10. Juli 2014

Introduction to the “Political Events in End Time” - JJK

Introduction and Foreword to the
Guest Column by Dr. Georgi Stankov:
Honored Reader, 

I will elucidate below the transcendental background of 
all energetic events that decisively determine the destiny of 
Gaia and humanity in these days (actually all the time),
because this knowledge is only accessible to a few people and
because until now it escapes a deterministic proof. I will also 
shed light on the logical and weltanschauung's pitfalls of the
conventional critical thinking, as exemplified by Paul Craig Roberts
in a paradigmatic manner. If even such excellent thinkers are not 
able to capture the whole truth, what can we expect from an 
average person or even from the masses. Nothing at all! 
Writes Dr. Georgi Stankov introducing his guest commentary 
the Whole Truth About the Political Events in the End Time.“ 

For me it is a great joy and deep inner need to publish here 
this guest commentary, which Georgi had decided on without 
my request.

Why? Because most human Beings, who delve into “spirituality” 
in different manners, lack the gift to face the spiritual reality in 
the overall context of the “reality of this world”. “Spiritual human 
Beings” like to tend toward being totally apolitical or become such 
in the moment of the supposed enlightenment. Meaning that the 
life as it is, is blinded out; healing promises and healing expectations 
gain the upper hand.

Ever since I am allowed to function as spiritual messenger, 
as “God’s writer”, messages are regularly transmitted to me, 
which point exactly to these circumstances. „Life is politics“ 
said Mahatma Gandhi.
And spirituality without political consciousness is like a 
human Being with one leg, one hand or with one half of 
the brain – he is and remains blind for the hidden truth. 

The ascension occurs, and it is also 
a through and through political affair. 

Notwithstanding it is to be remarked that politics, 
which is carried out by human Beings here on earth is 
more of a hindrance than help for it.

For now more than two years messages heap, 
which describe the unique dynamic of this ascension. 
The readers of these pages know, how complex and also
how demanding these are for all of us, who have the experience 
as light warriors of the first and last hours. The visible seems to
be diametrically opposed to the invisible reality that we enter into. 
A contradiction that could not be any greater. And exactly this 
contradiction can only be understood, if you open your consciousness 
and expand it, so that what happens on this level of experience can 
be raised to a greater context.

Still too many spiritually dispositional and highly gifted human 
Beings – much to my great regret – close off from this truth. 
This unfortunately also applies to the clear thinker and former 
high-ranking US-Politician Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, whose 
publications I enjoy and regularly republish.

This guest commentary by Dr. Georgi Stankov enables 
all human Beings to understand the fundamental connections 
of the course of the world, to discover “the truth” and to better 
recognize the mode of action of the micro- and macrocosm.

The author of this article needs no further introduction, 
because he is well known and familiar to our readers.
Yet I very much would like to add a personal note, 
that for me Georgi has become a valuable companion 
and intimate friend in the last few months.
We work together, not only for our own, but foremost 
the planetary ascension, wherever God puts us and with 
the specific abilities and talents, which we have received 
from God.

Talents, which also you, honored ready, dispose of!
And I ask you to make full use of them.
Meaning: to let go of the impotence, the lack of 
courage and all feelings of inferiority. 

We are all Gods; what possibly 
distinguishes us from each other, 
is the degree of this awareness. 

And this article sharpens our perception for the whole, 
and it is about the whole in all of our efforts for the ascension.
You can experience the encounter of science, truth and spirituality
in this expose; always easy to read and well understandable for 
those, who open the heart and mind for it. 

“This finding is of greatest importance because it also 
illuminates the many delays, detours and urgent solutions, 
which the Light Warriors of the first and last hours, together 
with the source, had to make in the ascension process in the 
last two years.” Writes the author. Nothing more that needs to 
be added from my viewpoint. I am very grateful to be able to 
present this valuable essay of all events connected with the 
ascension – from the visible as well as invisible world.

May additional contemplations from 
Dr. Georgi Stankov follow until the “End of all Days”. 

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

translated by Franz

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