21. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Dream: I am on Mount Everest just before the summit.
Immediately in front of me is a very narrow gorge, 
I am overcome by claustrophobia and want to turn back.
But when I look back, I see how far I would have to go 
back and how far I have already gone. I decide to walk 
through the gorge and instantly I am with a family, which 
I haven’t seen in over 10 years, because their process of 
awakening wasn’t anymore compatible with mine.
(End of dream) 

Interpretation: Quite a self-evident dream, which in the 
second scene (family) points to the fact, that many human 
Beings, who attain mastery, will immediately after the ascension 
of earth return as Masters to a 4D world. What is also important
is the fact (first scene) that on the last part before the summit 
it again means: To gather all the strength and courage in order 
to enter through the narrow gorge into the Light (summit).
(End of interpretation, HS, JJK)

Thereby I add: The last meters for the ascending ones 
of the next ascension wave are now in front of you.

One last decision is required of you, even when you have 
already walked an unbelievable distance. To muster are 
the following:

1.) Consistency until the end.
2.) Endurance until the end.
3.) Determination until the end.
4.) Trust in God and in Self until the end.

Everything has been prepared. Another wave of human 
children enters into the Light, and they will, after this happened, 
spread into all directions of heaven, because your assignments 
will be adapted to the new conditions and your actual development 
steps, meaning: Great honor is bestowed on you, because truly you 
are recognized in all of creation as the “BUILDER AND CARETAKER 

Nobody can compare with you as you have attained 
mastery on this level, in this time and under these conditions.

This happy message is announced to you, so that you may continue 
to remain firmly determined and to withstand the temptation of 
turning turn back.

The Life on all levels of creation
The Love on all levels of creation

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I Expect you in the Light - MAITRAYA: