13. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

A new low point has been reached. 
Now many human Beings fall off from the path of Light, 
because they get lost in their impatience instead of 
anchoring themselves in the Now.

Wave of Frustration 
Instead of experiencing the innocence of a child each day, 
many human Beings let themselves be captured by the “wave 
of impatience” and they are being swept away by it. These 
human Beings are fully deprived of the complexity of the ascension 
and also it is impossible for us to still reach them, because they 
have lost the trust, the devotion and the Love for their Masters 
of the light realms.

God’s word remains unheard and the “callers in the desert”, 
those, who incessantly herald ascension and transfiguration 
are treated with scorn.

Shortly before the finish, shortly before the victory of 
the summit, shortly before the mighty gates into the 
Light open for all of humanity, they say goodbye to the 
path of Light and fall back into sluggish and dark time.

Instead of incorporating the higher-ranking view of timelessness, 
they slide down to counting the days and neglect their own 

Frustration is justified in life, if it serves immediate 
further insights, if a Being remains in this condition, 
it becomes incapable of acting and it dies, 
before life has fulfilled itself. 

This fact, the renewed turning away from the path of Light 
of many human Beings has no further effect for the ascension 
of this world, because all processes of the change are decoupled 
from human Beings.

1.) The great decisions have been made.
2.) The power of manifestation of the Creator prevails all.

Meaning, the transformation of space-time,  
the moment, when the perception of the ascending 
ones changes permanently and the process of ascension
is actually experienced, looms closer into view of your reality. 
The creation of new worlds continues and the ascending ones
recreate themselves.
The space-time continuum becomes ever more transparent, 
until you find yourself on the other side of the veil and perceive 
yourself there as a fully conscious unity.
Time passes and its end is near – the initiates know what 
is deprived from the ignorant ones – because he, who does
not know himself, remains far away from the awareness of 
these things, and he, who is alien to him, remains alien to 
the nature of this transformation. 
He, who waits for his ascension with his hands in his lap, 
will miss it, and he, who incessantly works his field, 
will be lifted from the field as an awakened Angel of Creation. 

You are infinitely loved and we are with you.
We are with you in all times and in these days.

We are omnipresent – in Eternity.


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