25. Juli 2014


Essay about the actual current events:
Free Air Concentration Camp Gaza, Filtration Camps in the 
Ukraine, FEMA-Camps in the USA, Genocide, Flight MH17, 
Obama, Putin - and the Media

written by Jahn J Kassl
translates by Franz

Repeatedly the crimes of the US Government and mainly 
of the actual US President Barack Obama are themes of 
publications of the Lichtwelt portal. And this for good reason: 
So that we can escape the “Obama Deceptions” and can look 
into the eyes of the facts.

That the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate does not shy away 
from any crime can no longer be suppressed due to the facts, 
which regularly come to light; but that with Obama the crimes 
have obtained a new dimension, is yet on a somewhat different 
The peculiarity of murder and homicide, 
the destruction of life anywhere in this world, 
which is defined in its useful US doctrine of global 
“war against terror”, has truly reached inconceivable 

Actually with approval from Washington, the greatest 
free air concentration camp in the world, the Gaza-Strip, 
is put to rubble and ashes – once more – by the Zionists. 

(Terms; Zionists: a non-religious peculiarity of Judaism, 
which was begun around 1880, ideologically viewed atheist. 
Judaism: a thousands of years old Religion, in order to serve God. 
According to the main concept of orthodox Jews there cannot 
be a political State for Jews; they condemn the crimes against the 
Palestinians; conclusion: Judaism rejects the Zionist State of Israel. 
Zionism, actually practiced by the Government of Israel, 
is godless and thereby the exact opposite of religiously 
and spiritually oriented Judaism. The Zionists publicly 
declare the Orthodox Jews as Anti-Semites, therefore as 
“Jews hating themselves”. This is a background, which shows 
how consciously manipulated and falsely the expression 
“Anti-Semitism” is used. Anybody, who questions the 
political actions of the State of Israel or rejects the crimes 
of the Zionists, is earmarked as such.) 

Since the USA vetoed the Palestinian application for 
Statehood at the UN on November 29th 2012, the 
Middle East does not come to rest and riots increase.
The conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic 
Resistance Movement, escalate further.
The 40 kilometer long and 10 kilometer wide Gaza-Strip 
is surrounded by a 60-kilometer long wall, which was 
built in the nineties. Thereby 1.7 million people are constantly
controlled by the Israeli Army and are constantly monitored. 
And these human Beings no longer bear their fate and rebel 
against it.
The coordinator for emergency help from the United 
Nations, Undersecretary John Holmes, speaks in this 
context of a “huge free air prison without normal 
conditions and human dignity”. 
(Source: diepresse.com, 11/18/2012) 
Eiman al-Sahbani, a medical professional in 
the Gaza-Strip sees it exactly like that and 
„die Presse“ quotes: „Hamas is not guilty of the misery, 
but Israel and Egypt, which made the Gaza-Strip into a prison.” 

Medially this situation is hushed up with just a few exceptions. 
Also the actually increasing critical situation is dismissed as a 
necessary military operation of Israel.

The human Beings, who are kept behind the wall like 
wild animals and are subjected to the arbitrariness of 
the Israeli authorities, are they terrorists, or do the have 
the human right to rebel against it? 

Nobody would dare to describe the Polish and 
German Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, which was 
erected by the Nazis in 1940, as terrorists, after 
they rebelled against their conditions in 1943 and 
were subsequently destroyed. (Warsaw Ghetto: 
“Jewish living area in Warsaw”, as it was harmlessly described). 

The Palestinians have been described as such by the media, 
despite their yearlong disrespect and mistreatment by the 
Israeli authorities. Thereby I was reminded of the remark by 
an Israeli businessperson, who has died in the meantime. 
This man, who was quite sympathetic, casually said to me
several years ago about the ongoing smoldering conflict: 
The Palestinians are like animals one cannot talk to.”  
My mouth stayed open and I lost my voice.
Yes, “like animals”, but who? Those, who are treated
like animals or even worse, the ones, who treat human 
Beings like that?
Thereby injustice is done to animals, because these live 
for the most part in harmony with creation, what does not 
apply to most human Beings and certainly not to the Israeli 
Government. Look into the eyes of the incumbent President  
Benjamin Netanjahu, look into his face – a human Being or 
a monster? Or do you still remember Ariel Sharon, General 
and President from 2001 until 2006. Bombs and grenades 
were his answers to every attempt for autonomy of the 

How should children, which know nothing but injustice, 
war and death, become peace loving human Beings?
War generation follows war generation and those, 
who seek an escape, are declared terrorists and will 
be killed at the next opportunity. Women lose their husbands, 
children their fathers, mothers their children. This is what the 
Palestinian people have been subjected to for decades.
This is an upside-down worldview and how really absolutely 
incompetent are the reporters of the mass media, which actually
bemoan the death of two Israeli soldiers, while 300 dead Palestinians 
are not even worthy of a footnote.

That Israeli citizens hail each bomb impact in Gaza, 
like reported on CNN, is equally macabre as well as a
genre picture of these brainwashed and totally rotten 
human Beings. A shame for all of humanity. 

The new “Untermenschen” live in the 
Gaza-Strip and Israel’s Government 
makes sure that it remains like that.

Inferior in nothing to the Nazi regime, the Israeli Government 
together with their US brothers in arms, act today exactly like 
Hitler’s henchmen from then.

Kiev, Flight MH17, Filtration Camps 
Furthermore the war drum against Putin’s Russia is bestirred. 
No day without some Western Politician reporting something to 
Putin. No day on which the media reports of the West cover a 
carpet of silence over the genocide, which the Kiev Government 
commits on their own citizens.  And also here, Neo-Nazis are at 
work and Fascists determined the number of blows against their 
own citizens.
Actually the tragic crash (shooting down by the Kiev government!?) 
of the passenger plane Flight MH17 over Ukraine with 298 human 
Beings being killed, must serve as a new bashing of Putin.

That Russia demanded a thorough and independent investigation 
of the tragedy gets lost in the media reporting of the West and in 
the political perception of the West as well as Putin’s proposal to 
control the borders of the fought for border areas together with the 
Ukrainians and OSZE.
In spite of these media war drums are being increased. 
This is a method that human Beings of the first and second 
World War were sworn to and now shall be prepared for a
third World War.
NATO toughens its stance, the CIA coordinates the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces, the USA supply and/or pay for military equipment 
and the dumb EU toughens its sanctions against Russia.

In the meantime, “filtration camps”, this is the name in 
Kiev’s new verbal expression, are being erected for its 
own population (“filtration is the process for the separation 
or purification of a medium…”  Wikipedia). 

Totally according to the US pattern of FEMA concentration camps, 
in order to “reeducate” (brainwashing, mind control) human Beings 
or, what is even more probable, totally according to the NOW 
agenda of population reduction, to kill them.
There are an estimated 800 FEMA-Camps (“Federal 
Emergency Management Agency”) standing ready in the 
USA for internment and murder of their own citizens.
Many of these concentration camps have started operation, 
mass graves have been dug, coffins fitting up to 5 human 
Beings have been delivered, and special buses without 
windows and trains for mass evacuations are ready.

What is Washington preparing for?
The admission capacity of the FEMA concentration camps, 
distributed across America, is 16 million people!

Actually affected by the forceful internment are foremost 
those without financial means and homeless people, or 
human Beings, who just on suspicion and without a legal 
warrant are forcefully removed from their homes and are 
arrested as “terrorists”. These human Beings simply disappear, 
like they never lived! How good it would be for the world, if the 
media would report about all of this; and about the following:

„FEMA is reporting to US Homeland Security, 
and out of a total of several hundred ordinances 
the following were already activated:*
  • Ordinance 10995: Confiscation of all communication media of the USA
  • Ordinance 10997: Disconnection from all electrical power sources and confiscation of all fuel.
  • Ordinance 10999: Confiscation of all means of transportation
  • Ordinance 11000: Indention of the whole US population into work groups and according to the plans of Homeland Security and if necessary the separation of families according to the plans of the US government.
  • Ordinance 11001: Confiscation of all means for health, education and welfare.
  • Ordinance 11003: Confiscation of all airports and airplanes.
  • Ordinance 11004: Confiscation of all houses and the financial power of attorney, in order to enable forceful resettlement.
  • Ordinance 11005: Confiscation of all train companies, all inland waterways and supply facilities.
  • Ordinance 12656: The National Security Council has the right to decide about emergency powers of attorney, in order to push through increases in inner surveillance, the separation of communities, the restriction of movement of individual persons and groups, the deployment of the National Guard, in order to implement the ordinances by force.” (Source: buergerstimme.com)

This is a horror scenario of a world gone off track.
Thereby the government in Kiev, concerning their criminal 
energy and criminal acts, are not inferior in anything compared t
o the “great brother” in the USA and the “filtration camps” 
also start their operation.
The occurring and as here described genocides, 
caused by the Nazi governments in Jerusalem, 
Washington and Kiev remain medially unnoticed, as 
if our writers never heard anything about on location research 
or about the internet. That they neither write the truth nor are 
allowed to write about it, is obvious and from this viewpoint 
the journalists are by all means to be sorry about.

Yet without a doubt the main responsibility for these 
upheavals carry the CIA and the USA. And ahead of everybody 
else is Barack Hussein Obama, the greatest man slaughterer 
of this time and according to his own admission is even proud 
of it: (“I am really good in killing people,”) bragged the 
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate to his advisers.

US-Killer Drones 
Obama approved 326 drone attacks, the CIA killed 3600 human 
Beings in the years 2004 to 2013 (this is the official number, 
the real number is unknown). And somewhat surprising to me, 
this was reported in the mass media and admitted.
That a human Being is capable of absolute and unconditional 
love, cannot be recognized in any fiber of Obama and so the 
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate lives out the exact opposite – hate, 
death and the destruction of human lives to an epochal extent 
are the result of it: Yes, he can.

The “war against terror”, which in practice never ends, 
after it was called out by Georg W Bush and has been 
fitted with Obama’s ruthless signature; the killer drones 
fly low, almost silent and foremost daily.
Under the following link: https://de-de.facebook.com/JuergenTodenhoefer/photos/a.10150173554135838.304529.12084075837/10152222676795838/?type=1

You find the report, written by Dr. Jürgen Todenhöfer
which shows the execution of the Pakistani family Bismillah.  
On 8/23/2010 the sons, 8 and 10 years old, as well as the parents, 
were brutally killed by an unmanned US killer drone. A word and 
picture document is presented here, disturbingly and vividly, which 
uncovers Obama’s diabolic nature in a distressing manner. Who 
until today thought that it is bad, knows at least by now: It is 
much worse about the 44th President of the United States of 
America than has been assumed. A beast in pin stripes, not 
more, not less; and in the end only one question remains 
with Todenhöfer:

Why do you kill children, Barack Obama? 
It is far from any human imagination, what Obama 
and the rat pack in the White House is capable of.
These are murders, which happen in close cooperation 
and feedback from “Ramstein in Germany”, 
 the technological focal point of the drone war. 

Whereby Germany’s role as lap dog of the USA is 
verified and whereby it is our responsibility to call 
these crimes by name. 
Obama will be brought to justice for his deeds!  
This is certain. The “day of God’s judgment” does 
not exist, yet there exists God’s justice. And Obama 
will also be turned over to it.

Until then it is necessary to point out his deeds, 
his criminal energy and his diabolic nature, which 
he acts out in this world, so that the day of justice 
and the moment of freedom for a suffering mankind 
arrives sooner rather than later.

Jahn J Kassl

This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria. 

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