Washington’s laws even when Washington’s laws contradict 
the laws of sovereign countries.

The examples are endless. For example, Washington forced 
Switzerland to violate and to repeal Switzerland’s historic bank 
secrecy laws. Washington executes citizens of other countries, 
as well as its own citizens, without due process of law. Washington 
violates the sovereignty of other countries and murders the countries’ 
citizens with drones, bombs, and special forces teams. Washington 
kidnaps abroad citizens of other countries and either brings them to 
the US to be tried under US law or sends them to another country to
be tortured in secret torture centers. Washington tells banks in other 
countries with whom they can do business and when the banks disobey, 
Washington blackmails them into compliance or imposes fines that 
threaten their existence. Last week Washington forced a French 
bank to pay Washington $9 billion dollars or be banned from its 
US operations, because the bank financed trade with countries 
disapproved by Washington.

- Washington issues ultimatums to sovereign nations to 
do as they are told or “be bombed into the stone age.”
- Washington violates diplomatic immunity and forces down the 
planes of presidents of sovereign countries to be illegally searched.
- Washington ordered its UK vassal to violate the laws and conventions 
governing political asylum and to refuse free passage to Julian 
Assange to Ecuador.
- Washington ordered Russia to violate its laws and to hand 
over Edward Snowden.

Russia is strong enough to refuse to comply with 
Washington’s orders. So what did Washington do?

The city upon the hill, the light unto the world, the “indispensable, 
exceptional government,” kidnapped Roman Seleznyov, the son of 
a Russian MP, in a foreign country, the Republic of the Maldives, 
an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Seleznyov was seized by 
Washington as he boarded a flight to Moscow and was spirited 
away on a private plane to US controlled territory where he was 
arrested on bogus fraud charges.
The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Washington of kidnapping 
a Russian citizen in “a new hostile move by Washington” 
against the Russian people.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Seleznyov’s kidnapping is 
illegal–as is everything Washington has done since the Clinton 
regime. Seleznyov’s father, a member of the Russian legislative 
body, believes that Washington kidnapped his son in order to 
exchange him for Edward Snowden.
Seleznyov was immediately, without any evidence, charged with 
imaginary offenses amounting to 30 years in prison. The fascist 
head of Homeland Security declared that the completely illegal 
action by the Washington Gestapo is an “important arrest” that 
“sends a clear message” that “the long arm of justice–and this 
Department–will continue to disrupt and dismantle sophisticated 
criminal organizations.”

The US Secret Service declared the Russian MP’s son to be 
“one of the world’s most prolific traffickers of stolen 
financial information.” What utter bullshit!

As the entire world now knows, the greatest thief of financial 
information is Washington’s National Stasi Agency. Washington’s 
Stasi Agency has stolen for the benefit of US corporations that 
make generous political contributions financial information from 
companies in Brazil, Germany, France, China, Japan, indeed, 
everywhere. Washington’s Stasi have even stolen the Chancellor 
of Germany’s private cell phone conversations.
The world was stupid to trust American information systems 
which serve as spy devices. Anyone who purchases an American 
brand name computer, or relies on American Internet services, 
can know for a fact that Washington’s National Stasi Agency 
has complete information about them. The other governments 
thought that they had a free ride on US capital investment, 
but what this free ride meant was that no government and no 
population had proprietary information and secrets.

The US National Stasi Agency can 
blackmail the entire population of the world.  
According to the neoconservatives, the right to spy on the world 
is the right of the “indispensable” people, as represented 
by the “exceptional government” in Washington.

The world is stupid in many other ways in the trust misplaced in 
Washington. NGOs funded by Washington operate in many countries 
and serve as Washington’s Fifth Columns. Washington can call out 
its NGOs into the streets to challenge and overthrow non-cooperating governments or to create for Washington propaganda against targeted governments, as Washington did when it called out its Russian NGOs 
to protest in the Russian streets that Putin stole the election. 
These NGOs are proud of the blood that they have, or soon will have, 
on their hands. It shows that they are important agents of the Empire.

With a captive Western media and European governments plus Japan, Australia, Canada, 
New Zealand, S. Korea and the Philippines, 
Washington can brazen out its lies and false 
charges. “Saddam Hussein has weapons of Mass Destruction.” 
No one has been punished for this costly lie. “Assad of Syria used 
chemical weapons against his own people.” No one has been punished 
for this costly lie. “Russia invaded Ukraine.” No one has been punished 
for this costly lie. 
“Edward Snowden is a Chinese/Russian/someone’s spy and a traitor 
to boot for telling Americans about the illegal actions of their 
government.” No one has been punished for this lie. “Julian 
Assange is a spy for making leaked documents of Washington’s 
crimes available on the Internet.” No one has been punished for 
this lie.

Every American opposed to Wall Street’s and Washington’s 
hegemony has been declared to be persona non grata. 
Such Americans are “domestic extremists,” who are now the focus 
of the Gestapo Homeland Security, a well armed military force, in 
contravention of the Posse Comitatus Act. Homeland Security is an
illegal and unconstitutional force directed at the American people. 
The sheeple American people are forced to pay for it as their homes 
are foreclosed and those that aren’t foreclosed are invaded by goon 
thug SWAT teams.

Environmentalists are in the way of capitalist profits, 
and the capitalists rule, not the environmentalists. 
Environmentalists are “domestic extremists.”
War protesters are investigated as “agents of foreign powers.”
People concerned with the fate of animals and the decline of 
species due to habitat destruction by greedy, short-term 
motivated corporations, are on the list of “domestic extremists.”

The Supreme Court is owned by the private interest groups 
who have bought our government. The US Supreme Court is 
the great enemy of the US Constitution.
Law is misused to send millions of innocents, 
especially the young, and Americans whose 
violations are inconsequential to prison in 
order to support the revenue needs of the privatized 
prison system and the career needs of prosecutors.

It is difficult to imagine a country as wrong as the US, 
where government serves not the people but a tiny handful
of the one percent, a government incapable of delivering any 
kind of justice, a government that if it uttered truth would 
destroy itself.

Washington reeks of evil. 
And the world is beginning to realize it. 


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Guest Column by Vladimir Putin – Paul Craig Roberts: