7. Juli 2014



Honored Reader,

At this place you find the conclusion of yesterday’s 
published message “Invocation for Ascension”, 
namely the “initiation” and the “invocation” for your ascension.

Deal with this powerful initiation very carefully and please get 
fully into it, before you decide. Your life will change again. 
Are you ready for it from the bottom of your heart? 

Letting go from a new quality, to see what has been 
hidden so far and act, like it seemed impossible so far, 
are the direct and immediate result from this gift from 
Heaven for us human Beings. 

ASANA MAHATARI is always at your side, 
and what is required from you is: the unconditional 
devotion to your rebirth into eternal Life.
In Love and in the knowledge that the time has 
come for human Beings for this initiation, 
I remain with God’s blessing

Jahn J Kassl

Initiation into the Golden-Violet Flame
I…(state your name here)
Am ready to incorporate the golden-violet flame of 
transformation and healing into my entire Being, 
until all of my bodies are penetrated by it. (Pause)

Invocation for the Ascension 
I mandate that the golden-violet flame of peace and Love
keeps me constantly in the ascension vibration and removes 
all appearing “impurities” and bindings to this world that I am 
willing to let go from the bottom of my heart.

I ask Master St. Germain into my presence, 
until the power of this divine flame is anchored 
in me and has been sealed in my whole Being.

I am the way, the truth and Life.
I am ready for this initiation into the golden-violet 
flame of ascension.


Repeat this invocation as it is shown to you.
"Initiation" an "Invokation" depend on each other, 
therefore: please accept very consciously both, the whole gift!
Yet as soon as you have invoked this once from the 
depth of your soul, this energy begins to anchor itself 
in you and I am with you in that moment.


translated by Franz 

Invocation for Ascension – ASANA MAHATARI: