24. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Beloved Ones,

Eternal immutable cosmic
Christ Consciousness.

What has been manifested on Earth by JESUS, 
the living CHRIST, is being manifested by me in 
cosmic dimensions.
SANANDA and I are one, what distinguishes us 
are assignments that the Creator entrusted in us 
and whereby we are known in many worlds.
In love and with the glaring Light of the Creator 
I am among you.

I am with you, in these days, which uncover new fields 
of grace for you and enrich your consciousness with new 
light frequencies, which bring insights and illumination, 
because you are now ready for it.
What was yesterday is entirely unimportant, 
what will be tomorrow, has no significance.
The moment, the instant, this instant as we gather in the 
cosmic light of love, in order to lift ourselves, is the only one 
that has consistency and value. It is always our task, our 
competency. Nobody in All-that-Is is authorized to initiate 
or elevate a oneself conscious and God devoted Being, unless: 
this procedure is based on a direct assignment from God. 
It thereby happens, that you elevate yourself and you are 
elevated, because you are carried by God and be lifted up 
by the great angels of light and this happens in these days.

What did not happen, what still waits for fulfillment, 
what is now of importance , as a new year again comes 
to an end on this timeline? What has happened, what not, 
what is to be expected and what not?

Beloved gods,
Who stand on the same level with us ascended Masters, 
even though you still deny this and even though your life 
is not completely oriented toward it and you do not conduct it, 
as would be appropriate for your status. Lethargic forces still
mix in, you marvel here and there about the course of the 
visible world, which you should have understood by now; 
you still lack knowledge about cosmic events, and that is 
the reason for your insecurity regarding the planetary ascension.

A wonderful autumn has been announced to you!
And you think there was none. A great error, because 
this error lets you diminish your trust and lets you stagger, 
and opens the door wide for doubt.

Yet in fact, everything has been fulfilled and even more, 
what has been announced to you has been exceeded
– exceeded by a lot.

Now I invite you to stretch your consciousness 
far beyond the human limitations and see what is:

1.) The change is stable in all its individual areas, 
anchored and aligned.
2.) All preparations are finished and all events, 
that have not manifested on this timeline, are “Ante Portas”.
3.) Delays are part of these processes, because the cosmic 
light floods all levels, and always waits for the reaction from
each world, in order to proceed with this work.

Thereby I ask Jahn to describe his dream:
Dream: I received a message and I published it. 
Thereby I see that this energy – a white ray of light – manifests 
over the head of each human Being and then moves on. 
There is a counter in my vicinity, which counts each human 
that has been touched by the light. This happens very quickly. 
I want to stop observing as it reached 2 million, because it 
gets boring and I want to do other things. Whereby I am 
being told that this is not possible, since I have to wait 
until all 7 billion human Beings have been touched by this 
ray of light, and until the reactions of humans come back to
me, because after that a new provision will be enacted 
and the ascension modalities will be adjusted accordingly.
(End of dream)

Expressed in simple terms it means that the work of 
the light warriors and the great Masters, who live as 
humans among humans, is enormously multi-faceted. 
In this case it means, that due to each flooding of light 
caused by an increase in vibration from the central sun, 
all human Beings are being touched, no matter how many 
soul fragments they have in this dimension. Even those 
who are closed off to the light at least are in the situation
to reject the light. Each new flooding of the divine light 
creates new reactions and brings changes in behavior and 
also brings new decisions of human Beings with it. 
Meaning, energy, which flows in one direction returns again 
to the point of origin, whereby from there new determinations 
are carried out. One needs to wait for this return in energy 
because due to the freshly gained insights new light qualities
can be introduced and still more, because the new light 
qualities build on the gained insights of human Beings.

Meaning, for a light warrior of this time it is extremely 
taxing to follow this cycle of energy. Special honors are 
due those human Beings who guide these energies through 
their energy system, in order to support the transformation 

To understand this point is very important, so that you 
may understand how things develop and happen, and that 
the miracles, which have been announced to you, will happen, 
even though they aren’t immediately visible for your eyes. 
The miracles, which were announced to you for the visible 
level, are based on the fact, that they must first be realized 
in the subtle realms. This happens through all subtle levels 
before it can arrive in your world, on the surface of the earth. 
This can lead to great time differences in the perception of 
individual human Beings and therefore expectations and the 
wait for the ascension becomes a true nerve racket.

How do we escape from this?

Whereby you step out of time by interlocking 
with the all-knowing cosmic consciousness.


By listening in the silence and not let yourself be taken in 
by the hustle and bustle of this world. A human Being who 
does not succeed in silencing himself in the activity of this 
world, needs to attain this condition in meditation. If the 
connection to the Divine is constant, there is no need for 
meditation, but if the connection is broken quite often, 
the quiet contemplation is the key in order to attain this 
and further knowledge.

A necessary status check for all doubters. 
Where do you stand? What did you already 
manifest and integrate? Where do still need to look?

The ascension is in ongoing at full speed and is 
fully – expressed in human terms of speech and 
norm – an outstanding SUCCESS!

The wonderful autumn is gone and a likewise 
fulfilled and magical winter has begun.

It is valid to become pervious to these facts. 
Meaning, to also direct your perception toward 
the events behind and not only in front of the veil. 
This is the command of these days. Because the one 
who constantly searches for space ships in the sky, 
misses the moment, when the subtle realms want to 
expand in your heart and want to land there.

The year 2013 of this linear time-space-axis comes to an 
end, and it happened, what had to happen and more 
happened than what was announced to you.

The truth is, and this is the essential point 
to understand with all ascension processes of this time:

That the separation of the worlds and the creation of new 
worlds due to the undeviating fields of God’s grace will bring 
optimum results for all Beings on all levels of this time-space-continuum. 
And this is also in consideration of the fact that the important decisions
from human Beings and God have already been made.

In the carefulness of the Creator each life is being cared for, 
and before you are removed from this world of the dark princes, 
or before the dark princes have been removed from this world, 
depending on where your new home may be, the extent of this 
whole process of Creation will be revealed to you, the light 
warriors of the first and last hours.

The great Masters of this time in these days receive a great 
view into the magic of Creation. And solely based on this fact, 
you will succeed to remain clear, wise, patient and careful 
to the end. Knowing how the spiritual energy of ascension 
operates creates deep and unshakeable trust in this process, 
the extent of which cannot be compared to anything and will 
not be surpassed by anything.

You, who have come to this world with great assignments, 
you, who have descended and now are looking forward to 
your ascension:

Continue to be ready and continue to 
prepare human Beings for the DAY X!

You are already ascended, but the final step, 
when you lose your physicality, is still ahead.

And about that, the enlightenment of your Being, 
I will talk about on the day of our appointment in the Light.

You are loved, infinitely,

I am the cosmic Christ
I am the Life on all levels of Creation

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I Expect you in the Light - MAITRAYA: