15. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Beloved Ones –Children in God’s hands! 

For you a soft bed is now prepared in the heart of the
Creator, a light-filled home, which you had to do without
for eons. The Creator opens his world and let you in,
into your reality. Amen. 

What do you need to bring with you, whereby do you need
to celebrate the renewed union with the Source, and what is
your “talent” which you need to have, before the gates of heaven
can be opened for you? 

You have everything, which counts, if your heart is purified
from all the dust in this world, which has deeply penetrated
into your Being. 
A pure, in God centered and through God realized heart,
is the requirement, which a human Being out of himself has
to fulfill, before he can recognize himself in the Light of the Creator. 
Therefore human Beings, purify your heart, purify your soul,
purify your Being on all levels – leave everything else up to God! 
There are human Beings in mass, in the waiting loop to God;
human beings in mass, who wait for the savior and the salvation;
human Beings in mass, who confidently look forward to the day of

And there are human Beings in mass, who are being called
by God, but yet do not hear the call from the Creator because
they drown out this call due to their distractions of a loud and
exhausted life.
The Creator now asks these Beings of this world,
to wholly consider themselves – which means, to completely
come clean with your self, so that all shadows disappear and
so that the light can spread within you.

The brightness of your light does not guarantee your
ascension, but how much you are able to shine of what
you have received! 

“Minor” light carriers, who shine in the full glare of their Being,
light carriers, with modest assignments, will inherit the Kingdom
of heaven before those, who have come down with big assignments,
but did not do justice to these nor wanted to.
The number of talents is not important, if you disregard them
and do not bring them into your life. What has been realized is
of value, but what has nestled in the realms of your shadows
hinders your evolution into the light.

Many will go into the light, who have barely been expected,
many will still remain in the cycle of life and death, for which
this was not at all planned. A pure heart is:

1.) Committed to the truth and only to the truth.
2.) Knows the tricks of the unconscious and knows
the vagaries which wait along the way to the light.
3.) Has the courage to look at each shadow.
4.) Is free of all self-pity and self-conceit.
5.) Leads a life in resonance with creation and in harmony
with the Creator – which means: It recognizes the light
and it recognizes the darkness.
6.) Is free of envy and free of all suppressed conditions,
which hinder a free life.
7.) Is by itself not enough, because it finds everything
in the union with God.
8.) Recognizes the state of the world and the state of human
Beings, because it is capable to interpret the state of its
own inner worlds.
9.) Is loving and unmistakable, is compassionate and
bounded at the same time, unperturbedly stands still in
itself and unperturbedly directs its light to heaven, even
when the whole world seems to turn into the opposite direction.
10.) Treats all life in peace.

11.) Knows about the needs of others,
because it knows its own needs.
12.) Honors all life and does not allow any life to monopolize it.
13.) Has the strength and the life energy, to get up over and over
again, as it fell to the side of the road due to exhaustion – and knows:
The Creator is the closest as HE seems to be the furthest away.
14.)Speaks well about self and well about others, but yet
is courageous enough to call things by their name.
15.)Thinks in love and acts through love, even if the love
is not always recognized as love by other human Beings.
16.) Refuses each lie and can clearly distinguish truth from lying.
17.) On a daily basis looks out for hidden patterns in self,
because it knows, that these can defeat the ascension.
18.) Works mostly on itself and let those human Beings take part,
who are open for it and ready – but stays away from those,
who tend towards gossip and bad mouthing, because they
walk on a different path of evolution.
19.) Looks at the world in awe and knows,
that there is no end and no beginning.
20.) Loves itself, loves all life and loves God.

Human Beings,

You, who have knowledge of all these things and
who give justice to these requirements, just by itself! 

All of you are addressed, as it is said:

“The Creator opens his world and lets you come in.” 

So come and stay, because truly:
New worlds expect you and old worlds expect you, which in
the light of divinity – in the near future – wish to partake in
the light of creation.

Heaven has a home for every human child,
yet many places remain empty and free,
because the Beings have created a transitory
home in exile. 

The ones, who have increased the few things,
which were given to them from the Creator, or have brought
them to full bloom, will enter into the light; the ones, who
were endowed with divine riches, but claimed these for
themselves without letting human Beings participate,
will have to stay away from the light – because truly:

God’s light is unbearable for those, who in this
life avoid the light – far from this world. 

There is still time, there are still possibilities.
I am the one who talks to you incessantly and who
touches you, so you allow it.

I am the immovable Mover,
Through whom everything is and who is All. 


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